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Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund records, 1965-1994

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Fund-raising, 1979-1984 (continued)
Correspondence, 1981-1982
Military and patriotic associations, 1980-1981
National Association of Broadcasters, 1981
Saigon Mission, 1981-1982
Civic and community groups
Clubs, 1981-1982
Correspondence, 1981-1982
Jaycees, 1982-1983
Police associations, 1981-1982
Schools and colleges, 1981-1982
Corporate Advisory Board, 1981, undated
BOX 112 Corporate brochure, 1979-1981, undated
Corporate call instructions, 1981, undated
Donations, 1980-1984, undated
(3 folders)
BOX 113 Fortune 1000, LTV mailing, 1981-1982, undated
IBM fund design competition, 1981, undated
Industry lists, undated
Oil companies, 1981, undated
Rejections, 1980-1982
(3 folders)
BOX 114 Foundations
Grants received, 1981-1983
Minnesota foundations, cold mailing, 1981
Proposals rejected, 1981-1982
Radiothons, 1981-1982, undated
Alexandria, Va. (WPKX)
Bangor, Maine (WACZ)
Champaign, Ill. (WPGO)
Dallas/Fort Worth, Tex. (WBAP)
Howard, Jan
BOX 115 Information kits
Little Rock, Ark. (KLRA)
Radiothons not produced
San Antonio, Tex. (WOAI)
Special projects, 1979-1983, undated
Benefit dinner dance
Blue ribbon campaign
Brass buckle
Corcoran, Charles A.
Cypress Gardens, Fla.
Davison, Michael S., solicitation letter
"Heart of Illinois" campaign
BOX 116 Massachusetts fund raisers
"Pass the Helmet"
Shirt Explosion
Spanish mailing
Thunder Chicken
T-shirt fund raisers
Victory luncheon
Vietnamese contributions
Warner, John, breakfast
Westmoreland, William C.
Zais, Melvin ("In memory of...")
AFL/CIO, 1981-1982, undated
American Federation of Government Employees, 1981, undated
Boilermakers, 1981-1982
Correspondence, 1981-1982
Insurance Workers International, 1981-1982
Postal workers, 1981-1983
United Cement, Lime and Gypsum Workers, 1981, undated
United Steelworkers, 1981, undated
BOX 117 Veterans organizations
American Gold Star Mothers, 1980-1982
American Legion
Auxiliaries, 1981-1982
Contribution lists, 1981-1982
Miscellany, 1980-1982
BOX 118 Posts, 1981-1982
(2 folders)
American War Dads, 1981
AMVETS, 1981-1982
Collegiate veterans, 1981-1982
Correspondence, 1980-1982
Disabled American Veterans, 1981-1982
Ethnic and religious groups, 1981-1982
BOX 119 Fleet Reserve Association, 1980-1982, undated
Reserve Officers Association, 1981-1984
State groups, 1981-1982
United States armed forces
Air Force, 1981-1982
Army, 1981-1982
Marines, 1980-1982
National Guard, 1981-1982
Navy, 1981-1982
United States Military Academy, West Point, N.Y., class of 1939, 1980, undated
Veterans lists, 1981-1982
(2 folders)
BOX 120 Veterans of Foreign Wars
Auxiliaries, 1981-1982
Miscellany, 1980-1982
Posts, 1981-1982
(2 folders)
BOX 121 Volunteers, 1981-1982
BOX 121-123 Miscellany, 1966-1985
Correspondence, telephone message books, address book, notes and posters, poems and songs, memorabilia, printed matter, and plaques.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material and chronologically thereunder.
BOX 121 Address book, undated
Memorabilia, undated
Notes, posters, and other items, 1981-1982, undated
Plaques, undated
Poems and songs, 1966-1969, 1980-1984, undated
(1 folder)
BOX 122 (1 folder)
Printed matter, 1981-1983, undated
Public letters, 1981-1985 See also Container 101, same heading
(2 folders)
BOX 123 Sayers, James E., correspondence, 1980-1982
Telephone message books, 1983-1984
BOX OV 124-OV 130 Card Files, circa 1980-circa 1984
Invitations to the National Salute to Vietnam Veterans and donor card files.
The latter are arranged alphabetically by donor group.
BOX OV 124 National Salute to Vietnam Veterans, ceremony invitations
BOX OV 125 Fund-raising, donor card files
BOX OV 126 "In Memoria" contributions
BOX OV 127 Unions
BOX OV 128-OV 129 Veterans organizations
BOX OV 130 VIP gifts
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