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Nannie Helen Burroughs papers, 1900-1963

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BOX 1-45 General Correspondence, 1909-1962
Letters received and copies of letters sent with attachments.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent within each category.
BOX 1 Letters received
"A" miscellaneous
(3 folders)
Abernathy, Ralph D.
Abington, Amelia J.
Adams, Charles C.
Adams, N. F.
Adams, Theodore F.
Alexander, Felicia S.
Alston, Ellen S.
American Bible Society
Amos, J. M. C.
Anderson, Emma R.
Anderson, Marian
Armstrong, Laura D.
Armstrong, Marjorie M.
Austin, J. C.
BOX 2 "B" miscellaneous
(10 folders)
BOX 3 Brown, A-Z
Baker, Elmore
Baldwin, William H.
Ballew, Mrs. H. L.
Banks, Rev. and Mrs. A. A.
Barbour, J. Pius and Olee
Barnett, Claude
Barron, Zee Anderson
Bass, Charlotte A.
Bates, Marion
Battle, Mr. and Mrs. M. J.
Beall, Noble Y.
Bethune, Mary McLeod
Boddie, J. Timothy and Emily
Booth, L. Venchael
BOX 4 Borders, Julia Pate
Bradby, Robert L.
Bradford, Janie
Bradley, Robert J.
Brockway, Maude J.
Brooks, Walter H.
Brown, Charlotte Hawkins
Browne, Alice L.
Bruce, Roscoe Conkling
Bryant, Jeanetta E.
Buckner, W. H.
Buffer-Adams, Sarah
"Ca-Cl" miscellaneous
(4 folders)
BOX 5 "Coa-Cy" miscellaneous
(3 folders)
Calloway, Rebekah
Carr, Arthur
Carter, B. Corrinne
Carter, Blanche N.
Carter, Fannie Cobb
Carter, George H.
Carter, Georgia E.
Carter, Mrs. P. M.
Cartwright, Mary L.
Chandler, Maggie G.
Chappelle, Mrs. F. A.
Chapple, E. Lois
Chase, Priscilla
Chiles, Mrs. H. H.
Chism, Mrs. J. M. C. Amos
Christian, Virgin M.
Coates, Etta O.
BOX 6 Cofer, Bernice
Coggs, Mrs. I. M.
Cole, Wilhelmina
Coleman, C. C.
Coleman, Mrs. M. L.
Coleman, Sarah Williamson
Coles, L. F.
Colvin, Mrs. M. E.
Commission on Interracial Cooperation
Council of Women for Home Missions
Craig, Elizabeth V.
Craig, Lethia L.
Crawford, Evelyn
Crenshaw, J. D.
Curry, M. K.
"Da-Dix" miscellaneous
(4 folders)
BOX 7 "Dob-Dys" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Daniel, Constance
Daniel, Robert P.
Davis, Cassie S.
Davis, Cassielle G.
Davis, Florence
Davis, James P.
Davis, John P.
Davis, John W.
Davis, L. L.
Davis, M. Mae
Dean, Ethel
Delaney, Hubert T.
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
DeMent, Mrs. A. B.
Denniston, Olive N. L.
DePriest, Oscar
Dett, Nathaniel R.
Dickerson, Addie and G. Edward
Dillard, J. H.
Dinkins, William H.
Dorsett, Mary Alice
Drew, Ida A.
Du Bois, W. E. B.
BOX 8 Dyer, Harriette Taylor
"E" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
East, Gladys
East, J. E.
Evans, Mary G.
"Fa-Fo" miscellaneous
(3 folders)
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