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Part I: Whitelaw Reid (1837-1912) Papers, 1795-1961 (continued)
BOX I:A218-A355 REEL 216-237 Scrapbooks, 1861-1912
Newspapers clippings by or about Reid and topical issues.
Arranged chronologically by volume except a 1912 grouping relating to Reid's death which precedes the others. Undated and unbound clippings are filed at the end of the series.
BOX I:A218-224 REEL 216-9 Clippings relating to death of Whitelaw Reid, 1912
BOX I:A225-231 REEL 219 “Agate” letters, 1861-1864
BOX I:A232-252 REEL 220-21 Clippings
BOX I:A253 REEL 222 1880s
BOX I:A254 REEL 222A 1890-1891
BOX I:A255-268 REEL 222A-224 1898-1905
BOX I:A269-354 REEL 224-236 1905-1912
BOX I:A355 REEL 237 Undated
BOX I:A356 REEL 237 Printed Matter, 1870-1876
Four miscellaneous pamphlets and three volumes of facsimile dispatches.
BOX I:A356 REEL 237 Miscellaneous
BOX I:A356 Telegrams, facsimiles, 1870s
(3 vols.)
BOX I:A357 REEL 237 Biographer's Papers, circa 1920
Notes about Reid's early life. Assembled by Royal Cortissoz.
BOX I:A358-A365not filmed Additional Papers, 1863-1961
Family and general correspondence.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent and chronologically within each folder or group of folders. Articles and speeches arranged chronologically. Miscellaneous papers arranged by type of material.
BOX I:A358not filmed Family Correspondence
Easton, Ansel
Harrison, Ella Reid
Mills, Ogdon
Mills, Ruth L.
Reid, Elisabeth Mills
Reid, Ogden Mills
General Correspondence
A. N. Marquis & Co.
Adams, John Q.
Addor, Oscar
Alexandra, Queen of England
American Enameled Brick and Tile Co.
American Express Co.
American Paper and Pulp Association
Amor, Albert
Ampthill Gas & Coke Co.
Anderson, J.
Arnold, G.
Archibald Constable & Company
Author's Clipping Bureau
Automobile Association
Automobile Cooperative Association
Bailey, Thomas B.
Banks, John
Barker, H. M.
Barker, William W.
Barnes, Fred
Bates, A. E.
Baxter, J. H.
Bayer, Gardner & Himes
B.C. & F. T. Barry Real Estate and Mortgages
Beale, J.F.
Bell, George H.
B. F. Stevens and Brown
Birdsall & Son
Black, Starr & Frost
Blackistone, Z. D.
Blake, Irving
Bloodgood & Hayes
Boblits, William H.
Bogus, George
Bolton, Reginald Pelham
Boyle, Watson
Bradbury, Agnew & Co.
Bradford, R. B.
Bradley, George L.
Bramah & Co.
Branch & Callanan
Brown, D. W.
Brown, R. C. E.
Bryan, Samuel M.
Bull, Edward C.
Burling, John C.
Burnett, Edward
Burnett, Ira F.
Burns, B. F.
Burrelle's Press Clipping Bureau
Bushby, James H.
BOX I:A359 Camp, J. Julia
Campbell-Gray, Ltd.
Carrington, John P.
Carter, C. S.
Carter, Nancy A.
Carter, Ralph B.
Catlin, Frances H.
Chambers, D. A.
Chandler, Jefferson
Charles Field Griffen & Co.
Charles Scribner's & Sons
Chenue, J.
Clapp, A. W.
Clephane, James O.
Coburn, Alvin Langdon
Colgate, Mary
Collins, R. M.
Cook, G.
Corcoran, Andrew J.
Corcoran, W. A.
Cottrell, B. B.
Cox, W. S.
Croffut, W. A.
Cromelin, R. F.
Cropley, Arthur B.
The Crown, the Court and Counties Families Newspaper
Cunard Steamship Co.
Dahl, Elsie M.
Daily Mail Year Book
Daily Mirror
Daly, James
Darrin, Ira G.
Davids, Charles H.
Davis, Albert E.
Davis, R. R.
Dawson, N. E.
Day's Library, Ltd.
Deakers, Mrs. R. L.
Denman, H. B.
Denning, Clarence
Devine, Andrew
Devonshire, R. W.
Dexter, Joseph
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