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Speech, Article, and Book File, 1938-1986 (continued)
Article File, 1938-1984 (continued)
Ostling, Elmer, article
Tse Chai article
Apr. 1948, "Civil War Round Table"
1948, "Phil Kennamer--the Tulsa Crowd"
BOX 188 Aug. 1949, "Racetrack"
Correspondence, July 1948-Jan. 1950, undated
Editorial material
Manuscript drafts
First draft
Revised draft
Final draft
Research notes
(2 folders)
BOX 189 Jan. 1950, Charles St. Mane article
1950, "Inquest"
Manuscript drafts
First draft
Revised drafts
Research notes
Dec. 1952, "An Appreciation of Mrs. Walter Rubens"
Jan. 1955, Elizabeth Astin article
Correspondence, Nov. 1954-Mar. 1955, undated
Manuscript drafts
First draft
Revised draft
BOX 190 Final draft
Research notes
(4 folders)
Dec. 1961, "Murder in the Schoolroom"
Correspondence, Nov.-Dec. 1961
Manuscript drafts
First draft
Revised draft
Research notes
BOX 191 Jan. 1962, "The Sheridan Mess"
Correspondence, Feb. 1961-Jan. 1962, undated
Manuscript draft
(2 folders)
Research material
13 Oct. 1964, introduction to Belleville Psychiatric by Frank Leonard
May 1969, "A Democrat Looks at His Party"
Correspondence, Jan.-June 1969, undated
Manuscript drafts
First draft
Revised draft
BOX 192 Final draft
Research notes
Jan. 1978, Smoking article
May 1979, "1929"
Correspondence, Dec. 1978-Sept. 1979, undated
Manuscript drafts
First draft
Revised draft
Research notes
BOX 193 Mar. 1984, "A Democrat Looks at His Party and Foreign Policy in 1984"
Correspondence, Oct. 1983-Mar. 1984
Manuscript drafts
First draft
(2 folders)
Revised draft
Research notes
Eberlein, Roxanne
(2 folders)
"Charming Gentleman"
"Charles F. Keene"
Crime fiction article
Democratic party article
"Dominican Idyll"
Dominican Republic invasion article
"The Frightening Victim"
"Indianapolis' Mexican Marijuana Maze"
"Into the Outlands"
BOX 194 "Letters From a Yankee Friend"
Minor league article
"The Newspaper Game Is So Fascinating"
Poverty and vice article
"The Race Is Not Always to the Stiff"
"The Rape of the Broker's Wife"
"Romance in the Summer"
"They Waited a While to Marry Sensibly"
Tribute to Henry Heineman
BOX 195 Printed copies
Jan. 1938-Apr. 1941 (Oversize)
BOX 196 May-Dec. 1941 (Oversize)
BOX 197 Jan.-Aug. 1942 (Oversize)
BOX 198 Sept. 1942-Mar. 1943 (Oversize)
BOX 199 Apr.-Nov. 1943 (Oversize)
BOX 200 Dec. 1943-Aug. 1944 (Oversize)
BOX 201 Sept. 1944-Aug. 1947 (Oversize)
BOX 202 Sept. 1947-Aug. 1976
Book reviews
Correspondence, July 1966-Mar. 1968
Acheson, David C. and David S. McLellan (editors), Among Friends: The Personal Letters of Dean Acheson, 21 Jan. 1980
Ball, George W., The Past Has Another Pattern: Memoirs, in Chicago Sun-Times, undated
Bowen, Croswell, They Went Wrong, in Saturday Evening Post, Mar. 1954
Briggs, Ellis, Farewell to Foggy Bottom, undated
Brod, Max (editor), The Diaries of Franz Kafka, and Charles Neider, The Frozen Sea: A Study of Franz Kafka, in New York Herald Tribune, 27 June 1948
Brodie, Fawn M., Richard Nixon: The Shaping of His Character, in Chicago Tribune, 1981
Burner, David, Herbert Hoover: A Public Life, in Chicago Tribune, Dec. 1978
Diederich, Bernard, Trujillo: The Death of the Goat, in Chicago Sun-Times, July 1978
Donovan, Robert J., Conflict and Crisis: The Presidency of Harry S. Truman, 1945-1948, in Chicago Sun-Times, Oct. 1977
Dugger, Ronnie, The Politician, in Chicago Tribune, Feb. 1982
Gies, Joseph, The Colonel of Chicago, undated
Lash, Joseph P., A World of Love and "Life Was Meant To Be Lived"--A Centenary Portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt, in Chicago Tribune, Sept. 1984
McCullough, David, The Path Between the Seas, 9 June 1977
McGovern, George, Grassroots: The Autobiography of George McGovern, in Chicago Daily News, Nov. 1977
McKelway, St. Clair, True Tales from the Annals of Crime and Rascality, July 1951
Mosley, Leonard, Dulles: A Biography of Eleanor Lansing, Allen W. and John Foster Dulles and Their Family Network, in Chicago Tribune, Feb. 1978
Neal, Steve, Dark Horse: The Life of Wendell L. Willkie, in the Chicago Tribune Book World, Nov. 1983
Peterson, Virgil W., Barbarians in Our Midst, 28 June 1952
Salisbury, Harrison E., A Journey for Our Times, in Chicago Tribune, Mar. 1983
Wilder, Thorton, The Eighth Day, in Harper's, Apr. 1967
Editorial consultant
The Dial, May 1980-Feb. 1983
Time proposal, May-July 1945
Feb. 1950, hydrogen bomb
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