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United States Court of Appeals File, 1955-1989 (continued)
Case File, 1956-1989 (continued)
No. 7779 Starks v. United States
No. 7779 Starks v. United States
No. 7782 Fletcher v. Bryan
No. 7786 Manaia v. Potomac Elec. Power Co.
No. 7788 Westcott-Alexander, Inc. v. Dailey
No. 7793 Martin v. United States
No. 7809 Baltimore Gas and Elec. Co. v. United States Fidelity and Guar. Co.
No. 7816 Cooper v. Commissioner
No. 7817 Cunningham v. United States
No. 7824 Kosa v. Hicks
No. 7827 Milton v. Pure Oil Co.
No. 7844 Thomson v. United States
No. 7862 Crawley v. United States
No. 7869 Thompson v. United States
No. 7880 Glatt v. G. C. Murphy Co.
No. 7921 Griffin v. United States
BOX 10 1959 October term
No. 7825 Milanovich v. United States
No. 7846 Walker v. United States Gypsum Co.
No. 7855 Stanback v. Commissioner
No. 7883 Simpson v. Thomas
No. 7884 Shull v. Commissioner
No. 7887 Cooner v. United States
No. 7892 Stout v. Commissioner
No. 7897 Jones v. School Bd. of Alexandria
No. 7902 Riddick v. State Capital Ins. Co.
No. 7905 Ostrofsky v. United Steelworkers, Locals 2609 and 2610
No. 7911 Largent v. Lemley
No. 7915 Doggett v. Commissioner
No. 7926 Jones v. United States
No. 7931 Hellenic Lines, Ltd. v. Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp.
No. 7934 Arnold v. United States
No. 7939 Jones v. Smyth
No. 7947 Holmes v. United States
No. 7953 International Bhd. of Teamsters v. United States
No. 7955 United States v. Jeffcoat
No. 7961 Raybourne v. Gulf Atl. Towing Corp.
No. 7965 United States v. Brown
No. 7984 Alvord v. Commissioner
No. 7986 Roper v. United States
No. 7987 United States v. Bond
BOX 11
No. 7991 Rogers v. Commissioner
No. 7992 United States v. W. R. Bonsal Co.
No. 7996 World Carriers v. Bright
No. 8009 Henry v. Greenville Airport Comm'n
No. 8031 Davis v. United States
No. 8032 Bryan v. Commissioner
No. 8039 Tidewater Dev. and Sales Corp. v. United States
No. 8053 Hill v. School Bd. of Norfolk
No. 8060 Stiers v. Martin
No. 8064 Utica Mut. Ins. Co. v. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co.
No. 8068 Santorinakis v. S.S. Orpheus
No. 8069 Jones v. United States
No. 8088 Gardner v. Tugboat L. N. Danzler
No. 8090 Bolling v. Smyth
1960 October term
No. 8059 Mountain State Steel Foundries v. Commissioner
No. 8084 Holmes v. United States
No. 8089 Glendale Mfg. Co. v. Local 520, Int'l Ladies Garment Workers' Union
No. 8095 Hall v. United States
No. 8102 Ward v. United States
No. 8105 Kent Mfg. Corp. v. Commissioner
No. 8114 Horton v. Blalock
No. 8117 Jennings v. United States
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