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BOX I:56-421 Part I: Client, Institution, and Organization File, 1916-1964
Correspondence, memoranda, printed matter, reports, surveys, newspaper clippings, financial papers, photographs, lists, press releases, and notes.
Arranged alphabetically by name of person, organization, or topic and therein chronologically, except for the Procter & Gamble Co. file which is arranged alphabetically.
BOX I:56 Acoustic Products Co., 1927-1932
Actors' Equity Association, 1960
Actors' Fund of America, 1919
Aeolian Co., 1927-1929
A. G. Spalding and Brothers See Container I:342, Spalding and Brothers
Alexander, Robert J., 1923
Allerton House Corp., 1923
BOX I:57 Allied Chemical & Dye Corp., 1933
BOX I:58 America Self-Contained Committee
BOX I:59 Nov.
BOX I:60 Dec.
BOX I:61 1934
BOX I:62 Feb.
BOX I:63 Mar.
BOX I:64 Apr.-June
BOX I:65 July-Dec.
BOX I:66 Apr.-Dec.
BOX I:67 1936
BOX I:68 American Academy of Pediatrics, 1946
American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, 1938
American Booksellers' Association, 1924
American Clinica, 1942-1943
American Distilling Co., 1933
American Economic Foundation, 1935
American Federation of Radio Artists 1949-1950
American Hebrew and Jewish Tribune, 1932
American Hotel Association, undated
American Institute of Baking, 1942-1943
American Jewish Committee, 1938
American Journal of Nursing, 1945-1946
BOX I:69 American Library Association, 1956
BOX I:70 American Nurses Association
(3 folders)
BOX I:71 (13 folders)
BOX I:72 1947
BOX I:73 1948
BOX I:74 May-June
BOX I:75 July-Aug.
BOX I:76 Sept.
BOX I:77 Oct.
BOX I:78 Nov.
BOX I:79 Dec.
BOX I:80 Feb.-Apr.
BOX I:81 American Optometric Association, 1941-1945, 1962
American Photographic Service Bureau, 1927
BOX I:82 American Radiator Co., 1930
(16 folders)
BOX I:83 (6 folders)
American Road Builders Association, 1941-1942
American Safety Razor Corp., 1929
BOX I:84 American Tobacco Co.
BOX I:85 1928-1931
BOX I:86 1929-1932
BOX I:87 1929
BOX I:88 Apr.-Dec.
BOX I:89 1930
BOX I:90 June-Dec.
BOX I:91 1931
BOX I:92 Mar.-May
BOX I:93 June-July
BOX I:94 July-Aug.
BOX I:95 Sept.-Dec.
BOX I:96 1932
BOX I:97 1933
BOX I:98 1934
BOX I:99 Mar.-May
BOX I:100 June-Dec.
BOX I:101 1935-1936
BOX I:102 American Watch Assemblers' Association, 1943-1945
Ansco Photo Products, 1927
Apple Blossom Festival, Kingston, N.Y., 1938
Arrowhead Hot Springs, Calif., 1947
Art Lamp Manufacturing Co., 1926-1927
BOX I:103 Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation
BOX I:104 1957-1961
BOX I:105 Artists for Victory, 1943-1944
Association of Actors and Artists of America, 1949-1950
Automobile Manufacturers' Association, 1938
Aviation Corp. of America, 1932-1933
Babies' Hospital of the City of New York, New York, N.Y., 1921
Bailey Brothers, 1923
BOX I:106 Ballet Theater, 1946
Ballets russes See Container I:150, Diaghileff Ballets Russes
BOX I:107 Bank of America
BOX I:108 1939
BOX I:109 1939-1940
BOX I:110 Barrett Co.
1933-1934, 1940-1945
BOX I:111 1938-1939
BOX I:112 1939
BOX I:113 Beechnut Packing Co., 1925
Benedetti, René, 1921-1922
Benedict, Agnes E., 1941-1942
Bermuda, undated
Bern, Paul, 1925
Best Foods, Inc., 1926-1927
Bird Cage Co., 1949-1950
Blackman Co., 1931
BOX I:114 Blumenthal Co., 1928-1929
(15 folders)
BOX I:115 (16 folders)
BOX I:116 Bock Co., 1932-1933
BOX I:117 Bolton, Frances Payne Bingham
BOX I:118 1953
BOX I:119 1954
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