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BOX III:5-6 Part III: Professional File, 1961-1968
Articles, contracts, correspondence, essays, expense accounts, itineraries, reviews of phonograph recordings of poetry and drama, television scripts, and material relating to publishing and sound recordings.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material, name of organization, or subject and chronologically therein.
BOX III: 5 “Accent,” CBS television program with Ciardi as host and narrator
Contract, 1961
Essay, “Accent: Over and Out,” circa 1962
Ideas for shows, undated
Miscellany, 1961-1962
Television scripts
Oct. 20, “The Rebellious Mind,” 1961
(2 folders)
Nov. 11, “Eero Saarinen: An Appreciation,” 1961
Dec., “A Memoir: 1961,” 1961
(2 folders)
July 19, “The Unreal West,” 1962
July 22, “The Gambling American,” 1962
“The Aspen Idea”
“Pearl Harbor: Unforgotten”
Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, Ripton, Vt., 1960-1967, undated
Harry Walker, Inc., speakers bureau
Contract rider, undated
Expense accounts, 1959-1964, undated
Itineraries, 1960-1968, undated
Saturday Review
Miscellany, undated
Reviews by Ciardi of phonograph recordings of poetry and drama, 1961-1965, undated
(4 folders)
BOX III: 6 Rexroth, Kenneth, reviews of great books, 1965
Sound recordings by Ciardi, Harcourt, Brace & World, 1961
BOX III:6-23 Part III: Writings, 1947-1968
Drafts, proofs, and printed versions of aphorisms, articles, book reviews, books, columns, essays, limericks, notebooks, plays, poems, and speeches and lectures as well as correspondence and material relating to textbooks.
Arranged according to writings by Ciardi and by others and therein alphabetically by type of writing, title, or name of author. Articles, columns, essays, and poems lacking titles are alphabetized by first line enclosed in brackets.
BOX III: 6 By Ciardi
Aphorisms, undated For additional material see Container III:17, Notebook C, p. 301
Articles and essays
“The Act of Language,” 1959-1960
(2 folders)
“Angel-Fluffs, Savages, and Dispensable Adults,” undated
[Any man, as I believe I read in the Bill of Rights...], undated
“Bread Loaf, USA,” undated
[The big package is marked “Truth – Idle with Care”], undated
“Dear Kip,” undated
“The Detroit Follies,” undated
“E. L. Mayo – A Modern Metaphysical,” 1947
[Epiphanius Wilson, A.M., is not a name that reverberates...], undated
[Every generation of poets has its would-be law-givers...], undated
[Everyone hopes a little], undated
“A Fable of the Father of Assassins,” undated
“A Faith for Life in Literature?” undated
[Harvard has required no defense from me and I have made none], undated See Container II:64, Progressive Party, and Container III:16, Notebook B, pp. 278-279
[Here comes 1968, and if only as a collector of lost causes...], circa 1967
[The hospital corridor, dimmed for the night watch of sleep...], undated See Container III:16, Notebook B, pp. 225-235
“How to Read Dante,” 1961
“Italy: The Sense of Rapture,” undated
“Jim Crow Is Treason,” 1960
“Last November,” undated
“Milton Hebald,” circa 1963
“Morals, Anyone? or What Good Is Literature, Anyhow?” undated
[My wife and I puzzled at the thing for a while...], undated
“On the Road,” undated
“On Writing and Bad Writing,” 1962
“The Poet and the Politician,” 1960, undated
(1 folder)
BOX III: 7 (1 folder)
Poet's-Poetry As
[The poet's eye is a trained eye], undated
“Poetry and Metaphor,” undated
“Poetry and the High School System,” undated
“Poetry As Knowledge: A Dialogue with a Realist,” undated
Poetry in-Prose
“Poetry in Crystal,” undated
“Poetry Is for Pleasure,” 1960 See Container III:16, Notebook A, pp. 21-39
“Poetry: The Word and the Image,” 1964
[PR men don't care – so long as it makes a noise], undated
“Prose Poems from the Journal of Lazarus Smith,” undated
“Quotations for Mr. R. J. Dandenau,” undated
“The Relevance of The Inferno,” undated
“Rico Lebrun and Dante,” undated
[Robert Frost's eighty-eighth birthday...], undated
“The Small Private College,” undated
[Some of the fast burners know it, even advertize it], undated
[Some parts of Nettie Forbish's nervous system...], undated
“Song for an Allegorical Play,” 1962
“Statement by the Library Board,” undated
[Summer in New York is the time when the side street hotels...], undated
[There are good signs that New Jersey is determined...], undated
[There is power in the American people], circa 1968
“This Side of the Mirror,” undated
[This Spring John O'Hara was given the Award of Merit Medal for the Novel...], undated
“Thomas Stearns Eliot, 1888-1964,” undated
“Translation: The Art of Failure,” 1961
[The true poet must love his art enough to honor it...], undated
[Two years ago, after an evening lecture at a good Catholic girls' college...], undated
“Veterans Day,” 1961
“What Every Writer Must Learn,” 1956
“What Is Modern Poetry?” undated See Container III:16, Notebook B, pp. 31-35
“What Makes It a Poem?” undated See Container III:16, Notebook A, pp. 9-15
“Work Habits of Writers,” 1965
Unidentified fragments, undated
(2 folders)
BOX III: 8 Book reviews
Arthos, John, Dante, Michelangelo and Milton, undated
Braine, John, Life at the Top, 1962
Cameron, Kenneth Neil, editor, Shelley and His Circle, 1773-1822, 1961
Cleland, John, Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, undated
Cummings, E. E., 73 Poems, 1963
Faulkner, William, The Wishing Tree, 1967
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