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Janet Flanner and Solita Solano papers, 1870-1976

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General Correspondence, 1916-1975 (continued)
Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust (Gerald Durrell), 1970-1971
"K" miscellaneous
Karolyi, Countess Catherine, 1956-1975
Kent, Rockwell, 1927
Kirstein, Lincoln, undated
"L" miscellaneous
Langlois, Walter G., 1966
Lee, Gypsy Rose, 1941, 1966, undated
Lehman, Robert Owen, 1967
Lévesque, Angèle, 1975
Lewin, Albert, 1965-1968, undated
Library of Congress, 1966-1968
Lippmann, Walter, 1956
Loos, Anita, circa 1940-1975
"M" miscellaneous
Malraux, André, 1954-1963
Man Ray, 1968
Martinson, Burt, undated
Massot, Pierre de, 1949-1964
Maxwell, William, 1968
McCarthy, Mary, 1957-1972
McCullers, Carson, circa 1940-1941
Mitchner, Robert W., 1972
Mitford, Nancy, 1955, 1965
Monhoff, Hildegarde and Jan See Container 2, Flanner, Hildegarde, and Jan Monhoff
Monnier, Adrienne, 1952
Moore, Marianne, 1941-1957, undated
Mortimer, Raymond, 1957-1974 See also Container 20, same heading
Mueller, Susana Guevara, 1970
Murphy, Noël, 1940, 1958
Nabokov, Vera, 1966-1967
National Book Committee, 1966
New Republic, 1958
New Yorker, 1944-1967, undated
L'Oeil, 1967
"P" miscellaneous
Page, Russell, 1941-1969, undated
Perelman, S. J., 1971
Petrova, Olga, 1931-1975
Peyre, Henri M., 1965
Porter, Katherine Anne, 1958-1962
Powers, Elizabeth, 1966
Princeton University Library, Princeton, N.J., 1966-1968
Putnam, George Palmer, 1924
BOX 4 "R" miscellaneous
Rose, Francis, 1966, undated
Ross, Harold W., 1937-1949, undated
"S" miscellaneous
Shaw-Taylor, Nora, 1975
Shawn, William, 1944, 1968, undated
Sheppard, Barbara, 1962, 1964
Solano, Solita, 1948-1972
Stein, Gertrude, 1934-1940, undated
Stirling, Monica, 1961-1969, undated
Sutherland, Donald, 1965-1968
Svendsen, Clara, 1961-1975, undated
"T" miscellaneous
Thompson, Mildred, 1966
Thurber, James, circa 1936
Time, 1965
Tobey, Mark, 1968, undated
Toklas, Alice B., 1952-1960, undated
Topolski, Felix, 1972
Tree, Herbert Beerbohm, Sir, 1916-1917
Troxel, Dorothy, 1975, undated
Truax, R. Hawley and Alethea, 1960-1970
Van Vechten, Fania Marinoff, 1967
"W" miscellaneous
Weller, Reginald, III ("Sam"), and Charlotte, 1933-1935, undated
Wescott, Glenway, 1937-1971, undated See also Container 20, same heading
West, Rebecca, 1957-1960
White, Katherine, 1953, undated
Wilde, Dolly, 1941
Wilder, Thornton, 1966-1967, undated
Wilkinson, Almadeus de Grasse, 1965-1966
Wilkinson, Mireille, 1966
Wilson, Edmund, 1954-1958
Woollcott, Alexander, 1939-1942
Yoken, Melvin B., 1972
Young, Ella, 1945, undated
BOX 5-6 Subject File, circa 1921-1973
Clippings, notes, articles, correspondence, and other items.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX 5 Anderson, Margaret
Aragon, Louis
Avedon, Richard
Barney, Natalie
Beach, Sylvia
Bedford, Sybille
Beerbohm, Max
Blixen, Karen
Boyle, Kay
Capote, Truman
Clapp, Frederick M.
Cunard, Nancy
Dinesen, Isak See same container, Blixen, Karen
Duchamp, Marcel
Duncan, Isadora
Feather, William
Flanner, Janet
Flanner, Marie
Fleischman, Raoul
Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley
Franckenstein, Joseph M.
Gaulle, Charles de
Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch
Correspondence about Solano's lecture notes
(2 folders)
BOX 6 (5 folders)
Notes on
Printed matter
Hawkins, Eric
Heap, Jane
Hemingway, Ernest
Hoyningen-Huene, George
Hulme, Kathryn
Jolas, Marie
Knopf, Blanche
Leblanc, Georgette
Lee, Gypsy Rose
Lewin, Albert
Longworth, Alice Roosevelt
Loos, Anita
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