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Henry Robinson Luce papers, 1917-1967

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BOX 70-83 Speeches and Writings File, 1928-1967
Speeches and articles with related correspondence and attachments, drafts and final copies of speeches, and memoirs and notes.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 70 Chronological file
1928-1967, index to speeches and articles
1928-1945, miscellaneous speeches and notes
1933, “Indispensable Men,” University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.
1936, “Education and Aristocracy,” University of Chattanooga, Chattanooga, Tenn.
1937, “When I was in college . . . ,” Yale Club, Montclair, N.J.
1939, “Education As an Inheritance,” Haverford School Alumni
1940, foreword to Why England Slept, John F. Kennedy
Mar., “Since the Constitution . . . ,” China Colleges luncheon
“I'm glad as always . . . ,” Advertising Club, Cleveland, Ohio
“Most news travels . . . ,” Book and Author luncheon
“At the outset . . . ,” Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, Calif.
“A few weeks . . . ,” United China Relief Dinner, New York, N.Y.
“My trip to China . . . ,” United China Relief Dinner, Chicago, Ill.
BOX 71 “One year ago . . . ,” Radio WABC and network
“Writing during the last . . . ,” Brooks School Prize Day
“May I at the outset . . . ,” Buffalo Museum, Buffalo, N.Y.
“The Future,” New York Junior League
“I am particularly . . . ,” Automobile Manufacturers
“Many Americans are . . . ,” New York Presbytery
“Most of you seem . . . ,” Sunday Breakfast Club
“One of the most . . . ,” Foreign Policy Association
Dec., “One of the most . . . ,” United China Relief Dinner, Los Angeles, Calif.
Feb., “Writing during the last . . . ,” Yale Daily News dinner
Apr., “Just a year ago . . . ,” Chamber of Commerce, Rochester, N.Y.
May, “Some weeks ago . . . ,” Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa
Dec., “For at least two years . . . ,” St. Thomas Church, New York, N.Y.
“Any of us who . . . ,” United War Fund Campaign
Remarks, YMCA Council and Board
June, “There is one question . . . ,” commencement address, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
BOX 72 1944
Mar., “In his book . . . ,” Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York, N.Y.
June, “A New Measure of Patriotism,” YMCA dinner
“The Human Situation,” Stanford University, Stanford, Calif.
“I hope you are . . . ,” China-American Council dinner
Dec., “The World's Need for a Church,” Immanuel Congregational Church, Hartford, Conn.
Feb., “The Ethical Problems Facing America,” Duke University, Durham, N.C.
Sept., “The Christianity of the Missionary,” San Francisco Opera House, San Francisco, Calif.
1946-1947, miscellaneous speeches and notes
Jan. “The Church,” Church Federation of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.
Feb., “Ministers of the Gospel . . . ,” New York State Pastors
BOX 73 Mar., “The New Age of the Church,” The Christian Century
Foreword, How the Church Grows, Roy A. Burkhart
Speech notes, YMCA Fund luncheon
June, speech notes, Friendship House, Scranton, Pa.
“In the last few years . . . ,” Interracial Fellowship Meeting
“One Sunday last winter . . . ,” Union Theological Seminary Alumni
Sept., “If I have any . . . ,” Colgate University, Colgate, N.Y.
Broadcast, “Voice of America”
“Christian Responsibility,” United Council of Church Women
Dec., “I owe you thanks . . . ,” Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va.
Mar., remarks, interdenominational group
Nov., remarks, Laymen's Movement
Dec., “Every now and again . . . ,” Interseminary Conference
Feb., “The Guide to Peace,” National Conference of Christians and Jews
BOX 74 Mar., “One of the most . . . ,” United Congregational Church, Bridgeport, Conn.
“Two months ago . . . ,” St. George's Society, New York, N.Y.
“We heard this morning . . .” (Justice Holmes speech), American Bar Association
Oct., “An invitation to come . . . ,” College of Idaho, Caldwell, Idaho
Dec., “Religions in America Today,” National Conference of Christians and Jews Brotherhood Dinner
BOX 75 1952
“Members of the class . . . ,” Lafayette College, Easton, Pa.
“Victory through Law,”American Bar Association
“Victory through Law,” Pennsylvania Bar Association
“The University As Prophet,” inauguration ceremony, Trinity College, San Antonio, Tex.
“I want to talk to you . . . ,” Michigan Bar Association
Nov., “The Mind of the Church,” Christian Church Dinner
Jan., remarks, American Friends of the Middle East
Apr., “Peace in Our Time,” Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York, N.Y.
June, “The Great Liberal Tradition,” Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa.
Nov., “The American Proposition,” International University for Social Studies (Pro Deo), Rome, Italy
Apr., remarks, Presbyterian Men's Club, Rye, N.Y.
BOX 76 May, “Representative Men,” Yale Alumni, Cleveland, Ohio
June, “The Adventure of Ideas,” Occidental College, Los Angeles, Calif.
“The Public Philosophy and the Spirit of Geneva,” St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo.
Remarks, Yale Club, New York, N.Y.
June, speech notes, Jewish Theological Seminary luncheon
Oct., “Peace Is the Work of Justice,” Connecticut Bar Association
(2 folders)
Mar., “God of Our Fathers,” Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, Ill.
BOX 77 Sept., “A Big Year for the Law,” Indiana Bar Association
Oct., “A Big Year for the Law,” Nebraska Bar Association
Nov., “God in His Church,” Westminster Presbyterian Church, Scranton, Pa.
Jan., “A journalist has . . . ,” University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.
Apr., “It is a great joy . . . ,” Yale Daily News Eightieth Anniversary Dinner
Sept., “The Meaning of the Rule of Law,” Missouri Bar Association
Feb., “The Way of the Law,” Fellows of the American Bar
Apr., “Three weeks ago . . . ,” International Chamber of Commerce
BOX 78 1961
Feb., speech notes, Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York, N.Y.
Mar., speech notes, Junior Bar Association
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