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Part I: Ogden Mills Reid Papers, 1900-1947 (continued)
BOX I:C2-C20 General Correspondence, 1905-1944
Letters sent and received.
Arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically therein by name of correspondent.
BOX I:C2 1905-1908
BOX I:C3 1909-1910
BOX I:C4 1911
BOX I:C5 1912
“A-L” miscellaneous
BOX I:C6 “Mc-Y” miscellaneous, Unidentified
“A” miscellaneous
Pitney, Fred B.
BOX I:C7 Roosevelt, Theodore
“H” miscellaneous
BOX I:C8 “L-W” miscellaneous
1916-1918, “A-Y” miscellaneous
BOX I:C9 1919, “B-Y” miscellaneous
“A-C” miscellaneous
BOX I:C10 “D-W” miscellaneous
1924, “A-Y” miscellaneous
BOX I:C11 1925, “A-W” miscellaneous
Abbot, Willis
“J-Y” miscellaneous
BOX I:C12 1927, “A-Y” miscellaneous
“A-P” miscellaneous
BOX I:C13 “R” miscellaneous
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
“S-V” miscellaneous
Vanderbilt, Harold S.
Whalen, Grover A.
“W-Y” miscellaneous
“A-E” miscellaneous
Fitzwater, Fanny Fern
“F-J” miscellaneous
Kahn, Otto H.
“K-V” miscellaneous
Work, Hubert
“W-Y” miscellaneous
BOX I:C14 1930
“A” miscellaneous
Byrd, Richard Evelyn
“B” miscellaneous
Cazalet, Victor-Crowninshield, Frank
“C-D” miscellaneous
Fitzwater, Fanny Fern
“F-I” miscellaneous
Kahn, Otto H.
“K-R” miscellaneous
Stokes, Harold Phelps
“S-V” miscellaneous
“T-W” miscellaneous
Willingdon, Marie
“W-Y” miscellaneous
Adams, Franklin P.- Astor, Vincent
“A” miscellaneous
Bacon, Virginia-Butler, Nicholas Murray
BOX I:C15 “B” miscellaneous
Cadman, S. Parkes - Currie, Marie
“C” miscellaneous
Damrosch, Mararet-Drury, Samuel S.
Fitzwater, Fanny Fern-Fosdick, Harry Emerson
“F” miscellaneous
Gannett, Lewis-Gimbel, Bernard
“G” miscellaneous
“Harbord, James G.-Hughes, Charles Evans
“H” miscellaneous
BOX I:C16 “I” miscellaneous
Johnson, Robert Underwood-Jusserand, Jules
“J” miscellaneous
Kauffman, Reginald Wright
“K” miscellaneous
Lamont, Thomas W.-Lofting, Hugh
“L” miscellaneous
Mallet, Arthur S.-Morrow, Dwight W.
“M-N” miscellaneous
Ochs, Adolph S.-Osborn, Henry Fairfield
“O” miscellaneous
Parsons, Geoffrey-Pulitzer, Ralph
“P” miscellaneous
BOX I:C17 Rice, Grantland-Root, Elihu
“R” miscellaneous
Sacasa, Juan-Swope, Herbert Bayard
“S-T” miscellaneous
Vanderbilt, Grace-Van Doren, Irita
“V” miscellaneous
Wagner, Robert F.-Wald, Lillian D.
BOX I:C18 Warburg, Felix M.-Willingdon, Freeman Freeman-Thomas, 1st marquis of
“W” miscellaneous
Young, Owen D.
“Y” miscellaneous
Ziegfeld, Florenz
“A-C” miscellaneous
Davis, Howard-Du Pont, Henry Francis
“E-G” miscellaneous
Harbord, James G.- Hoover, Herbert
“H-K” miscellaneous
Lamont, Thomas W.-Lodge, Henry Cabot (1902- )
“L” miscellaneous
Mergenthaler Linotype Co.
“M-N” miscellaneous
Ochs, Adolph S.
“O-V” miscellaneous
Wadsworth, James W.
“W-Y” miscellaneous
“A” miscellaneous
Byrd, Richard Evelyn
“B” miscellaneous
BOX I:C19 “C” miscellaneous
Davis, Howard
“D-F” miscellaneous
Gimbel, Bernard F.
“G-K” miscellaneous
Lewisohn, Sam A.
Meloney, Marie
“M-U” miscellaneous
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