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Confederate States of America records, 1854-1889

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Department of State, 1859-1868 (continued)
Public Office File, 1861-1865 (continued)
BOX 46 REEL 23 * List of applications for appointments, undated
Digital content available
BOX 46 REEL 23 * Applications for appointments, 1861-1862
BOX 46 REEL 24 * Applications for appointments, 1862-1865
Digital content available
BOX 46 REEL 24 * Senate confirmation of appointments, 1861-1865
BOX 47 REEL 25 * Correspondence relating to appointments, 1861-1865
Digital content available
Oaths of office, 1861-1865
Letters of resignation, 1861-1864
BOX 48-49 REEL 26 * Miscellany, 1859-1864
An address book, orders, resolutions, copyrights, prisoner exchange records, memoranda, printed forms, and miscellaneous material relating to Fort Sumter, S.C., foreign loans, Indian affairs, and Lord John Russell.
Arranged by subject.
Access to digital content is provided for each reel. Note that in some cases, multiple series or subseries may appear on a single reel.
BOX 48 REEL 26 * General
Digital content available
Address of the London Peace Society, London, England, to the people of the United States
Correspondence, 1859-1864
Books ordered by the State Department
Congressonal resolutions
Copyright records
Evacuation of Fort Sumter, S.C.
Anderson, Robert
Beauregard, G. T.
Campbell, John A.
Lincoln, Abraham
Exchange of prisoners
Foreign loans
Erlanger & Co.
Slidell, John
Indian affairs
Miscellaneous correspondents
Russell, John Russell, Earl (copies)
Secretary of state
Memoranda, 1863-1864
Cast-iron guns
Economic matters in Europe
Cost of armaments in France
Notes relating to printed forms
BOX 49Not filmed Printed forms, 1861-1865
BOX 50-52 REEL 27-28 Newspaper Clippings, 1860-1864
Clippings from Confederate, Union, and foreign newspapers.
Arranged, where possible, by country and by newspaper therein.
Access to digital content is provided for each reel. Note that in some cases, multiple series or subseries may appear on a single reel.
BOX 50 REEL 27 * Southern U. S.
Digital content available
Northern U. S.
BOX 51 REEL 28 * France
Digital content available
1 of 3
2 of 3
3 of 3
BOX 52 REEL 28 * Great Britain
BOX 53-65 REEL 29-35 James Wolcott Wadsworth Collection, 1861-1865
Correspondence of Department of State officials with commissioners, other officials, and agents, generally in foreign countries. This series largely duplicates material in the Diplomatic Missions and the Consular and Other Missions subseries.
Arranged by locality and chronologically therein.
Access to digital content is provided for each reel. Note that in some cases, multiple series or subseries may appear on a single reel.
BOX 53 REEL 29 * Correspondence with foreign agents
Digital content available
London, England
1861-1864 , James M. Mason
BOX 54 REEL 29 * 1862-1864 , Henry Hotze
BOX 55A REEL 30 * Paris, France, John Slidell
Digital content available
BOX 55B REEL 30 * 1863-1864
BOX 56 REEL 31 * 1862-1864
Digital content available
BOX 57 REEL 31 * Belgium, 1862-1864 , Dudley A. Mann
BOX 58 REEL 32 * Mexico
Digital content available
1861-1864 , John A. Quintero
BOX 59 REEL 32 * 1861-1865
Avengo, Bernard
Fitzpatrick, Richard
LaSere, Emile
Pickett, John T.
Preston, William
Rieken, Charles
BOX 60 REEL 33 * Miscellaneous agents, 1861-1864
Digital content available
Avengo, Bernard
DeLeon, Edwin
Dowling, Robert
Fitzpatrick, Richard
Helm, Charles J.
Hotze, Henry
Lynch, P. N.
Mason, James M.
Preston, William
Quintero, John A.
Rost, Pierre A.
Walker, Norman J.
BOX 61 REEL 33 * Foreign countries, 1861-1864
Great Britain
BOX 62 REEL 34 * Canada
Digital content available
BOX 63 REEL 34 * Extracts from letterbooks, 1861-1865
Benjamin, Judah P.
Clay, Clement C.
Dawson, George
Helm, Charles J.
Heyliger, Lewis
Holcombe, James P.
Maury, Dabney
Maxwell, A. E.
Thompson, Jacob
BOX 64 REEL 35 * Miscellany, 1861
Digital content available
Washington commissions
Fort Sumter, S.C., negotiations
BOX 65 REEL 35 * Department of the Navy, 1861-1863
Mallory, Stephen R.
Semmes, Raphael
BOX 66-73 REEL 35-36 Executive and Legislative Branches of the Confederacy, 1861-1865
Correspondence, messages, proclamations by Jefferson Davis, lists, memoranda, and acts and resolutions of the Confederate congress.
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