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Part III: Writings, 1947-1968 (continued)
“About the Blabber-head,” circa 1962
“Absence,” undated
“An Academic Homage to Cesar Borgia,” undated
“The Acrobatic Hero: Robin Hood,” circa 1948 See Container III:16, Notebook B, pp. 158-159
“Adam the Husband,” undated
“Advertisement for a Reader,” undated
“The Aerialists,” undated
[After 7 days of no-calory food], undated
“After a Fire,” undated
“After the Party,” undated
“An Afternoon in the Park,” undated
“Afternoon of a Thicket,” undated
[The agony of the white Negro], undated
[Ah, could we wake in mercy's name], undated
[Ah Ruth! Ah Youth! Oh darkening fate], undated
[Albert, much in love with Belle], undated
“The Aliquod,” undated
[All right, there is no reason for], undated
[All the pet shops were advertizing non-rabid bats], undated
“Allegiance,” undated
[Always say “Yes, Sir,” “No, Sir,” “Please”], undated
“America,” undated
[Among the more effective, though lesser known], undated
[Among the several lost generations always available], undated See Container III:16, Notebook B, pp. 41-43, 64-65
[An unknown god, half bored by his eternity], undated
“And Here's What Happened Next or Those Three,” undated
[And I want to say I am glad we met], undated
“And Now Go to Sleep,” undated
“And Off He Went As Proud As You Please,” undated
[And when you sit alone, perhaps], undated
“An Answer to My Son: Who Asked Me about a Quotation from Rilke,” undated
“Anticlimax,” undated
[Any man – God, if he had the money – ], undated
“Aquarium,” undated
“Are We through Talking, I Hope?” undated
“Arrival from Cytherian,” circa 1967
“Ars Poetica,” undated
[Arvin Marvin Lillisbee Fitch], undated
[As I rowed out to the light house], undated
“As I Was Picking a Bobble-bud,” undated
[As soon as no one is looking], undated
“As Theory Is No Tree,” undated
[Assume that all we most fear will come true], undated For additional material see same container, Notebook C, p. 135
[Astonishing, how little there is to hide], undated
[At 4:00 a.m. in jet stream between IDL], undated
[At first flower of the easy day], undated
[At first light in the shadow, over the roach], undated
[At Genoa we walked hours in the dark], undated
“At Home Invitation for My Lousy Friends,” undated
[At Madison and Twenty-third], undated
“At My Father's Grave,” undated
“At Night,” undated
[At what point, I wonder, does], undated
[B is for bombers, our national pride], undated See same container, Notebook C, p. 33
[Baby sister is small as – this], undated
“Back through the Looking Glass to This Side,” undated
“A Ballad of Teleologies,” undated
“Bashing the Babies – Easter, 1968,” undated
“Because I Only Have Two Weeks Vacation and the First Is Gone,” undated
“Bedlam Revisited,” undated For additional material see same container, Notebook C, pp. 71-75, 88-89 (first line “Nobody told me anything much. I was born”) and Container III:16, Notebook B, p. 211 (first line “I went into a store and bought some shoes”)
BOX III: 18 Bee-Bil
“Bees and Morning Glories,” undated
“Before First Light Had Reached through Mist I Woke,” undated
[Before I die, said the unemployed stonecutter], undated
[Ben Mirksy was doing especially nothing], undated
“Benn,” undated
“The Best of the Word,” undated
[The bets lie and the numbers dance], undated
[Between my right big toe and my bent], undated
[The billboard of a calendar blows away], undated See Container III:16, Notebook B, pp. 141-144
“Billy and the Wogs,” undated
“Biography,” undated
“Biography and Commentary,” undated
“Bird Song,” undated
[The bird that meant to sing became a crow], undated
[A bird with a name it does not itself], undated See same container, Notebook C, pp. 30-31
[Bird-brain took a train], undated
“Birds,” undated
“Birds, Like Thoughts,” undated
[The birds begin the jargon before light], undated
[Birds make their nests of it. They come and go], undated
“Blue,” undated
“A Book Mark,” circa 1963
“Book Review,” undated
[The books I have not read in], undated
“A Box Comes Home,” 1955
“Boy,” 1964
“Brother Chairman,” undated
“Buddy,” undated
“The Buffalo,” undated
“Bug Raid: The Hollywood Front,” undated
“By a Mountain Pool after a Swim,” undated
[By days, by dwindlings, by the ash of rage], undated
[By Raritan's waters I sat and cried], circa 1967
[By the beard of Allah, by the radiance], undated
[C is for camel. A very right beast], undated See Container III:17, Notebook C, p. 35
[Came troopers in their polished meat], undated
“Capella at My Window,” undated See Container III:16, Notebook B, p. 37
“Car Permit 3673, Wisc. E81 492,” undated
“Carving,” undated
“The Cat under the Bird Bath,” undated
“The Catalpa,” undated
[A chicken run fussed morning at one ear], undated
“The Children,” undated
“Chinatown,” undated
“A Chipmunk in Lilac Took One Look,” undated
[Chorus for a hot wet night. Starts with a buzz. Then impatiently one speaks], undated
“Christmas Greetings to the American Dream,” undated
“Citation,” undated
“Citation on Retirement,” undated
“Class B,” undated
“The Colonist,” undated
“The Colossus in Quicksand,” undated
“Come Morning,” 1961-1962
“Coming Home on the 5:22,” undated
[Consider the prayer of the Baptist turned Swami], undated
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