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BOX I:467-471 Part I: Edward L. Bernays' Foundation File, 1946-1963
Correspondence, minutes of meetings, legal documents, press releases, and financial papers.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material, except for financial papers which are filed at the end of the series.
BOX I:467 General correspondence
BOX I:468 1961-1963
Minutes of meetings, constitution, and by-laws, 1949-1961
Press releases, 1949-1954
BOX I:469 Subject correspondence
American Sociological Society Award, 1949-1952
Barnard College, New York, N.Y., 1950-1951
Boston Symphony Esplanade concert, Boston, Mass., 1959
College presidents' letters, 1959
Hawaiian award, 1951
Herald Tribune(New York) article, 1954
Juvenile Delinquency Committee, 1955
Karelsen & Karelsen, 1946-1961
Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Harvard University One Day Conference, Cambridge, Mass., 1955
National Association of Educational Broadcasters, 1954
National Public Relations Association, 1956-1957
BOX I:470 New School for Social Research, New York, N.Y., 1953-1954
New York University, New York, N.Y., lectures, 1949-1951
One Day Conference on Television Advertising, proposed, 1954-1955
Shakespeare in Central Park, New York, N.Y., 1959
Social Responsibility of Management, by Stuart Chase, 1951
Society for the Psychological Study of Social Sciences, 1948-1952
Southern Conference Education Fund, 1946-1948
WNYC Institute of Education, 1954
BOX I:471 Financial papers
Canceled checks, 1946-1952
Bank statements, 1946-1952
Check stubs, 1946-1960
BOX I:472-477 Part I: Doris Fleischman Bernays File, 1923-1961
Drafts, galley proofs, printed copies of speeches and articles, research notes, correspondence, and a daily appointment book.
BOX I:472 Careers for Women (1928), correspondence and statistical data, 1927-1928
BOX I:473 "Going Steady" (unpublished), 1946
Correspondence and research notes
BOX I:474 Drafts and personal interview notes
BOX I:475 "The Last Strike" (unpublished)
Correspondence, galley proofs, and drafts, 1946-1947
BOX I:476 Speeches, 1939-1961
General correspondence, 1923-1930
Rejected short stories, 1926-1944
BOX I:477 Subject correspondence
Authors Guild, 1958
Luncheon for African-American colleges, 1954
New York Committee for Young Audiences, 1961
Woman Pays Club, 1958-1961
Women's Conference Group, 1959-1960
BOX I:478-495 Part I: Lists, 1943-1961
Index cards and printed lists of names and organizations.
Arranged chronologically. The majority of the lists consist of index cards arranged by subject within each year.
BOX I:478 1943-1946
BOX I:479 1947-1948
BOX I:480 1949-1950
BOX I:481 1949-1956
BOX I:482-484 1951
BOX I:485 1951-1952
BOX I:486 1951-1953
BOX I:487 1953
BOX I:488 1954-1955
BOX I:489 1955-1956
BOX I:490 1956-1957
BOX I:491 1957-1961
BOX I:492 1958-1959
BOX I:493 1960-1961
BOX I:494-495 Undated
BOX I:496-509 Part I: Miscellany, 1896-1963
Newspaper clippings, notes, memoranda, press releases, photographs, desk diaries, notebooks, a ledger, research files, a biographical file, lecture notes, student memorabilia, printed matter, and financial material.
BOX I:496 Newspaper clippings
1919-1963, undated
BOX I:497 Undated
BOX I:498 Notes, memoranda, press releases, photographs, and surveys
BOX I:499 Undated
BOX I:500 Undated
Desk diaries, 1936-1942
Child's composition book, 1935
Notebook, undated
Accounts payable ledger, 1938
Guest register, undated
BOX I:501 Research material
Morale in wartime
Public relations
BOX I:502 Propaganda
Big business
BOX I:503 Biographical material
Propaganda Analysis, Oct. 1937-Sept. 1939
New York University, New York, N.Y., lecture notes, 1949-1950
BOX I:504 Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., laboratory reports, 1909-1910
Notes and drawings, 1896-1906
Legal documents
BOX I:505 Estate papers of Ely Bernays
BOX I:506 1933-1957
BOX I:507 Printed matter
BOX I:508 1932-1942
BOX I:509 1943-1962, undated
BOX I:510-723 Part I: Scrapbooks, 1918-1956
BOX I:510-700 Client, Institution, and Organization File, 1919-1952
Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, pamphlets, invitations, press releases, programs, and awards.
Arranged alphabetically by subject and therein chronologically.
BOX I:510-511 A. G. Spalding and Brothers See Containers I:657-661, Spalding and Brothers, A.G.
America Self Contained Committee, 1933-1935
(2 vols.)
BOX I:512-513 American Economic Foundation, 1935
(2 vols.)
BOX I:514 American Institute of Baking, 1938
BOX I:515 Associated Bakers of America, 1938
BOX I:516 American Nurses Association
BOX I:517 1947-1948
BOX I:518 1948
BOX I:519-522 American Tobacco Co.
(4 vols.)
BOX I:523-524 1931
(2 vols.)
BOX I:525 American Whaling Information Service, 1939
BOX I:526 Best Foods, Inc., 1926-1927
BOX I:527 Council of Better Business Bureaus
BOX I:528 1951
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