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Janet Flanner and Solita Solano papers, 1870-1976

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Writings File, 1900-1975 (continued)
London Was Yesterday, 1934-1939, unrevised proof, galley, and draft (continued)
(2 folders)
Men and Monuments, correspondence and other papers, 1957
Paris Was Yesterday, 1925-1939, galley
(2 folders)
BOX 8 (5 folders)
Pétain, the Old Man of France, galley and published copy
Articles and other writings
New Yorker, selected writings
Bound volumes
BOX 9 1932
1934 (includes 1931 clipping)
BOX 10 1937
BOX 11 1940-1953
BOX 12 1949-1950
BOX 13 1959
BOX 14 1963
Unbound items
"A Reporter at Large, Soldats de France, Debout!" 1 Feb. 1941
Hemingway, Ernest, draft, undated
"Letter from Paris"
Algerian insurrection, draft, 27 Apr. 1961
Bastille Day Parade, draft, 19 July
French theater, draft, 5 July
Gaulle, Charles de, visit to Russia, draft, undated
Paris architecture, draft, 3 May
Paris nightclubs, 12 Sept. 1925
Student revolt, draft, 10 July 1968
Tutankhamun exhibit, 31 May 1967, draft
Merman, Ethel, draft, unpublished profile
"Talk of the Town," notes and comments, 21 Apr. 1973
"That Was Paris," 11 Mar. 1972
Bound volumes
Ladies Home Journal, Arts and Decoration, Forum, etc., selected writings, 1923-1935
Vanity Fair, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, selected writings, 1934-1936
BOX 15 Unbound items
"The Adventures of Mynheer, the Prefect of Police, and the Guinea-Pig," 1908
Artaud, Antonin, preface to a master's thesis on, undated
Blixen, Karen, memorial, draft, 1962
Braque, George, draft of interview, undated
City of Love (New York: Dell Publishing Co., 1955), edited by Danel Talbot, introduction
Colette, speech on, Paris, France, July 1966
"Day and Night Thoughts," diary, 1948
Dinesen, Isak, memorial, draft, 1962 See same container, Blixen, Karen
"Fashion in Spies," Harper's Bazaar, May 1938
Flaubert, Gustave, notes on, undated
"The Generation That Knows Nothing Else," Woman's Home Companion, Sept. 1939
Gauleiter Conference, translation of document USSR-170, Office of Soviet Chief of Counsel, 1941
"Girls Reared in a Great Tradition," Woman's Home Companion, Oct. 1939
"Her Majesty Queen Mary," galley, 1935
"Hoi Polloi at Close Range," New York Tribune, 20 Nov 1921
Horst book of photographs, preface to, draft, undated
"La Belle France's Man of Bronze," Sunday Herald Tribune, 6 Mar. 1966
"The Last Great Grand Guillotiner of France," draft, undated
"The Lone Liberty Chorus," Harper's Bazaar 1 Mar. 1941
"Look at the Calendar, Will We Talk Democracy to Death in This Country?" Harper's Bazaar, Aug. 1940
"Oscar Wilde's Niece," Prose Magazine, Fall 1972
"A Partial Portrait," draft, 15 May 1969
Poetry, 1918-1926, undated
"The Portrait of Our Lady," draft; and "In Hoc Signes," poem, undated
"A Profile of Janet Flanner" interview on "The Open Mind," WNBC-TV, 13 Feb 1966
"Promenade in the Bois de Boulogne" for Holiday Magazine, Mar. 1968, draft
"Recipes of Alice B. Toklas," Republic, 15 Dec. 1958
"Run for Your Life," Home and Food, Oct. 1943
Speeches, 1965, undated
"The Unique Ross," preface for Jane Grant's book on Harold W. Ross, draft, undated
"The Unique Ross," Vogue, 15 Feb. 1968
"What's Wrong With France?" Overseas Woman, Oct. 1945
BOX 16 Solano, Solita
Blixen, Karen, article on, 1962
Cunard, Nancy, article on, 1965
DAC News articles, 1928-1958
Dinesen, Isak, article on, 1962 See same container, Blixen, Karen
"Domingo," All-Story Weekly, undated
Flanner, Janet, article on, 1923
"The Fringes of Fame," Ainslee's, undated
"Greenroom Glints," columns, 1916, undated
The Happy Failure (New York: G. P. Putnam, 1925)
"The Hotel Napoleon Bonaparte," draft, undated
"Interval," poem, 1967
"La Luna Annegata" "The Drowned Moon," poem, 1962
"Large Area of Salem Burns," Boston Sunday Globe, 12 Sept. 1971
"Legend From Love," poem, 1934
"The Little Grand Duchess," Smart Set, 1918
"Manes," poem, 1967
Notes, 1934-1940, 1957, undated
"Pluie Sur La Mort," poem, undated
"The Prior Claim," Ainslee's, undated
"Quaedam Mortua Loquitur" ("A Certain One Dead Speaks"), poem, 1945
Statue in a Field, 1934
"Strictly Business, Both Banks of the Seine," Jan. 1934
"Vespers," Smart Set, 1918
Miscellany, 1915-1919, undated
BOX 17 Others
American Center for Students and Artists, Then and Now; a Symposium on the Expatriate Tradition in Paris (Nijmegen: Netherlands: Thieme, 1964)
Aragon, "Mai de Paris," poem, 1942
Balayé, Geraldine, poems translated by Solano, 1967
"To Dare"
"Your Eyes" or "Your Gaze"
Blixen, Karen, "On Mottoes of My Life," speech given on 28 Jan. 1959, at the National Institute of Arts and Letters, from Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, second series
Boyle, Kay
"The Long Walk at San Francisco State," Evergreen, 1970
"A Poem About Black Power," undated
Poem printed in the Nation, 30 Oct. 1954
Capote, Truman, interview with Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen), undated
Clapp, Frederic Mortimer, poems, 1951-1963, undated
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