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Part I: Elisabeth Mills Reid Papers, 1880-1931 (continued)
BOX I:B35-B45 Business Correspondence, 1912-1931
Letters sent and received.
Arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically therein by name of correspondent.
BOX I:B35 1912-1916
BOX I:B36 1917-1919
“A” miscellaneous-Ophir Farm, Purchase, N.Y.
BOX I:B37 “O-Z” miscellaneous
1921, “S-Y” miscellaneous
BOX I:B38 1922, “A-Z” miscellaneous
BOX I:B39 1923
“A-S” miscellaneous
BOX I:B40 “T-W” miscellaneous
“A-P” miscellaneous
BOX I:B41 “R-Y” miscellaneous
“A-P” miscellaneous
BOX I:B42 “R-W” miscellaneous
1928, Ophir Farm
“A” miscellaneous
Blake, Irving
“B” miscellaneous
BOX I:B43 “C-Y” miscellaneous
“A-B” miscellaneous
BOX I:B44 Blake, Irving
“P” miscellaneous
BOX I:B45 “S-Y” miscellaneous
Blake, Irving
BOX I:B46-B51 Financial Papers, 1912-1927
Financial papers.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX I:B46 1912-1914
BOX I:B47 1914-1915
BOX I:B48 1915-1917
BOX I:B49 1917-1919
BOX I:B50 1919-1920
BOX I:B51 1921-1927
BOX I:B52-B53 Subject File, 1899-1931
Correspondence, reports, and printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX I:B52 American Red Cross
American University Women's Club
Bellevue Hospital, New York, N.Y.
BOX I:B53 Maine (hospital ship)
Reid Hall, Paris, France
Republican Party
Roosevelt Memorial Association
Roxburghe Club
Woman's Roosevelt Memorial Association
BOX I:B54-B55 Miscellany, 1916-1931
Miscellaneous items and printed matter.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX I:B54 Ephemera
Last will and testament of Elisabeth Mills Reid
Mills, Ogden, death
Condolence cards
Passports and visas
Printed matter
BOX I:B55 Printed matter
Wenborne, Jane
BOX I:C1-C47 Part I: Ogden Mills Reid Papers, 1900-1947
BOX I:C1 Diaries, 1945
Typescript copy of a diary kept during a trip to the Far East in 1945.
BOX I:C1-C2 Family Correspondence, 1907-1943
Correspondence with family members.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
BOX I:C1 Albright, Janet-Rogers, Benjamin Talbot
BOX I:C2 Rogers, Benjamin Talbot-Winslow, Minnie Rogers
BOX I:C2-C20 General Correspondence, 1905-1944
Letters sent and received.
Arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically therein by name of correspondent.
BOX I:C2 1905-1908
BOX I:C3 1909-1910
BOX I:C4 1911
BOX I:C5 1912
“A-L” miscellaneous
BOX I:C6 “Mc-Y” miscellaneous, Unidentified
“A” miscellaneous
Pitney, Fred B.
BOX I:C7 Roosevelt, Theodore
“H” miscellaneous
BOX I:C8 “L-W” miscellaneous
1916-1918, “A-Y” miscellaneous
BOX I:C9 1919, “B-Y” miscellaneous
“A-C” miscellaneous
BOX I:C10 “D-W” miscellaneous
1924, “A-Y” miscellaneous
BOX I:C11 1925, “A-W” miscellaneous
Abbot, Willis
“J-Y” miscellaneous
BOX I:C12 1927, “A-Y” miscellaneous
“A-P” miscellaneous
BOX I:C13 “R” miscellaneous
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
“S-V” miscellaneous
Vanderbilt, Harold S.
Whalen, Grover A.
“W-Y” miscellaneous
“A-E” miscellaneous
Fitzwater, Fanny Fern
“F-J” miscellaneous
Kahn, Otto H.
“K-V” miscellaneous
Work, Hubert
“W-Y” miscellaneous
BOX I:C14 1930
“A” miscellaneous
Byrd, Richard Evelyn
“B” miscellaneous
Cazalet, Victor-Crowninshield, Frank
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