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Part II: Writings, 1910-1997 (continued)
“Ancestral Processions”
“Tomb of Granite”
“Genesis,” typescript, undated
“A Song for Absence,” typescript, 1951
“Spring 1951,” typescript, 1951
“To a Young Girl,” typescript, 1951
“Via Airliner,” typescript, 1951
Stevens, George
“Otto,” printed version
“Otto – Continued,” typescript, undated
Thomas, Rosemary
“Apes,” typescript, undated
“The Blind Lovers,” typescript, 1950
“Boy with a Sword,” typescript, undated
“The Children,” typescript, 1948
“Elgin Marbles II,” typescript, undated
“Figure of Chang-li Ch'uan,” typescript, undated
“Flight of a Pigeon,” typescript, undated
“Hummingbird Moth,” typescript, undated
“Icarus,” typescript, undated
“London Elegy,” typescript, undated
“Mating Peacock,” typescript, 1950
“One World,” typescript, undated
“Pity,” typescript, undated
“The Poem,” typescript, 1949
“Poet,” typescript, 1950
“Row Q-Seat 9,” typescript, undated
“Sleeping Peacock,” typescript, 1949
“The Soul Is Often Conceived of As a Bird,” typescript, 1950
“The Sphinx,” typescript, 1950
“St. Francis of Assisi,” typescript, undated
“Sunday Letter,” typescript, 1950
“Symbols,” typescript, undated
“To a Young Mental Athlete,” typescript, undated
“To Half a Greek Boy,” typescript, undated
“To Marianne Moore,” typescript, undated
“William Blake,” typescript, undated
Viereck, Peter
“Facing Feared Problems,” typescript, undated
“The New Guest Promenades with a Feather in His Cap,” printed version, 1948
Weiss, T.
“A Canticle,” typescript, undated
“Domestic Poem,” typescript, undated
“Domestic Poem 2,” typescript, undated
“The Greater Music,” typescript, undated
“The Shield,” typescript, undated
“So He Was Sung,” typescript, undated
“Through the Strings,” typescript, undated
Williams, Miller
“If I Said I Love You Would You? No.” typescript, undated
“Love Story,” typescript, undated
“Aesthetics,” typescript, undated
“Austere Landscape,” typescript, undated
“Clarity,” typescript, undated
“The Dream,” typescript, undated
“Flumen Tenebrarum,” holograph, undated
“Good Friday Rain,” typescript, undated
“In the Elegy Season,” typescript, undated
“The Verbalist of Summer,” typescript, undated
Radio script by Studs Terkel, “Eulogy for Three Non-adjusted Men,” undated
Short stories
Arlen, Michael, “The Man with the Broken Nose,” printed version, 1924
Benét, Stephen Vincent, “A Gentleman of Fortune,” typescript, 1946
Caldwell, Erskine, “The Medicine Man,” printed version, undated
Connell, Richard, “The Law Beaters,” printed version, 1928
Crowell, Chester T., “Ironfoot Eases Out,” printed version, 1927
Dahl, Roald, “Edward the Conqueror,” typescript and printed version, 1953
Hellman, Sam, “Rerouting Rufe,” typescript, 1927
Hooper, Johnson J., “Simon Suggs Attends a Camp-Meeting,” typescript, undated
Kirkpatrick, Smith, “Silence,” printed version, undated
Lincoln, Joseph C., “Ogden Williams and the Johnny-cake,” typescript, 1910
Pratt, Fletcher
“The Heavenly Twins,” typescript, undated
“Junior,” typescript, undated
“The Necessity for Witches,” typescript, undated
“Potemkin Village,” typescript, undated
Price, Charles, “A Notorious Swindler and Forger,” typescript, undated
Raven, Charles, “The Passing of a Master Mind,” printed version, 1953
Sher, Benjamin Richard, “Rubber Heels,” typescript, 1925
Viereck, Peter, “Hurrah for Karamazov!” printed version, undated
Waugh, Evelyn, “Bella Fleace Gave a Party,” printed version, undated
BOX II:62-64 Part II: Subject File, 1914-1987
Art exhibition catalogs, articles, awards, biographical material, brochures, columns, correspondence, essays, information regarding Bates College and Tufts University, interviews with Ciardi, military service records, newspaper clippings, notes, obituaries, photographs, reports, writings about Ciardi, and miscellaneous material.
Arranged alphabetically by name of individual, organization, subject, or type of material and chronologically therein.
BOX II:62 American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, New York, N.Y., 1948-1962, undated
(2 folders)
American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy, 1957-1959
(2 folders)
BOX II:63 Awards, honors, etc., 1959-1983
B-29 bombers, 1985-1987
Bates College, Lewiston, Maine, 1970
Biographical material, 1955-1972, undated
CEA Institute (College English Association), Northampton, Mass., 1953-1954
Censorship, 1958-1959, undated
Death of Ciardi
Memorial booklet, 1987
Obituaries, 1986
“Dippy,” Ciardi family dog, 1964-1969
Drawings of Ciardi, 1967
English instruction at the high school level, deterioration of, 1960, undated
Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge, Pa., 1964
Frost, Robert, eighty-fifth birthday celebration, 26 March 1959
House Internal Security Committee, list of “radical speakers” on college campuses, 1970-1971
Interviews with Ciardi, 1958-1961, 1987
Joyce, James, 1914-1915
Kaleidoscope, student literary publication, Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, Sudbury, Mass., 1963-1967
Kansas City Poetry Contests, Kansas City, Mo., 1964
Military service records, 1945-1963
(2 folders)
BOX II:64 Undated
Painting and sculpture exhibition catalogs, 1948-1984
(2 folders)
Arkansas Poetry Day Proclamation, Ciardi with others, 15 Oct. 1981
Bates College, Lewiston, Maine, honorary degree, Apr. 1970
Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, Ciardi with others, circa 1950s
Ciardi children, circa 1956
Ciardi home, Metuchen, N.J., interior, undated
Ciardi, single shots, 1960, undated See also Container II:OV 1, same heading
Miscellaneous, 1957, undated
United States Army Air Corps, circa 1945
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