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Literary File, 1919-1987 (continued)
Texts, 1919-1987 (continued)
Articles, Essays, Reviews, and Commentary, 1928-1986 (continued)
"Land of the Dark Madonna," circa 1950 See also Container 311, "Thoughts on Mexico"
"A Latin American 'NATO'?" Oct. 5, 1962
"Lessons of Defeat," New York Herald Tribune, Oct. 18, 1957
"Lets Face the Facts," (employment of veterans), circa 1945
"Letter on Freedom of the Press," Honolulu Advertiser, Oct. 17, 1975
"A Letter to Curtis Freshel," Vivisection Investigation League President, Aug. 17, 1960
"Letter to Senator Beall," Congressional Record, Feb. 4, 1963
"Letter to the Women's Lobby," Human Life Review, Spring 1978
[Letters to the editor], 1939, 1945, 1957, 1961-1962, 1975-1976
(6 folders)
"Letters of a Last Nighter," Stage, Nov. 1940
"Life Begins at 40--Feet Under," Family Circle, Apr. 1958
"Life, Liberty, Happiness--and Money," circa 1970s
"The Light at the End of the Tunnel of Love: Jimmy Carter's Christian Socialism," National Review, Nov. 12, 1976
"A Little Pig's Tale," 1934
"Little Rock and the Muscovite Moon," Double Day Headline Publications, 1958
"Lodge the Kingmaker, or King," New York Herald Tribune, July 5, 1964
"The Long Munich," 1978
BOX 305 "Luce Forecast for a Luce Lifetime," 1942
"Lyndon Johnson's Strike at Viet Nam (Shooting from the Hip)," New York Herald Tribune, Aug. 16, 1964; unidentified reprint, "LBJ's Tonkin Strike Clears Air"
"MacArthur," Daily News, Dec. 18, 1941
"MacArthur," for Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1943
(3 folders)
"MacArthur," Parade Magazine, 1942
"MacArthur of the Far East," Life, Dec. 8, 1941
(3 folders)
" The Making of a New Majority Party, by William Rusher," review for Conservative Digest, 1975
BOX 306 "Man Must Also Conquer Inner Space--the Ocean," Arizona Republic, July 5, 1963; reprinted as "We Race to the Moon . . . Why Not to the Ocean Floor?" New York Journal American, July 7, 1963
"The Man Who Has Almost Everything," New York Herald Tribune, 1964
"Marines and the American Spirit," for New York Detachment of the Marine Corps League, 1943
[Marine Corps 170th anniversary], Nov. 4, 1945
"Marriage Is a Career," Today's Woman, 1946
"Mass in English?" Catholic World, undated
"The Mavericks of Western Politics," Los Angeles Times WEST Magazine, June 4, 1967
"Meandering Memo on Women in Business," circa 1934
"Media Hypocritical on South Vietnam," Honolulu Advertiser, May 15, 1975
"Memo on Sex and the Adversary Culture," circa 1977
"Message from France," Dec. 2, 1943
"The Message of the Fourth," Reader's Digest, July 1976
"Minority Leadership," Young Republican Magazine, circa 1944
"Mobilize Will," Washington Star, Feb. 10, 1980
"More about Majorca," circa 1934
"More Shot at Than Shooting: Mrs. Luce about Goldwater," New York Herald Tribune, July 12, 1964; unidentified reprint
"More Thoughts on the Bottomless Society," New York Herald Tribune, 1964
"Mormon's Negro Stand Would Hurt Romney," New York Herald Tribune, Sept. 1, 1963
"The Moscow Peace Package," Washington Report, Mar. 1977
"Most Unforgettable Character I Ever Met," (revised from "Deed Without Name"), Reader's Digest, circa 1942
"Mrs. Luce Asks the Candidates Some Questions," New York Herald Tribune, Mar. 22, 1964
"Mrs. Luce Comes Out for Everything--The Presidential Prospect's Practically Perfect Platform," New York World Telegram, Mar. 4, 1964
"My Answer to the Question, `Where Do You Stand on the Negro Problem?'" Today's Woman, July 1946
"My India, My America," book review, circa 1941
"My Ten Favorite Plays," Theatre Arts, Sept. 1956
"Mystery of Our China Policy," Plain Talk, July 1945
[National Theater Conference], 1964
"The Need for Prayer," circa 1946
"Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman," (Robert F. Kennedy as possible vice presidential candidate), 1964
[New Left activism and college demonstrations], Nov. 10, 1970
"The Next 25 Years: Predictions for 1987," Look, Jan. 16, 1962
"No Pay, No Vote?" New York Herald Tribune[?], Aug. 9, 1964
"Notes from a Diver's Diary," Jubilee, Oct. 1957
"Now Time Grows Short for U.S. Following Invasion of Afghanistan," Washington Star, Feb. 27, 1980
"Nuclear War--comments on a paper by Dr. Osgood," for Sidney Cohen [1910- ], 1961
BOX 307 "Of Men and Monuments," North American News Alliance, 1963
"Oil and Grain as Weapons," Honolulu Star-Bulletin, May 24, 1979
"The Oil Crisis," 1973
"On Hawaii," unidentified magazine clipping, Jan./Feb. 1966
"On Israel's Case: What The Times Thought Unfit for Paper to Print," Jewish Week - American Examiner, Feb. 1979[?]
