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Speech, Article, and Book File, 1938-1986 (continued)
Article File, 1938-1984 (continued)
29 Sept. 1971, "Chicago," Chicago Daily News
May 1975, the New Deal
29 Aug. 1978, "Caribbean No Longer a U.S. Lake," Philadelphia Inquirer
1978, "Reasserting Our Faith in Liberal Government," Washington Post
Oct. 1980
Jimmy Carter
"Religion and Politics Don't Mix," Philadelphia Inquirer
Dec. 1981, Ronald Reagan
1981, "An Open Letter to the California Parole Board," Chicago Tribune
BOX 204 14 Mar. 1982, "Listen to Lopez Portillo," Washington Post
Nov. 1982, election polls
Dec. 1982, Ronald Reagan and Central America, USA Today
12 Jan. 1983, Japanese rearmament, USA Today
14 Feb. 1983, human rights, USA Today
3 Mar. 1983, "The Queen's Visit," USA Today
8 Mar. 1983, the Pope and El Salvador, USA Today
20 Mar. 1983, Chicago mayoral election, Chicago Sun-Times
Apr. 1983, "A Morality Play"
29 Sept. 1983, religion, USA Today
26 Oct. 1983, Grenada, USA Today
Oct. 1983, Henry Kissinger mission, New York Times
Nov. 1983
"Death of a Cabbie"
John F. Kennedy, USA Today
1983, Central America, USA Today
Jan. 1984, Lebanon, USA Today
July 1984, Walter Mondale and liberalism
Sept. 1984, the difference between Walter Mondale and Ronald Reagan
15 Oct. 1984, El Salvador, USA Today
Oct. 1984, patriotism, USA Today
Dec. 1984, Afghanistan, USA Today
14 Nov. 1984, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, USA Today
5 Dec. 1984, foreign policy, USA Today
Index of articles
Letters to the editor
BOX 205 Report, 19 Oct. 1951
Research material
(2 folders)
Research projects and outlines
Apr.-June 1939, "After Jitterbugs, What?"
Apr. 1940, Haymarket riot
Aug.-Nov. 1941, Joseph Gogolowski-Frank Poblocki case
May-June 1944, Thomas J. Courtney
Mar.-Nov. 1947, William Earle lynching
Aug. 1947, Joseph Piech-Joseph Pintoran case
Aug.-Oct. 1947, East St. Louis, Ill.
Aug. 1947-Feb. 1948, Reva Reznick
Sept. 1947, Lowell Lathrop
BOX 206 Dec. 1947-July 1948, Mafia
Mar. 1948, Midwest
Aug.-Oct. 1948, St. Louis Cardinals
Oct. 1948, Herman F. Weber case
Nov. 1948, William J. Granata
Nov.-Dec. 1948, Charles S. Ross kidnapping
Nov. 1948-Mar. 1949, state medicine
Aug. 1949, undated, pinball machines
Oct. 1949, Jesse James
Nov. 1950-Apr. 1951, strip mining
Dec. 1950-Jan. 1952, James Gregory (Indianapolis, Ind., politics)
Jan.-Feb. 1951, Russell McWilliams
Dec. 1951-Jan. 1952, New York waterfront
May 1952, Virginia Hill
June-Sept. 1952, Earlham College, Richmond, Ind., (Puerto Rico project)
Oct.-Dec. 1952, Herrin, Ill. (community organization)
Dec. 1952-May 1953, Predrag Jovanovich
Mar.-Apr. 1953, young automobile drivers
BOX 207 Apr.-July 1953, anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe
July-Dec. 1953, divorce law
Apr.-May 1954, Communist-dominated unions belonging to the Congress of Industrial Organizations
June-July 1954, juvenile delinquency
Feb. 1958, parole
Apr.-Oct. 1967, Thucydides
Nov. 1968-Sept. 1969, syndicated column See also Container 178, "Who's Left To Do the Dishes?
Hoda case
Kutcher, James
BOX 208-313 Book File, 1939-1986
Correspondence, manuscript drafts, research material, outlines, editorial and production material, contracts, photographs, royalty statements, printed matter, and miscellaneous items and enclosures relating to Martin's published and unpublished books and research projects.
Organized by type of material, with book titles arranged alphabetically and research projects chronologically therein.
BOX 208 Published
Adlai Stevenson (1952)
Book reviews
Correspondence, Jan.-Dec. 1952, undated
Editorial material
Manuscript drafts
First draft
(2 folders)
BOX 209 Printer's setting copy
(3 folders)
BOX 210 Research notes
(3 folders)
Serialization, New York Post
BOX 211 Break Down The Walls (1954) See also Containers 141-142, "Why Did It Happen"
Book reviews
Correspondence, Nov. 1950-June 1954, undated
(2 folders)
Crockard v. Martin
Editorial material
Correspondence, Jan. 1953-Feb. 1954
BOX 212 Manuscript drafts
First draft
Part 1
(2 folders)
Part 2
pp. 265-511
(2 folders)
BOX 213 pp. 512-670
(2 folders)
Printer's setting copy
(3 folders)
BOX 214 Miscellany
Research notes
(5 folders)
BOX 215 (4 folders)
BOX 216 (2 folders)
Butcher's Dozen (1950)
Book reviews
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