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Part III: Whitelaw Reid (1913-2009) Papers, 1913-2001 (continued)
Midterm, 1954
(2 folders)
National Republican Club
New York State
New York State Republican Committee
BOX III:41 New York Young Republican Club
Westchester County, New York State
Research Institute of America, reports
Robinson, William E.
(2 folders)
Rockefeller family
Rogers, Donald I.
(2 folders)
Root, Oren
Roper, Elmo
Rose, Billy
BOX III:42 Rosenwald, Maurice
Raymond T. Rich & Thos. Devine Associates
"Rad-Rur" miscellaneous See also Oversize
(10 folders)
BOX III:43 "Rus-Ryu" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Sanderson, Garrett
Servan-Schreiber, J. J.
Sheppard, Eugenia
Skouras, Spyros Panagiotes
Smith, Oak B.
Smith, Paul C.
Snyder, Marty
Sports department
St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H.
Stabler, Norman C.
Stanford, Alfred Boller
(3 folders)
BOX III:44 Stassen, Harold E.
Staten Island
Staubing, Harold
Straus, Roger W.
Strike, 1953
Stevenson, Adlai E. (1900-1965)
Streit, Clarence K.
Strong, Anna Louise
(2 folders)
Swope, Herbert Bayard
BOX III:45 Syndicate department
"Sai-Soc" miscellaneous
(9 folders)
BOX III:46 "Soc-Syr" miscellaneous
(6 folders)
Taft, Robert A.
Tangle Towns, game
(2 folders)
Telephone calls, logs
Television section
BOX III:47 This Week Magazine
(3 folders)
Time-Life International
New York Times
Truman, Harry S.
Twitty, Tom
"Taf-Tav" miscellaneous
BOX III:48 "Tay-Tys" miscellaneous
(7 folders)
Union Club of New York
BOX III:49 United Press Associations
United Service Organizations
Urban League
"Uaw-Utr" miscellaneous
"Val-Voo" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
War and Peace Memorial Committee
(2 folders)
BOX III:50 Washington Bureau
Watson, Thomas J.
Weare, Buel Fellows
(2 folders)
Weekes, Willet
Weems, George T.
Werner, Victor D.
West, Rebecca
Western Union
Whalen, Grover A.
(2 folders)
BOX III:51 Wheeler, John N.
Wilkie, Philip
Williams, Cranston
Winchel, Walter
Wilson, Gill Rob
World Report
"Wab-Whi" miscellaneous
(4 folders)
BOX III:52 "Wic-Wyn" miscellaneous
(6 folders)
Young Men's Board of Trade
"Y" miscellaneous
"Z" miscellaneous
BOX III:53 Family
Sister Annette (Annie Rogers) (aunt), 1916, 1931, 1942-1943
Ferguson, Florence Rogers (aunt), 1929-1968
(3 folders)
Miscellaneous, 1916, 1942
Reid, Helen Rogers (mother)
(5 folders)
BOX III:54 Nov.-Dec.
(5 folders)
BOX III:55 Apr.-Nov.
(12 folders)
BOX III:56 1960
Reid, Ogden Mills (father), 1930-1945
(4 folders)
(2 folders)
Reid v. Casilear, 1942-1947
World Youth Forum, 1964-1971
(2 folders)
Writings by Reid and other material collected by his mother 1922-1958
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