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New Deal Era, 1887-1940 (continued)
Speeches and Writings File, 1932-1940 (continued)
"G" miscellaneous, 1936-1940 (continued)
Includes speeches by Walter F. George, Thurlow M. Gordon, Theodore F. Green, William Green, John Greenslade, and Joseph F. Guffey
Hancock, Frank, 1937
Hoover, Herbert, 1937-1938
Hoover, J. Edgar, 1939
"H" miscellaneous, 1935-1940
Includes speeches by Pat Harrison, Edward J. Heffron, Knute Hill, Lister Hill, Robert H. Hinckley, and Cordell Hull,
BOX 220 Ickes, Harold L., 1934-1940
(5 folders)
Jackson, Robert Houghwout, 1937-1940
(1 folder)
BOX 221 (6 folders)
BOX 222 Johnson, Hugh S., 1937-1938
Jones, Jesse H., 1934-1940
(2 folders)
"J" miscellaneous, 1936-1940, undated
Includes speeches by Robert W. Johnson, Sam Jones, and Agustin P. Justo
Keenan, Joseph B., 1937-1938
(3 folders)
Kennedy, Joseph P., 1936-1938
BOX 223 "K" miscellaneous, 1935-1940
Includes speeches by Edward J. Kelly, Frank Knox, John Knox, and Herman P. Koppleman
La Follette, Robert M., 1936-1938
Landis, James McCauley, 1936-1937
Landon, Alfred M., 1936-1940
"L" miscellaneous, 1932-1940
Includes speeches by Arthur M. Lamport, Herbert H. Lehman, William Lemke, David J. Lewis, James H. Lewis, Walter Lippmann, William A. Lockwood, and Huey P. Long
Maverick, Maury, 1937-1940
Minton, Sherman, 1937-1940
Morris, David, 1940
Mundelein, George, 1935-1939
Murphy, Frank, 1938-1940
"M" miscellaneous, 1933-1940
Includes speeches by Francis T. Maloney, Charles H. March, George O. May, William G. McAdoo, John W. McCormack, Stewart McDonald, R. A. McGowan, Paul V. McNutt, Raymond Moley, Donald E. Montgomery, James D. Mooney, Edward C. Moran, and Henry Morgenthau (1891-1967)
BOX 224 "N" miscellaneous, 1936-1940
Includes speeches by Edward J. Noble, George W. Norris, and Gerald P. Nye
"O" miscellaneous, 1936-1939, n.d
Includes speeches by John Lord O'Brian, Caroline O'Day, Henry J. Oettinger, E. L. Oliver, and Samuel H. Ordway
Pepper, Claude, 1939-1940
"P" miscellaneous, 1933-1940
Includes speeches by Wright Patman, Richard C. Patterson (1886-1966), Harry F. Payer, Samuel Pettengill, Pope Pius XI, and William S. Pye
Reed, Stanley, 1936-1938
Robinson, Joseph T., 1935-1937
BOX 225 Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Index to speeches, 1933-1940
1932, Sept. 23-1936, June 27
(8 folders)
BOX 226 1936, July-1937, Mar. 2
(6 folders)
BOX 227 1937, Mar. 4-1937, Sept. 17
(5 folders)
BOX 228 1937, Sept. 17-1938, Mar.
(7 folders)
BOX 229 1938, Apr.-1940, May 26
(8 folders)
Unidentified, fragments, unused speeches
BOX 230 White House speech material file
Correspondence miscellany, 1936-1940
(3 folders)
Subject file
(2 folders)
BOX 231 Aviation
Business and monopoly
Campaign, 1940
Conservation and flood control
Corporate profits
Finance and banking
Foreign relations
New Deal issues
BOX 232 Power and utilities
Prices and income
Public works
Supreme Court
Wages and hours
BOX 233 Works Progress Administration and relief
Notes, memoranda and reports
Newspaper clippings
(2 folders)
Printed matter
BOX 234 Roosevelt, James, 1936-1938
(2 folders)
"R" miscellaneous, 1934-1940, undated
Includes speeches by John E. Rankin, Sam Rayburn, Joseph M. Reeves, Robert R. Reynolds, Daniel C. Roper, Beardsley Ruml, and John A. Ryan
Studebaker, John W., 1938
"S" miscellaneous, 1936-1940
(2 folders)
Includes speeches by Jerry Sadler, Cesar Saerchinger, David Sarnoff, Lewis B. Schwellenbach, Lawrence H. Seltzer, John F. Shafroth, Fulton J. Sheen, Bernard J. Sheil, William I. Sirovich, Alfred E. Smith, Tom K. Smith, Thomas V. Smith, J. Buell Snyder, William H. Standley, Edward R. Stettinius (1900-1949), Nathan Straus, and Martin L. Sweeney
"T" miscellaneous, 1936-1939
Includes speeches by John Taber, Elbert D. Thomas, Paul H. Todd, and Max Truitt
Voorhis, H. Jerry, 1937
Wallace, Henry Agard, 1936-1940
Wheeler, Burton K., 1935-1939
Williams, Aubrey, 1936
Winant, John G., 1933-1937
BOX 235 Woodring, Harry H., 1937
"W" miscellaneous, 1935-1940
Includes speeches by Robert F. Wagner, David I. Walsh, Louis B. Wehle, Carl I. Wheat, Hugh White, and Alexander Woollcott
Yager, Saul A., 1939-1940
Unidentified and fragments
(2 folders)
Brant, Irving, Storm Over the Constitution (1936-1937)
Carter, John Franklin, La Guardia: A Biography (1937)
BOX 236 Coyle, David C., Why Pay Taxes? (1937)
(2 folders)
Davenport, Russell W., untitled (1938)
Delaney, James A., "I'm for Roosevelt" (1936)
Delano, Frederic A., "Memorandum on the Constitution" (1937)
Downey, Sheridan, Pensions or Penury? (1939)
Flexner, Bernard, The Fight on the Securities Act (1934)
(2 folders)
BOX 237 Gamble, Harry P., untitled (1937)
Hippelheuser, Richard, R.F.C. (1940)
Jackson, Robert Houghwout, article on Afred M. Landon and the Kansas Supreme Court
Karig, Walter, Asia's Good Neighbor (1937)
Lerner, Max, It Is Later Than You Think (1938)
MacLeish, Archibald, The New Deal (1937)
Simpson, Kemper, untitled
BOX 238 Stone, Isidore F., It's a Wise Founding Father (1936-1937)
Unidentified and fragments
(3 folders)
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