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Part I: Helen Rogers Reid Papers, 1899-1970 (continued)
BOX I:D168-D174 Business Correspondence, 1944-1958
Business letters.
Arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically therein by name of correspondent.
BOX I:D168 1944, “B” miscellaneous
“C-D” miscellaneous
BOX I:D169 Flyway, Currituck County, N.C.
1950, Residence, 15 East 84th St., New York, N.Y.
BOX I:D170 1951, automobiles
“M-R” miscellaneous
BOX I:D171 “S-Y” miscellaneous
“D” miscellaneous
BOX I:D172 “G” miscellaneous
“S” miscellaneous
BOX I:D173 “V” miscellaneous
“B” miscellaneous
BOX I:D174 “E-W” miscellaneous
BOX I:D174-D180 Financial Papers, 1907-1956
Financial statements, payrolls, and records of securities.
Arranged chronologically by year alphabetically therein by corporate name or topic.
BOX I:D174 1907-1943
BOX I:D175 1943, Statements
Ophir Farm, Purchase, N.Y.
BOX I:D176 Securities
Securities bought and sold
BOX I:D177 Statements
Securities bought and sold
BOX I:D178 Statements
Securities bought and sold
BOX I:D179 Statements
BOX I:D180 Receipted bills
Journal entries
BOX I:D181-D191 Family Papers, 1860-1968
Papers other than correspondence relating to various family members.
Arranged alphabetically by name of family member.
BOX I:D181 Ferguson, Florence Rogers
Reid, Mary Louise
Reid, Ogden Mills
Reid, Ogden Rogers
Reid, Whitelaw
Rogers, Benjamin T.
BOX I:D182 1861-1914
BOX I:D183 1915-1923, undated
BOX I:D184 Undated
BOX I:D185 Benjamin T. Rogers Land Co.
BOX I:D186 1907-1928, undated
BOX I:D187 Rogers, Blanche Taylor
Rogers, Carson
Rogers, Charles C. G.
Rogers, Coré
Rogers, George Vernor
BOX I:D188 1957-1961, undated
BOX I:D189 Rogers, George
BOX I:D190 Rogers, H. Mead
Rogers, J. Carson
Rogers, Nellie
Rogers, Sarah L.
Rogers estate
BOX I:D191 1924-1926, n.d
Ward, Jean
Winslow, Minnie Rogers
Winslow, Rush
BOX I:D192-D286 Subject File, 1913-1969
Correspondence, reports, and printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX I:D192 Academy of American Poets
American Art Association
The American Assembly, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, New York, N.Y.
BOX I:D193 1952-1953
The American Foundation
BOX I:D194 1926-1928
BOX I:D195 1929-1930
BOX I:D196 1931-1932
BOX I:D197 1932-1936
BOX I:D198 1937-1957
BOX I:D199 American Institute of Public Opinion, 1935-1937
American Peace Award
American Woman's Association Award
BOX I:D200 Barnard College, New York, N.Y.
BOX I:D201 1928-1936
BOX I:D202 1937-1939
BOX I:D203 1940-1944
BOX I:D204 1944-1946
BOX I:D205 1947-1948
BOX I:D206 1949-1950
BOX I:D207 1950-1951
BOX I:D208 1951-1952
BOX I:D209 1952-1954
BOX I:D210 1954-1955
BOX I:D211 1955-1956
BOX I:D212 1956-1958
BOX I:D213 1958-1963
BOX I:D214 1963-1965
BOX I:D215 1965-1967, undated
BOX I:D216 Undated
Biographical material
(9 folders)
BOX I:D217 (2 folders)
Columbia University, New York, N.Y.
Columbia University Bicentennial, New York, N.Y.
Commission on Education of Women
Committee for International Economic Growth
Committee to Strengthen the Frontiers of Freedom
BOX I:D218 Council on World Tensions
Davis, Meyer
Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services
(4 folders)
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