"Only Women Have Babies," National Review, July 7, 1978; "One Woman's Voice," release, Aug. 26, 1978
"Our Atomic Homework," Today's Woman, 1946
"Our Films Back French View of Unreliable U.S.," New York Herald Tribune, Apr. 26, 1964
"Our Future Relations with Russia," Catholic Courier, 1945
"Our Women Have Courage to Face Realities," Philadelphia Inquirer, Oct. 18, 1942
"The Pacific Century," introductory essay for first issue of Pacific Century, circa 1946
"Pagan Street Scenes in America," New York Herald Tribune, 1964
"Pastor and Patriot," Francis Cardinal Spellman: Twenty Five Years, Archbishop of New York, [commemorative booklet], 1964
"Peace in Our Time," unidentified clipping, June 18, 1945
"The People Are King. In a Democracy Followship, Not Leadership, Is the Name of the Game," Skeptic, Oct. 1976
"Philippines: Asset or Liability," The University of Chicago Round Table, Nov. 16, 1941
"Piece of Our Mind," [Woman of the Week: soprano Kirsten Flagstad] by Clare Boothe [Luce] and Eve Garrette, 1945
"Pilgrim in Rome," Cross and Crown, June 1950 (initial title, "The Mass the Mother and the Machine," 1950)
(4 folders)
"Politics and the Media," for panel discussion, Chicago Friday Club, 1984
"`Pop Clock' for Hawaii," Honolulu Advertiser, Feb. 7, 1978
"A Postscript for the Prejudiced," From the Housetops, 1948
[Postwar planning], Look, 1943
"Postwar Women Want to Work," American Weekly, 1945
"Prescription for America: A New Policy of Containment," American Views, June 7, 1976
BOX 308 [Presidential convention reports], for United Features Syndicate, 1948
"Press Shouldn't Run Porn Film Ads," Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Sept. 24, 1977
"Princess Barbara Marie Antoinette of America," circa 1934
"Prisoner Ransom a Kennedy Bail-Out?" Chicago's American, Oct. 13, 1962; also printed as "Linking Politics, Cuba Talks Wrong," Tulsa Tribune, Oct. 13, 1962
"Private Papers of a Cub Congressman: The Way Walter Winchell Would Write His Column If He Were a Republican, Instead of a New Dealer," Daily Mirror, Aug. 30-31, 1944
"The Problem of the Greed for Power Among the Nations," for Institute of All Nations, 1974
"Project Apollo--Second Thoughts about the Man on the Moon," Sept. 11, 1963
"Psychology of Artists, Art," fragment, circa 1966
"The Quality of Greatness," 1949-1950
"Rape: One of the Fastest Growing Crimes in America," One Woman's Voice, release copy, July 17, 1976
"The Real Killers in Vietnam," New York Journal American, Nov. 6, 1963
"The 'Real' Reason," McCall's, three parts, Feb.-Apr. 1947
(1 folder)
BOX 309 (8 folders)
"A Reappraisal of U.S. Foreign Policy," Washington Report, Aug. 1975
"Red Declaration of Independence in Italy Is Bombshell, Says Mrs. Luce," New York Herald Tribune, Sept. 13, 1964
"Refugees and Guilt," New York Times, May 11, 1975
Religion and Sexism: Images of Woman in the Jewish and Christian Traditions, edited by Rosemary R. Reuther, New York Times Book Review, undated
"A Report for H.R.L. on a Journalistic Mission," Feb. 1942
"Retention of Nuclear Arms Urged," Honolulu Advertiser, Feb. 9, 1977
"The Right Priest," Information, Dec. 1947
Road to Peace and Freedom, by Irving Brant, Chicago Daily News, 1943
"Rome Remembered," New Book Review, circa 1968
"Russian Atomic Power and the Lost American Revolution," 1954
"The Saga of the People's Al," Catholic Digest, May 1946; reprinted from Vanity Fair, Dec. 1932
"Science: Truth and Nonsense," Skeptic, Jan. 1974
"The Secret of the New China," Churchman, July 1941
BOX 310 "Semantics of Detente," circa 1975
"Semantics of Semitism: The Case of Brother Daniel," 1963
"Should Prostitution Be Legalized?" One Woman's Voice, release copy, Sept. 21, 1974
"The Significance of Squeaky Fromme," Wall Street Journal, Sept. 24, 1975
"Sincerity," From the Housetops, Mar. 1948
"Social Justice and the Hungry Billions," National Review, 1974
"Social Welfare Frankenstein," Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Sept. 30, 1975
"A Soliloquy," [Hamlet-Nixon parody], New York Times, Jan. 11, 1974
"Sono Stata Promossa Da Anguilla a Delfino," Gente, Dec. 4, 1957
"An SOS for a `Lost Constituency,'" Wall Street Journal, June 9, 1975
"St. Francis Xavier--Then and Now," unidentified offprint, circa 1952
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