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John Bartlow Martin papers, 1900-1986

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Political File, 1947-1984 (continued)
Campaign journal (memorandum for the file) See also Container 99, Journal notes
Correspondence, Jan. 1952-Jan. 1953, undated
Manuscript draft
(3 folders)
Correspondence, Apr.-Dec. 1952, undated
Democratic convention
BOX 52 Platform
Exhibit file (X-file)
File listing guide
X-0, Gulf, Mobile and Ohio railroad timetable
X-1, Foreign Policy Association
X-3, Simon and Schuster correspondence
X-5, Parade and Redbook
X-6A, Brooklyn, N.Y., speech, 6 Sept. 1948
X-8, American Legion speech, 27 Aug. 1949
X-9, staff article, [autumn 1952]
X-10, "Time for a Change," speech, Sept. 1952
X-11, Eric Larrabee Volunteers, statement, 27 Aug. 1952
X-12, New York notes and 15 Sept. 1952 notes
X-13, Walter Prescott Webb reprint
X-14, Lou Kohn's tax statement and Mary Meyer's letter (X-14)
X-14A, McClure's Newspaper Syndicate file
X-15, American Trucking Association, statement, Sept. 1952
X-16, Collier's queries
X-17, Notes (mid-Sept. 1952)
X-18, Volunteers handout
BOX 53 X-19, Stationery
X-20, personal documents
X-22, research documents
(5 folders)
BOX 54 (2 folders)
X-23, Connecticut speeches, 17-18 Sept. 1952
X24-X26, Indianapolis, Ind., speech, 19 Sept. 1952
Introduction and conclusion
Speech text ("guts")
Later drafts
X-27, Evansville, Ind., speech, 26 Sept. 1952
X-28, Paducah, Ky., speech, 27 Sept. 1952
X-29, Evansville, Ind., trip
BOX 55 X-30, Indianapolis, Ind., visit
X-31, Louisville, Ky., "Korea" speech, 25 Sept. 1952
X-32, Louisville and Paducah, Ky., trips
X-33, Estes Kefauver's check
X-34, "Fireside" draft, Chicago, Ill., 29 Sept. 1952
X-35, Hollywood memo
X-36, Americans for Democratic Action (ADA)
X-37, mail analysis and news summaries
X-38, communications received
X-39, [distributions?], early Oct. 1952
X-40, Richard M. Nixon's fund
X-41, Alger Hiss, Joseph R. McCarthy, and Richard M. Nixon
X-42, labor policy
X-43, general whistle-stop speech
X-44, Martin's Oct. 1952 speech notes and Pendergast group memorandum
X-45, early speech schedules
X-46, Madison, Wis., speech, 8 Oct. 1952 and Minneapolis, Minn., speech, 4 Oct. 1952
BOX 56 X-47, Ft. Dodge, Iowa, speech, 4 Oct. 1952
X-48, St. Paul, Minn., speech drafts
X-49, Kansas City, Mo., speech, 6 Oct. 1952
X-50, East St. Louis, Mo., whistle-stops
X-51, St. Louis, Mo., trip
X-52, Casper, Wyo., trip
X-53, St. Louis, Mo., trip
X-54, Tampa, Fla., speech, Oct. 1952
X-55, New Orleans, La., visit
X-56, Miami, Fla., visit
X-57, Tampa, Fla., visit and clean-up
X58-X59, second western trip
BOX 57 Preparation
X-60, Alger Hiss
X-61, second western trip
X-62, Salt Lake City, Utah, speech, 13 Oct. 1952
X-63, Pendleton, Oreg., speech, 13 Oct. 1952
X-64, Oregon folder
X-65, Houston, Tex., speech, 19 Oct. 1952
X-66, Los Angeles, Calif., speech, [12?] Oct. 1952
X-67, Sacramento, Calif., speech, 13 Oct. 1952
X-68, Dallas, Tex., speech, 13-14 Oct. 1952
X-69, Salt Lake City, Utah, visit
BOX 58 X-70, "Fireside Chat," Los Angeles, Calif., 16 Oct. 1952
X-71, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Calif., clean-up
X-72, San Diego, Calif., speech, 17 Oct. 1952
X-73, Los Angeles, Calif., trip
X-74, "Tidelands" speech, Ft. Worth, Tex., 15 Oct. 1952
X-75, Texas trip, Houston and San Antonio
X-76, women broadcasts
X-77, notes, 19 Oct. 1952
X-78, Toledo, Ohio, speech, 20 Oct. 1952 and Akron, Ohio, speech, 23 Oct. 1952
X79-X82, Harlem, N.Y., speech
Notes and outlines
First draft
First draft and rewrites
X-83, Springfield, Ill., and Albany, N.Y., trip
X-84, New York notes
X-85, Chicago, Ill., rally
X-86, Scranton, Pa., 28 Oct. 1952
X87-X90, Chicago, Ill., rally
Source documents
Outline and ideas
BOX 59 Rough draft
Rough draft retype
X-91, Pennsylvania trip, 29-30 Oct. 1952
X92-X93, Chicago, Ill., rally
Press release and itineraries
X-94, election weekend
X-95, aftermath
X-96, postelection speeches
X-97, Christmas cards
X98-X100, fan letters to Adlai E. Stevenson (1900-1965)
(3 folders)
BOX 60 (1 folder)
Research materials
Schedules and campaign itineraries
Manuscript drafts and typescripts
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