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Literary File, 1919-1987 (continued)
Texts, 1919-1987 (continued)
Articles, Essays, Reviews, and Commentary, 1928-1986 (continued)
"The Secret of the New China," Churchman, July 1941
BOX 310 "Semantics of Detente," circa 1975
"Semantics of Semitism: The Case of Brother Daniel," 1963
"Should Prostitution Be Legalized?" One Woman's Voice, release copy, Sept. 21, 1974
"The Significance of Squeaky Fromme," Wall Street Journal, Sept. 24, 1975
"Sincerity," From the Housetops, Mar. 1948
"Social Justice and the Hungry Billions," National Review, 1974
"Social Welfare Frankenstein," Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Sept. 30, 1975
"A Soliloquy," [Hamlet-Nixon parody], New York Times, Jan. 11, 1974
"Sono Stata Promossa Da Anguilla a Delfino," Gente, Dec. 4, 1957
"An SOS for a `Lost Constituency,'" Wall Street Journal, June 9, 1975
"St. Francis Xavier--Then and Now," unidentified offprint, circa 1952
[Statement about Newman Clubs], July 1958
[Statement about water fluoridation], McCall's, Sept. 1962; for the American Dental Association, 1962
[Statement for Easter Seals Drive], 1959
[Statement, loyalty to the Republican party], Oct. 4, 1960
"Stump the Experts," circa 1946
"Summit Meeting or Surrender," New York Herald Tribune, 1964
"Szechuan, China," 1944
[Taxation], The Beacon, Women's Republican Club of Dade County, Fla., 1943
"Tears for the Grand Old Party," National Review, June 30, 1964
[Teheran Conference], Office of War Information, Dec. 7, 1943
"Thailand and the Resource War," Mar. 31, 1981
"Thailand's New Equation on National Security," U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, 1982
BOX 311 "Thanksgiving," New York World Telegram, Nov. 25, 1959
[Theatrical reviews], circa 1929
"Third Term for Fear," Liberty Magazine, 1940
"Third World Strains on United Nations," Honolulu Advertiser, Jan. 30, 1975
"This World of Ours," unidentified clipping, circa 1934
"Thought Has No Sex," Today's Woman, 1946
"Thoughts on Convert Making," Techniques for Convert-Makers, monthly release, Paulist League, Nov. 1947
"Thoughts on Mexico," Vogue, Aug. 15, 1950 See also Container 304, "Land of the Dark Madonna"
"Tito: Capitalism's Fellow-Traveler," Hall Syndicate, 1957
"To Seminarians," The Forum, supplement May-June 1947
"The Travels of Paul VI," New York Herald Tribune, Jan. 26, 1964
"The Trend Away from Democracy," Skeptic, 1975
"Twentieth Century Woman--Free at Last?" Saturday Review/World, Aug. 24, 1974
"Twin Brothers of the Hitler Nightmare," Today's World, Sept. 1946
"Two Books on Abortion," National Review, circa Jan. 1971
"Two Doctrines of War," Strategic Review, Spring 1977
"Under the Fig Tree," 1949[?]
"Underwater Adventure," Family Circle, Apr. 1, 1958; reprint, Family Digest, undated
"Unforgettable Bill Benton," Reader's Digest, Jan. 1975
"The Unmysterious East," Life, 1941
"Urban Catastrophe," Mountain States Architecture, Dec. 1965
"Ultimatum to the UN: Israel and the Arab Godfather," National Review, Jan. 31, 1975
"U.S. General Stilwell Commands Chinese on Burma Front," Life, Apr. 27, 1942
"The U.S. Needs the South," circa 1944
"U.S. Policy Blind and Confused. Blind," Washington Star, Jan. 21, 1979
"U.S.S.R. Real Winner in U.S. Loss of Iran," Honolulu Advertiser, Feb. 17, 1979; reprinted as "Russia the Real Winner . . ., Manchester New Hampshire Union Leader, Mar. 6, 1979
"The Valor of Homer Lea," Saturday Evening Post, 1941
"Victor Belongs to the Spoils," National Review, Nov. 15, 1966
"The Victorious South," Vogue, June 1, 1937
BOX 312 "Victory Is a Woman," Woman's Home Companion, Nov. 1943
[Vietnam], unidentified clipping, New York Herald Tribune syndicate, Aug. 16, 1964
"Vietnam: The Hidden Issue," American Views, 1976
"Vote for Roosevelt or Dewey? Dewey," Negro Digest, Oct. 1944
"Wallace's Appeal Termed Republicans' Death-Knell," Wall Street Journal, June 9, 1975; reprint, State-Times, Baton Rouge, La., July 2 1975
[War effort], Hartford Courant, 1943
