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Part III: Writings, 1947-1968 (continued)
“Some Useful Hints on Being Born,” undated
“Somehow Comes Morning,” undated See Container III:17, Notebook C, pp. 78-79
BOX III: 22 Someone
“Someone,” 1962
[Someone about as big as a bump], undated
[Someone fast and someone slow], undated
[Someone had misread the vegetable order], undated
“Someone I Know,” undated
[Someone I met], undated
“Someone in the Fantasy Ward Is Eating Well,” undated
[Someone just came out of the sky], undated
[Someone said], undated
[Someone sighed], undated
[Someone under the chestnut tree], undated
“Someone Up There,” undated
[Someone we know], undated
[Someone who said she was Jill], undated
[Something about birds kills the song], undated
“The Something/Nothing Any Love Can Tell,” undated
[Sometimes in San Francisco, sometimes in], undated
[Sometimes when you are], undated
“Song” (first line “I draw the breath I am about”), undated
“Song” (first line “Oh finger, the tickles of all my loves”), undated
“Song” (first line “The cardinal there in the always tree”), undated
“Song for an Allegorical Play,” 1962
“Sonnet,” undated
“A Sonnet to Robert Frost but Not about Him,” undated
[Sooner or later a night will come], undated
[Sooner or later, because the ghosts], undated
“S.P.Q.R. Domus Claudius,” undated
[A sparrow lights on the sill], undated
“A Spring Semester,” undated
“A Starnose Mole on the Fairway,” undated
“The Starry Heavens, the Moral Law,” undated
“Stars,” undated
[The stars sit still and the world goes round], undated
“Steps,” undated
“Still,” undated
“Still Life,” undated See Container III:16, Notebook B, p. 165
“Stone Steps,” 1962
[“Stop war,” he said], undated
[Storms later, we awoke], undated
[Striking a blow for freedom, Joe was], undated
“Styles,” undated
“A Submarine Testament,” undated
“A Suburban Man Speaks Honestly,” undated For additional material see Container III:17, Notebook C, pp. 52-53, 56-57
“Success,” undated
“Summer,” undated
“Sunset and After,” undated
“Survival,” undated
[Taking a walk in Baguio because I was there], undated
“Talking Myself to Sleep at One More Hilton,” undated
[Technique is for musicians and the young], undated See Container III:16, Notebook B, pp. 9-11
[Tell me one, tell me two], undated
[Tell me this, if you don't mind], undated
[Tempted at the Algonquin by such a choice], undated
“Ten Minutes My Captive,” undated
“Ten Years Ago I Played at Being Brave,” undated
“Tenzone,” undated
“A Thanks to a Botanist,” undated
“That Spring,” undated
Theo-There was a fox
“Theories of Flight,” undated
[There a young man who turned eight], undated
[There are twice as many eyes as there are], undated
[There is no one way in this language], undated
[There once was a girl who never went to bed], undated
[There's no Top City when everyone's broke], undated
[There's nothing to saying goodbye], undated
[There was a boy who lost his head], undated
[There was a dead sheep in the feed-lot], undated
[There was a fish that was born in a cup], undated
[There was a fox], undated
There was a gold-Three
[There was a gold boy on a gold dolphin], undated
[There was a man who said “No! No! No!”], undated
[There was a man who was so slow], undated
[There was a shark that liked to bite], undated
[There was an old man, an old, old, old], undated
[There was Stoner, eighteen of his thirty years], undated
[There were sword scars on the old fire-eater's face], undated
[They admired you], undated
“Thing,” undated
[Think of someone about as big], undated
[This decent executive person is], undated
[This is Jane. She sits and yawns], undated
“This Is of the Intimacy and Legality of Evil,” undated
[This is the way Monday went. First], undated
[This man – the massive center of what world], undated
[This morning I fell from a horse I was about], undated
[THIS: of seven sparrows on a country wire], undated
[Three gray squirrels at a Mayday], undated
[Through my hemlocks to the spruce beyond], undated
“To a Metaphysician with His Head in the Oven,” undated
“To a Plinking of Mandolins,” undated
“To a Poor Wretch Who Made Good,” undated
“To a Reviewer Who Admired My Book,” undated
“To Daphne to Make Up Her Damned Mind,” undated
[To do a thing right, you will see], undated
“To Each His Own,” undated
“To Judith,” undated See Container III:16, Notebook B, pp. 24-25, 28-29, 44-45
“To No End Ever,” undated
“To the Father of Proverbs,” undated
[To see is to interpret], undated See Container III:16, Notebook B, p. 5
“To Somatica to Say Nothing,” undated
[Today – because I would not lie to you – ], undated
[Toe-tippy and a dancing man to his], undated
“Tongues,” undated
[Toy maker Ptolemy], undated
[The trains in that country], undated
“The Tree,” undated See Container III:17, Notebook C, pp. 94-95
“Tree-Cutting,” undated
[The tribe that became a nation], undated
“Trojan Horse,” undated
“Tribes,” undated
[The trouble with most poets], undated
[The True Preposterous is a beast], undated
“Twice When Jack Was Away I Thought of Him,” undated
“Two for Rob't Frost: I. Sense Is the Size of What You Make of It, II. The Flowering (and Fading) of New England,” undated See Container III:17, Notebook C, p. 47
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