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Part II: Writings, 1910-1997 (continued)
“The Act of Language,” 1960 See also Container II:OV 1
“Adam and Eve and the Third Son,” 1964
[The American culture as a whole has never paid much attention to poetry], undated
“The Anger,” undated
“The Arts in 1975,” 1976
BOX II:19 Autobiographical essays
[When I was forty-five...], undated
[In Vermont, behind the house...], undated
[Truth in Advertising...], undated
[I no longer go to the world...], undated
[I had my first teaching job...], undated
[My godfather...], undated
[Long drives...], 1978
[In 1950...], undated
[A Visit], undated
[I was on Saipan...], undated
[I read galleys...], 1961
[My father-in-law...], undated
“Cats? Rats!” undated
“On Learning No Trick at All from an Unteachable Old Dog,” undated
“It Never Cost Me Anything to Say ’Sir,'” 1970
[Worksheets for Lives of X], undated
[On a half-pay sabbatical...], undated
[I was hardly home...], circa 1984
[Let's go to New York...], undated
“Nepotism Revisited,” circa 1976
“Golden Goosery,” undated
[There are not many felons in my town...], circa 1971
[Dear Appalled...], undated
“The Surreal Road,” circa 1971
“The Bourgeois Radical,” 1970
[I found myself in San Francisco...], undated
[By a trick of history...], undated
“Briarley,” undated
[The plane was an old F-27...], circa 1961
[We had a summer affair...], circa 1961
“On Virtue and Poetry,” 1976
[In October in Rome...], undated
[The summer arts festival...], undated
[It doesn't take much reason...], 1985-1986
“Identity,” undated
[Automotive designers...], undated
[Look, you don't want to think], undated
[Judge (Judge = George)...], undated
“An Appeal to Reason,” circa 1971
“Between Two Stones,” 1969
“Punctuation,” undated
[In Rome in February of 1951...], undated
[Finding that apartment...], undated
[On sabbatical from Harvard...], 1951
[These poems are not arranged...], circa 1984
“About Being Born, and Surviving It,” 1985
“Postscript,” undated
“Funerary Arrangements,” undated
“Wilson Library Bulletin Autobiography,” 1964
“Can Art Be Taught?” undated
“Can Language Still Communicate?” 1980
“Cid Corman,” 1947
“The City” (first line “Art is a social phenomenon”), undated
“The City” (first line “A very tidy place you have”), 1942
“Comments on Theodore Roethke,” 1969
“Counter/Measure: X.J. Kennedy on Form, Meter, and Rime,” circa 1973
“The Decline and Fall of Kansas City,” undated
“Dialogue with an Audience: The First Seven Years,” 1963
“Dialogue with the Audience: What Sort of Human Behavior Is a Poem?” undated
“Do You Really Want a Coat of Arms?” 1977
“E. L. Mayo – A Modern Metaphysical,” 1947
“The Economics of Poetry” (first line “Everyone lives with his native eccentricities”), undated
“The Economics of Poetry” (first line “No good poet writing in America...”), undated
“Endowment Fund Announced for Bread Loaf Writers' Conference Writers of Children's Books,” undated
“The English As She Is Spoke,” undated
“An Evening with Ted Roethke,” 1967
[Every age has its enshrined ideas...], undated
“Everyone Wants To Be Published, But...,” 1976
“The First American Bestseller,” 1938
“Folk Etymology – Wrong, and Wrong Again,” 1979
“The Future of Art,” undated
“Heart of America,” undated
“Homo Loquens,” 1982
[I think I'm through with pretending to understand the younger generation], undated See also Container II:OV 1
“An Impish Look at the Ghosts of Language Past,” 1980
“In and Out of the Dictionary,” 1976
“In Case You Get Saved,” 1973
“In Praise of Disbelief,” 1960
“Inside a Poem with the Poet,” 1958
“Is There a Vandal in Your Family Tree?” 1976
“Italy: The Sense of Rapture,” undated
“It's OK with the Locofocos,” undated
“J.B. Revisited,” undated
“John Frederick Nims and the Modern Idiom,” 1947
“Liberal Arts and the Arts,” 1964
“Literature Undefended,” 1959
“Mary and Matthew,” 1937
“The Metaphysical Conceit,” undated
“Municipal Rivalry and Western Journalism,” undated
“The Nature of Poetry,” 1960
“Non-fiction – Whatever That Is,” undated
“Nurses As Writers,” 1970-1971
“Nutty But Sincere,” 1973
“Oedipus and Charlie,” undated
“On (Half) Rhyming Dante,” 1954
“On the Importance of Unimportant Poems,” 1982
“On the Impossibility of Translating Poetry,” 1954
“Peter Viereck – The Poet and the Form,” undated
“Place,” undated
“A Plea for Witches,” 1952
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