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Literary File, 1919-1987 (continued)
Texts, 1919-1987 (continued)
Nonfiction Books, Pamphlets, and Proposals, 1940-1977 (continued)
BOX 321 The Valor of Homer Lea. New York and London: Harper & Brothers, 1942. For additional material see Container 300, "Ever Hear of Homer Lea?" and Container 327, "General Homer Lea"
"The Wasp and the Tarantula: A Footnote on Drama and History"
Drafts, 1962
Informal address, Taliesen West, Ariz., 1963
Notes, 1962
BOX 321-325 Novels and Short Stories, 1919-1964
Clippings, drafts, outlines, and notes.
Arranged alphabetically by title and therein chronologically.
BOX 321 "Al the Advertising Man," partial draft, undated
"Balmy Bea," 1961
BOX 322 "The Double Bind," circa 1960
(2 folders)
"Joan's Third Party," partial draft, circa 1932
"The Little Dip," circa 1960
"The Long Retreat," outline, undated
"The Long Snorkel," Sports Illustrated, May 22, 1961; reprinted in Skin Diver Magazine, June 1962
(12 folders)
"The Mephistophelean Curl," circa 1919
"Mr. and Mrs. Squibb," circa 1930
"Money Isn't Everything," 1928[?]
"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished," circa 1960
"Portrait of a Fashionable Painter," Vanity Fair, Feb. 1931
"Portrait of a Young Man," circa 1930
"Priscilla Parkington," 1964
"A Quotation for Spring," by Julian Jerome (CBL), circa 1930
"Shark Rock Mission," 1958-1960 (initially titled, "Memoirs of T. Parking Quinn") For additional material see same container, "Priscilla Parkington," and Container 327, "The Diplomat"
(1 folder)
BOX 323 (14 folders)
BOX 324 (9 folders)
BOX 325 (5 folders)
"Temptation in Tivoli," 1962-1963
"The Thing Could Never Be," by Renee Marks (CBL), circa 1932
"This My Hand," 1929
"The Tree Sisters," incomplete
"Trial by Telephone," by Julian Jerome (CBL), circa 1930
"The Wonderful Cook and Butler," 1960-1962
BOX 325-339 Plays, 1919-1980
Acting scripts, drafts, storylines, synopses, outlines, and notes.
Arranged alphabetically by title and therein chronologically.
BOX 325 "Abide with Me," circa 1934-1935
(3 folders)
"An American Story," [1934]
"Balance of Power: A Political Extravaganza in a Prologue and Three Acts," synopsis, with John Gunther (1901-1970), [1943]
Candida, (Luce adaptation), Stamford, Conn., production, 1945
BOX 326 Child of the Morning, 1951
(4 folders)
Come to the Stable, 1949
BOX 327 Danae, notes, circa 1935
"Der Dummkopf," 1939
"The Diplomat" and "The Diplomatic Detective," pilot scripts for "The Diplomat" television series, 1958-1960
"Entirely Irregular: A Comedy in Three Acts, or The Late Martin Broom," by Clare Brokaw and Austin Page, circa 1924
"Forever in the Garden," circa 1920s
"The 400 Million" (Soong Family-China), 1943
(4 folders)
"The Frying Pan Is Nicer," synopsis, [1940]
"The Gaiety of Nations," circa 1934 (drafts variously titled "The Ant Palace" and "Come the Restoration")
(4 folders)
"General Homer Lea," storyline for a film by Clare Boothe and Elizabeth Cobb, 1941
"Happy Marriage," 1943-1948 (initially titled, "Snow in Summer," with Helen Hull)
(3 folders)
BOX 328 (8 folders)
"Heaven Can Be Had (or the Paradise Makers)," outline for screenplay, 1951
"The King's Bastard," outline, circa 1930s
Kiss the Boys Goodbye
Dramatists Play Service edition, circa 1950
Notes and fragments, 1938
Preface for Random House edition, 1939
Script, Henry Miller Theater, New York, N.Y., Antoinette Perry, director, 1939
[Liliuokalani], notes and research material, undated
"The Lily-Maid," May 1919
"The Lion in the House" synopsis, Clare Boothe and William Hale, and notes for rewrite, 1940, circa 1960s
BOX 329 "Love Is a Verb" (drafts variously titled "Passion Inc." and "Dog in the Manger, I Love You," circa 1939; "Shoot with a Broom," with Alexander King, 1940; "Yohimbee Tree," with Alexander King, 1940-1941; "Willing Heart" and "White Mischief," 1941; "Love Is a Verb," 1943, 1950-1960, 1962; "Yohimbee Tree," 1960)
(10 folders)
BOX 330 1941-1943, 1950
(10 folders)
BOX 331 1950-1953
(10 folders)
BOX 332 1953-1958
(11 folders)
BOX 333 1958-1962
(10 folders)
BOX 334 1962, undated
(2 folders)
"Madame Minister," with Marquis William Childs, 1939
"The Man in the Rowboat," outline and notes, 1944[?]
"The Man Who Knew How to Die," circa 1919
Margin for Error
Drafts, 1939
(6 folders)
Dramatists Play Service edition, 1940
Random House edition, 1940
(4 folders)
Script, Plymouth Theater, New York, N.Y., 1939
BOX 335 "Married from Home," circa 1939-1952
(7 folders)
"The Medal of Honor," circa 1930
[Murder mystery], outline and character list, circa 1960s
"O, Pyramids," 1933-1937 (drafts variously titled: "Sentinel, Ohio," by Elmer Throttlebottom (CBL), 1933; and "O, Pyramids," by John Grace (CBL) with comments by George S. Kaufman, circa 1937)
"On Cracow Location," outline and notes, circa 1941
"Playlet," draft of one-act play, 1974
"Plum-Blossoms," circa 1920
"The Pigeons," 1963-1964, 1982
(2 folders)
BOX 336 (8 folders)
"Pilate's Wife," 1950-1951
(3 folders)
BOX 337 (2 folders)
"The Rape of Jennifer Crane," outline and notes, circa 1950s
"The Sacred Cow," by Clare Boothe Brokaw and Paul Gallico, circa 1933
"Saint Anthony and the Gambler," stepline for a screenplay, 1949
BOX 338 "Saint Francis in Manhattan," synopsis for a ballet, [1950]
"Screwtape Letters," storyline and notes, 1948
(4 folders)
"Six from Coventry," proposal for screenplay, 1941
Slam the Door Softly
Drafts, 1970
(2 folders)
Script, Dramatists Play Service, 1971
"Social Cavalcade, or Life among the Upper Crusters--Or How the Upper Half Lives . . . ," proposed scripts for radio show to be sponsored by Junis Cream Facial Moisturizer, 1934
"The Stars Shine Twice," synopsis, circa 1940s
"S.S. Reno," fragment, circa 1930
The Women
circa 1936, draft synopsis of perfume counter scene
circa 1936 draft
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