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Part II: Writings, 1910-1997 (continued)
“Blue Movie,” undated See also Container II:OV 1
“Bomb in the Tower of London,” undated
“A Box Comes Home,” 1955
“Boy,” 1940
“Bridal Photo, 1906,” undated
“A Buddha Seen As the Thing Least Like Me,” 1968
“Bufo Vulgaris,” undated
“The Bugle-Billed Bazoo,” 1961
“Bus Baxter Retires,” undated
“Buying an Automatic,” 1972, undated
“Buying and Selling,” undated
“Cain,” 1938
“Calvin Watt,” undated
“Can You Tell Me Why?” undated
[The Capitoline is rocky], undated
“The Catalpa,” 1983
“Censorship,” 1978
“Child Picking His Nose,” 1964
[Children ought really not to try], undated
“Choosing,” undated
“CIA,” undated
“Circles, Centers,” undated
“Citation,” undated
“Citation on Retirement,” undated
“Citizenship,” undated
“Clearing the Air,” undated
“Cliff Dwellers,” undated
“Clipper Museum,” undated
“Coast Road,” undated
[Collating the dead for the restoration of Eden], undated
[The Common Blue Preposterous], undated
“Commutation: For Walker Percy,” 1978, undated
“A Conversation with Leonardo,” 1973, undated
“Corpus Christi,” undated
“Counting the Wolves,” undated
“The Cow,” undated
“Craft,” undated
“Damn Her,” 1961
“A Damnation of Doves,” undated
“The Damned,” undated
“The Dangers of Tri-D,” undated
“Darling,” undated
“Dawn” (first line “A twitter in the thicket starts it”), undated
“Dawn” (first line “My window silvers”), undated
“A Day in the Life of,” undated
[Days when there is no sky], undated
“The Dead Being Unreal, the Young Unmade, I Choose the Old,” undated
“Dear Sir,” 1988
“Death Bed Scene,” undated
“Death of a Bomber” See Container II:57, “Ode to My Bomber and Other Poems”
“Declaration” See Container II:58, “To the Man with a Soul”
[Describe yourself], undated
“Dialogue,” 1959
“A Dialogue in the Stoneworks,” undated
“Dialogue with Outer Space,” undated
“Diary: After the Bolshoi,” undated
“Diary Entry,” undated
“Differences,” 1973, undated
“Directions,” undated
“Directives,” undated
“Divorced, Husband Demolishes House: News Item,” 1961
[“Do you like your life?”], undated
“Doggy,” undated
“Doing, Being, Telling,” undated
“The Dollar Dog” (first line “A dollar dog is all mixed up”), undated
“The Dollar Dog” (first line “I had a dollar dog named Spot”), undated
“Domesticity,” 1968
“Donne ch'avete intelletto d'amore: An Elegy for the American School System,” 1979, undated
“Don't Get Confused,” undated
“Don't Miss Your Chance,” 1975
“’Don't Say Me,' They Say,” undated
“Doodles,” undated
“Dragons,” 1961
“A Dream,” 1958
“Driving across the American Desert and Thinking of the Sahara,” undated
“Ducks,” undated
“Due Process,” undated
“East Sixties,” undated
“Ed 10 rispasi,” undated
“Elegy” (first line “Viking the cat”), undated
“Elegy” (first line “My father was born with a spade in his hand”), 1955
“Elegy Deferred for F.O.M.,” undated
“Elegy for Sandro,” 1954
“Elegy: For You, Father,” 1941
“Elm,” undated
“An Emeritus Addresses the School,” undated
“Encounter,” undated
“The Enormous Cocoon,” undated
“Epilogue: A Last Stone,” undated
“Epitaph,” 1961
“Epithalamium at St. Michael's Cemetery,” undated
“Etude,” 1940
“An Evening of the Private Eye,” undated
[Everytime I read another first], undated
“Everywhere That Universe,” 1961
“Ex-Champ,” undated
“Exegesis of an Allegorical Text,” undated
“An Exuberance,” undated
BOX II:56 Fa-Fe
[The faces I tried to live in], undated
“The Fantasy Echo,” undated
“Fat Cat,” undated
[A fate in hand, it weighs and mystifies], undated
“Favi and Aristotle,” undated
“Feasts,” undated
“Fillmore Clutch,” undated
“First Autumn after a War,” undated
“First Summer after a War,” 1947
“Firsts,” 1976-1979, undated
“A Five-year Step,” 1968, undated
“Flowering Quince,” 1952
“The Fluffies,” undated
“Flying to Chicago en route to California Tomorrow after Being in Leningrad Yesterday, and Last Night in North Philadelphia,” undated
“F.M. Wireless Intercom,” undated
“A Fool Too Fast,” undated
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