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James A. Emanuel papers, 1922-2013

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BOX 4-10 Writings, 1945-1995
Background material, correspondence, notes, drafts, master sheets, and publicity relating to articles, autobiographical writings, book reviews, interviews, poetry anthologies and collections, speeches, textbooks, and writings by others as well as material relating to poetry festivals and readings.
Arranged according to writings by Emanuel and by others and therein alphabetically by type of writing, title, or name of author.
BOX 4 By Emanuel
“Best of the Best,” edited by Margaret Burroughs, 1982-1983
Langston Hughes, edited by Emanuel, correspondence, 1966-1967
Sixes and Sevens, edited by Paul Breman, 1962
Black Man Abroad: The Toulouse Poems, publicity, 1978-1983, undated
“Black Tender,” draft, 1970-1973
Broken Bowl, publicity, 1983
Chisel in the Dark: Poems Selected and New
List, undated
Draft, undated
Book cover, undated
Publicity, 1980-1983
“The Chopping Block”
Lists, undated
Draft, 1988
(2 folders)
Biographical sketch and chronology, undated
BOX 5 De la rage au coeur
Text, 1987
Correspondence, Jean Migrenne, 1991-1995
Book review, 1992
Deadly James
Draft A, 1981-1990
(2 folders)
Draft B, 1987
Correspondence, Nicole Lamotte, 1987-1995
Panther Man
Printed version, annotated, 1970
Book review, 1972
“We Are Seven,” draft with musical settings, 1988
Whole Grain and Later Poems of James A. Emanuel,” draft, parts I and II, 1995
(4 folders)
BOX 6 Whole Grain: Collected Poems, 1958-1989
Draft, 1989-1990
Master sheets, 1991
(2 folders)
Anderson, Keith O., 1988-1994
Madgett, Naomi Long, 1989-1992
III Congresso de la Asociacion Española de Estudios Anglo-Norteamericanos, Santiago, Chile, 1979
Festac ’77, Lagos and Kaduna, Nigeria, 1975-1980
Fougères Festival, Fougères, Belgium, 1989
Langston Hughes Festival, New York, N.Y., 1983
Liège Biennial, Liège, Belgium, 1990
Sarajevo's Poetry Days, Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, 1982
Individual poems
Ideas, 1972-1978, undated
Texts, circa 1945, 1968-1980
(2 folders)
BOX 7 Readings
Correspondence, 1971-1995, undated
(10 folders)
Publicity, 1973-1982, undated See Oversize
BOX 8 Textbooks
How I Write/2, correspondence, 1971
A Poet's Mind
Draft A, 1981
Draft B, 1982
Draft fragments and notes, 1981-1982, undated
Correspondence, 1981-1987, undated
Anthology edited by Emanuel and Theodore L. Gross
Dark Symphony: Negro Literature in America
Book reviews, 1968
Correspondence, Kenneth L. Kaiman, Thomas O. Gay, and Velery H. Webb, 1967-1977
Publicity, 1968
Articles and essays, 1945, 1976-1977, undated
A Force in the Field
Background material, 1973-1974, undated
Notes, 1993, undated
Draft, 1993
(2 folders)
Draft fragments, 1993
Master sheets, 1995
“Snowflakes and Steel: My Life As a Poet, 1971-1980”
Background material, 1972-1982
(2 folders)
BOX 9 Draft, 1981
(3 folders)
Photographic supplement, 1981
Book reviews, 1971-1977
By Emanuel
Brooks, Gwendolyn, 1970
Giovanni, Nikki, 1970
Hughes, Langston, 1960-1965
(2 folders)
Sanchez, Sonia, 1970
With Emanuel
Madhubuti, Haki R., 1970
McIver, Jean P., 1990
Unidentified, 1972, 1981
(2 folders)
Speeches, 1970
By others
Breman, Paul, Jr., “Poetry into the ’Sixties,” circa 1968
Bone, Robert, “American Negro Poetry: On the Stage and in the Schools,” 1967
Gottlieb, Lorri, poems, undated
Holdt, Marvin, “James A. Emanuel: Black Man Abroad,” 1979
Hudson, Theodore R., “Abstract of From LeRoi Jones to Amiri Baraka: The Literary Works,” undated
Labrusse, Hughes, Terrena l'arbre excessif, 1986
Madgett, Naomi Long, Exits and Entrances, 1978
BOX 10 Polo, Marco (1952- ), Travel Nonsense and Love, 1989
Watson, Doug, unidentified essay, undated
BOX 10-12 Subject File, 1922-1995
Material relating to African-American poets and writers; appointment calendars; biographical, election campaign, and military service material; newspaper and magazine clippings; a scrapbook; and material relating to teaching and travel.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material, name of organization, or subject and chronologically therein.
BOX 10 African-American poets and writers
Baldwin, James, 1972-1980
Brooks, Gwendolyn, circa 1968-1971
Dunbar, Paul Laurence, 1972
Ellison, Ralph, 1976
Gayle, Addison, 1975
General, 1961-1979, undated
Hughes, Langston, 1922-1977
Williams, John A., 1966-1967
Wright, Richard, undated
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