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John Ciardi papers, 1910-1997

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BOX I:1-3 Part I: Writings, 1957-1969
Drafts, proofs, and printed versions of articles, books, columns, essays, and poems.
Arranged alphabetically by type of writing, then alphabetically by title and type of material and chronologically therein. Articles, columns, essays, and poems lacking titles are alphabetized by their first line enclosed in brackets.
BOX I: 1 Articles and essays
“Angel-Fluffs, Savages, and Dispensable Adults,” undated “Between Two Stones,” undated
“Charles Van Doren – Exit a Symbol,” 1959, undated
“Dear Perhaps World,” undated
“Epitaph for the Beat Generation,” circa 1960
“Jim Crow Is Treason,” 1960, undated For additional material see Container I:3, Alabama Education Association
“Literature Undefended,” 1959
“On Tolerance and Enshrined Ideas,” undated
“On Writing Children's Poems,” 1961
“Out of the Rathole,” undated
“The Poem in Motion,” Encyclopaedia Britannica film script, 1966
“Poetry Is for Pleasure,” 1960
“Poetry Is (per)Form(ance),” 1957
“The Sound a Mind Makes,” 1962-1963
“State of the Nation: 1990,” undated
“This Year's Girls,” 1958
Unidentified fragments, undated
The Divine Comedy, Paradiso by Dante Alighieri, translation, cantos III, VIII-IX, XXV-XXXIII, notes and drafts, undated
I Marry You, A Sheaf of Love Poems, draft and author's proofs, 1958, undated
I Met a Man, draft, incomplete, undated
The Monster Den or Look What Happened at My House – And to It, draft and author's proofs, 1966, undated
You Read to Me, I'll Read to You, draft and author's proofs, 1962, undated
BOX I: 2 Columns
Saturday Review, “Manner of Speaking”
“Birth Control: Theology vs. Humanism,” circa 1968
[A Board of Education is a mighty instrument...], undated
“The Book Banners” See Container I:3, Censorship, authority, and the Catholic church
“The Case of the Happy Plagiarist” See Container I:3, Plagiarism
“Cases of Conscience” See Container I:3, Council, James T.
“Children's Corner: About the Blabberhead, undated For additional material see Container III:17, “About the Blabber-head”
“Children's Poetry,” undated
“Confessions and Vengeances,” circa 1969
“Confessions of a Crackpot,” undated
“Dear N,” circa 1969
“Dear Reader” See Container I:3, Alabama Education Association
“Duel of Honor,” undated
“The Editors Regret,” circa 1965
[Every editor, I suppose, is beset by letters from students...], undated
“A Frenzy without a Face,” undated
[I began college teaching as an instructor...], undated
“In the Stoneworks,” undated
“Innocence and Other Drugs,” undated
“Is Everybody Happy?” circa 1964
“Lip Thinking,” undated
“Mailbag” (first line “I don't think I ever really believed...”), undated
“Memorials, Yes! This One, No,” circa 1964
“The Middle Drawer,” circa 1964
“Miss Myra and Small Benn and John L. – Those Three,” poem, circa 1963 See also Container III:17, “And Here's What Happened Next or Those Three”
“The Monster Den,” circa 1964
“Notes from the Monster Den,” circa 1963
“Of Onomastics, Foibles, and Mercy,” 1963, undated
“Para Derest,” undated
“Poetry and Definition,” undated
“A Praise of Good Teachers,” circa 1961
“Sequel to Alabama” See Container I:3, Alabama Education Association
“Sports Fever and Fevered Sports,” undated
“Teach Them Tongues (If You Can),” 1962
“Theodore Roethke: A Passion and a Maker,” circa 1963
“These People,” undated
“Tropic of Cancer” See Container I:3, Censorship
“Venus, Adonis, and Incipient Geriatrics,” undated
“What Is a Dictionary?” circa 1969
“When Do They Know Too Much?” circa 1963
Limericks, undated
“About Being High-Hatted,” undated
“About, Probably, Fox Bunions,” undated
“About Rivers and Toes,” undated
“Ah, John,” undated
[An aliquod seen in the dark], undated
“America,” undated
“And Now Go to Sleep,” undated
“The Answer,” undated
“At Night,” undated
“The Benefits of an Education,” undated
“The Buffalo,” undated
[By time and after, where the dead lay charred], undated
[The catalpa's white week is ending there], undated
“Conversation at the Beach,” undated
“A Crow's Long Scratch of Sound,” 1964
“A Damnation of Pigeons,” undated
“Diet,” undated
“Dig Fast or Don't Dig at All,” undated
[Everyone, I'm sure, has heard], undated
“Exigesis [sic] of an Allegorical Text,” undated
“A Five Year Step,” undated
“For John L.,” undated
“Four Things to Note about a Goat,” undated
“Friendship,” undated
[A frog on a log by a lake], undated
“From the Beating End of the Stethoscope,” undated
“Galileo and the Laws,” undated
“The Gallywumpus,” undated
“The Gold Slug,” undated
[He said there was a Flubbersnack], undated
“Hearsay Has It Auntie Is Coming to Dinner,” undated
[Here's Benn's uniform. Look at that shoe!], undated
“History Is What a Man Does,” undated
BOX I: 3 I-J
[I don't know you], undated
[I met a polar bear among the floes], undated
[I picked a dream out of my head], undated
[I want to tell you], undated
[I was not sleeping nor awake], undated
[I woke in Florida, late & lazy], 1963
[“If I may speak up,” said the lake], undated
[If I were a mouse], undated
[If you were a needle and I were a thread], undated
“I'll Be Glad When This One Goes Home,” undated
“Inscription for a Patriot's Tomb,” undated
“Instances Toward, Perhaps, Understanding: I. Pico della Mirandola, II. Three Borgia's,” undated
[John is wet and John is sad], undated
“Just Look at this Mess!” undated
“Last Night at My Window,” undated
“The Lesson for Tonight,” undated
[The man leaves a doorway and may return], undated
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