"War, Peace, and Leaders," [ New York Times?], circa 1932
"We Race to the Moon--Why Not to the Ocean Floor?" New York Journal American, July 7, 1963
"What American Soldiers Should Know about China," June 1, 1944
"What Are American Women Thinking About the War?" Daily Mail, circa 1940
"What Did He Really Say?" Arizona Republic, May 21, 1961
"What Good Friday Means to Me," New York Times Herald, 1946
"What I Like about Women," This Week Magazine, Aug. 31, 1941
"What Men Don't Know about Women," for McCall's, Feb. 29, 1972
"What One Woman Can Do," [May-ling Soong Chiang], This Week Magazine, July 26, 1942
"What Price Automobiles?" 1963
"What Price the Philippines?" Vogue, Jan. 1, 1942
"What Really Killed Marilyn Monroe? The Love Goddess Who Never Found Any Love," Life, Aug. 7, 1964; reprint, Reader's Digest, 1970
"What the Cold War Really Is," The Sign, June 1949; "What the Cold War Really Means," The Sign, June 1971
"What Will Happen in the 1944 National Elections?" Look, 1943
"Whatever Happened to the American Century?" Strategic Review, Winter 1976
"What's Happening to American Values? A Conversation with Clare Boothe Luce," U.S. News and World Report, June 24, 1976
"What's Right with America?" National Enquirer, 1974
"When Leading Americans Peer Into the Future . . . `If Present Social Trends Continue, Democracy Is Bound to Collapse'" U.S. News and World Report, July 5, 1976
"The White Magic of Tony Duquette," Architectural Digest, Jan./Feb. 1972
"Who's Baby Is 'Oo?" circa 1934
"Who's Zoo Is Asia," for Leonard Lyons guest column, circa 1943
"Why I Am a Republican," Campaign News, Women's National Republican Club, Sept. 1956
"Why Study Latin? Connecticut Leaders Reply," The Connecticut Classical Association, circa 1950s
"Why the Chinese Fight," The China Monthly, 1943
"Why Tokyo Is Not in Ruins," CBL and Henry Reilly, New York Sun, 1942
"Why We Don't Like People," circa 1934
"Why We Should Elect Eisenhower," The Loomis Log, Sept. 26, 1952
"Will It Take the Wringer of Depression to Halt Raids on Treasury?" Honolulu Advertiser, June 22, 1978; reprint "Depression Needed?" Manchester New Hampshire Union Leader, Aug. 3, 1978
BOX 313 "Wings Over China," Life, Sept. 8, 1941
"Wings Over Majorca," circa 1934
"Without Portfolio" ( McCall's magazine columns)
(4 folders)
BOX 314 1964-1967
(3 folders)
Correspondence, 1959, 1966-1968
Drafts, 1963-1967, undated
Index, 1960-1966
"Language Question," drafts and notes, 1965
Press commentary, 1960
Research, 1963, undated
"Woman: A Technological Castaway," 1973 Britannica Book of the Year.
"Woman's Place on the Payroll: 15,000,000 Women Want Peacetime Jobs; Does This Mean You?" American Weekly, Nov. 25, 1945
[Women], essay fragments, circa 1945-1950
"Women and Success," Bulletin of the Baldwin School, Sept. 1974; reprint, Reader's Digest, Apr. 1975
[Women and the war effort], Maryland Club Woman, 1944
"Women at the Peace Table," circa 1945
"Women Can Win the Peace," Chatelaine, Feb. 1944
BOX 315 [Women in politics], New York Journal American, 1944
[World food supply], June 1975
"The World War--Freedom or Slavery?" Daily Mail, 1942
"The World We Want to Live In," for the National Conference of Christians and Jews, circa 1942
"Your Letters May Win the Peace," Look, Nov. 23, 1948
"Youth's Crime: Some Notes on the Subject of William Pitt," New York American, Aug. 3, 1934
BOX 315 Journals and Notebooks, circa 1944-1970
Jottings of ideas for articles, books, and plays with notes on quotations and sources.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 315 circa 1944, 1949, 1957-1970s, undated
(7 folders)
BOX 315 Memoirs, 1935-circa 1960
Manuscript of an incomplete unpublished memoir, a notebook concerning Luce's ambassadorship to Italy, and other notes.
Arranged alphabetically by title or type of material and therein chronologically.
BOX 315 "Autobiography and Reno Notes," 1935
"Draft chapters for autobiography" [Catholic essays and notes], circa 1960s
(4 folders)
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