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BOX I:472-477 Part I: Doris Fleischman Bernays File, 1923-1961
Drafts, galley proofs, printed copies of speeches and articles, research notes, correspondence, and a daily appointment book.
BOX I:472 Careers for Women (1928), correspondence and statistical data, 1927-1928
BOX I:473 "Going Steady" (unpublished), 1946
Correspondence and research notes
BOX I:474 Drafts and personal interview notes
BOX I:475 "The Last Strike" (unpublished)
Correspondence, galley proofs, and drafts, 1946-1947
BOX I:476 Speeches, 1939-1961
General correspondence, 1923-1930
Rejected short stories, 1926-1944
BOX I:477 Subject correspondence
Authors Guild, 1958
Luncheon for African-American colleges, 1954
New York Committee for Young Audiences, 1961
Woman Pays Club, 1958-1961
Women's Conference Group, 1959-1960
BOX I:478-495 Part I: Lists, 1943-1961
Index cards and printed lists of names and organizations.
Arranged chronologically. The majority of the lists consist of index cards arranged by subject within each year.
BOX I:478 1943-1946
BOX I:479 1947-1948
BOX I:480 1949-1950
BOX I:481 1949-1956
BOX I:482-484 1951
BOX I:485 1951-1952
BOX I:486 1951-1953
BOX I:487 1953
BOX I:488 1954-1955
BOX I:489 1955-1956
BOX I:490 1956-1957
BOX I:491 1957-1961
BOX I:492 1958-1959
BOX I:493 1960-1961
BOX I:494-495 Undated
BOX I:496-509 Part I: Miscellany, 1896-1963
Newspaper clippings, notes, memoranda, press releases, photographs, desk diaries, notebooks, a ledger, research files, a biographical file, lecture notes, student memorabilia, printed matter, and financial material.
BOX I:496 Newspaper clippings
1919-1963, undated
BOX I:497 Undated
BOX I:498 Notes, memoranda, press releases, photographs, and surveys
BOX I:499 Undated
BOX I:500 Undated
Desk diaries, 1936-1942
Child's composition book, 1935
Notebook, undated
Accounts payable ledger, 1938
Guest register, undated
BOX I:501 Research material
Morale in wartime
Public relations
BOX I:502 Propaganda
Big business
BOX I:503 Biographical material
Propaganda Analysis, Oct. 1937-Sept. 1939
New York University, New York, N.Y., lecture notes, 1949-1950
BOX I:504 Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., laboratory reports, 1909-1910
Notes and drawings, 1896-1906
Legal documents
BOX I:505 Estate papers of Ely Bernays
BOX I:506 1933-1957
BOX I:507 Printed matter
BOX I:508 1932-1942
BOX I:509 1943-1962, undated
BOX I:510-723 Part I: Scrapbooks, 1918-1956
BOX I:510-700 Client, Institution, and Organization File, 1919-1952
Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, pamphlets, invitations, press releases, programs, and awards.
Arranged alphabetically by subject and therein chronologically.
BOX I:510-511 A. G. Spalding and Brothers See Containers I:657-661, Spalding and Brothers, A.G.
America Self Contained Committee, 1933-1935
(2 vols.)
BOX I:512-513 American Economic Foundation, 1935
(2 vols.)
BOX I:514 American Institute of Baking, 1938
BOX I:515 Associated Bakers of America, 1938
BOX I:516 American Nurses Association
BOX I:517 1947-1948
BOX I:518 1948
BOX I:519-522 American Tobacco Co.
(4 vols.)
BOX I:523-524 1931
(2 vols.)
BOX I:525 American Whaling Information Service, 1939
BOX I:526 Best Foods, Inc., 1926-1927
BOX I:527 Council of Better Business Bureaus
BOX I:528 1951
BOX I:529 Camillus Cutlery Co., 1950
BOX I:530 Cheney Brothers
BOX I:531-534 1924
(4 vols.)
BOX I:535 1924-1926
BOX I:536 1925
BOX I:537-539 1926-1927
(3 vols.)
BOX I:540 Silk Association of America (Velvet Group), 1925
BOX I:541 Velvet Fashion Service Bureau, 1925
BOX I:542-545 Color Fashion Bureau, 1934
(4 vols.)
BOX I:546 Columbian Rope Co., 1947-1948
BOX I:547 Commission on Inquiry on National Policy in International Relations, 1934
BOX I:548 Commission on Inquiry on Public Service Personnel, 1933-1934
BOX I:549 Dartnell Corp., 1939
BOX I:550 Dodge Brothers, 1928
BOX I:551 Eastern Millinery Association, 1925-1929
BOX I:552 Edible Gelatin Manufacturers Association, 1926-1927
BOX I:553-555 Fish and Seafood Institute, 1935
(3 vols.)
BOX I:556 National Franklin Committee
BOX I:557 1943
BOX I:558 Thomas P. Henry Co., type book, 1928
BOX I:559 French Industrial Exposition, Paris, France
BOX I:560-566 1925
(7 vols.)
BOX I:567 General Baking Co., 1925
BOX I:568 Goldman, Eric Frederic, 1948
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