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National Woman's Party records, 1850-2022

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Oversize, Groups I-V, 1913-1916 (continued)
Group photographs
BOX OV 2 Frame no. 46, 1916 (Container II: 276)
Group IV: Addition III
BOX OV 3 Broadsides, posters, and other items, 1913-1915, undated (Container IV:16)
Group V: Administrative Files
BOX OV 4 Equal Rights Amendment, parade and rally posters, 1976-1978 (Container V:18, same heading)
BOX OV 5 Suffrage, pickets list on parchment scrolls, undated
BOX OV 6-10 Congressional voting cards See full listing in Group V:Administrative files, same heading
Financial records
BOX OV 11 Ledgers and transaction notebooks, 1969-1993 (Container V:51, same heading)
(6 vols.)
BOX OV 12 Ledgers and transaction notebooks, 1972-1984 (Container V:51, same heading)
(2 vols.)
Card files
BOX OV 13 Life members, founders, and officers, circa 1950-1970
BOX OV 14 Mailing list card file 1, 1935-1949
BOX OV 15 Mailing list card file 2, 1949-1969
BOX OV 16 Mailing list card file 3, circa 1980
BOX OV 17 Mailing list card file 4, circa 1980
BOX OV 18 Members card file 1, undated
BOX OV 19 Members card file 2, undated
BOX OV 20 Members card file 3, undated
BOX OV 21 Members card file 4, undated
BOX OV 22 Members card file 5, undated
BOX OV 5 Charter members, life members, founders, on parchment paper, undated
(2 folders, 2 scrolls)
BOX OV 23 Charter membership scrolls for student branches at Howard University, National University School of Law, New York University, and Sweet Briar College, undated
Officer and staff files
Chittick, Elizabeth
BOX OV 4 Equal Rights Amendment poster, circa 1977 (Container V:101, Posters)
Shriner, Sara
BOX OV 24 American Friends Service Committee anti-war posters, circa 1930 (Container 171, Printed matter)
BOX OV 25 National Council for the Prevention of War, "General pact for the renunciation of war" poster, circa 1930 (Container 171, Printed matter)
BOX OV 26 National Council for the Prevention of War, posters, circa 1930-circa 1935 (Container 171, Printed matter)
Programs and events
BOX OV 27 Ochoa, Ellen, event, 1999 (Container V:198, same heading)
Sewall-Belmont House
Construction and renovation
BOX OV 28 Architectural drawings, 1931 (Container V:207, Drawings and blueprints)
BOX OV 29 Blueprints, 1929 (Container V:207, Drawings and blueprints)
BOX OV 27 Drawings, 1942, undated
(2 folders)
Library card catalog
Alphabetical files
BOX OV 30 A-D, undated
BOX OV 31 E-H, undated
BOX OV 32 I-Pa, undated
BOX OV 33 Pe-U.S. Woman's Bureau, undated
BOX OV 34 U.S. Army-Z, undated
Numerical listing
BOX OV 35 000-820, undated
BOX OV 36 823-970, serial record, unfiled cards, undated
Group V: Alphabetical File
BOX OV 4 "L" miscellaneous, drawing of Mrs. Lufkin, undated (Container V:296, "L" miscellaneous)
BOX OV 37 Milholland, Inez, lithograph, 1917 (Container V:298, Milholland)
BOX OV 38 Old Brick Capitol dedication of party headquarters, 1922 (Container V:310, same heading)
Paul, Alice
BOX OV 37 Drawing of Paulsdale, birthplace of Alice Paul, undated (Container 315, Miscellany)
BOX OV 38 Honorary doctorate, 1977 (Container 315, Miscellany)
BOX OV 4 State Department certificate of appreciation, 1978 (Container V:319, State Department)
BOX OV 11 Marks, Jeannette, "Laughter: A Play in Four Acts," 1942 (Container V: 335, Dramatizations)
Group V: Photographs, part B
BOX OV 39 Cartes de Visite album of Caroline Brown Winslow, 1863
People, miscellaneous
BOX OV 37 "Dr. Fletcher's Sanatorium," Mary Spink, Indianapolis, Ind.," circa 1910 (Container V:379, People)
BOX OV 4 Hainisch, Marianne, undated (Container V:379, A-Z)
BOX OV 4 La Rue, Grace, undated (Container V:379, A-Z)
BOX OV 4 Robsion, John Marshall, inscribed, 1941 (Container V:379, A-Z)
BOX OV 4 Unidentified woman and child, undated (Container V:379, Unidentified)
Programs and Events
BOX OV 4 Group photograph, 1953 (Container V:380, Conventions)
BOX OV 37 Philadelphia Convention, 1942? (Container V:380, Conventions)
BOX OV 38 Domestic and international events, photo collages, circa 1930 See also Container V:381, Same heading
(2 folders)
BOX OV 38 Unidentified parade, undated (Container V:382, Miscellaneous)
BOX OV 27 Ochoa, Ellen, photo collage, 1999
BOX OV 37 Portrait monument, suffrage monument in U.S. Capitol, undated (Container V:382, same heading)
Sewall-Belmont House
BOX OV 4 Art objects, bust of Susan B. Anthony, undated (Container V:383, same heading)
BOX OV 4 Interior of house, undated (Container V:383, same heading)
BOX OV 40 Suffrage envoys photograph album, 1915-1920
Group V: Printed Matter
BOX OV 38 Capitol Hill map, 1952
Equal Rights
BOX OV 41 REEL II:156 1923-1925
(8 folders)
BOX OV 42 REEL II:156 1925-1927
(8 folders)
BOX OV 43 REEL II:156 1927-1929
(8 folders)
BOX OV 44 REEL II:156 1929-1931
(8 folders)
BOX OV 45 REEL II:155 1931-1933
(8 folders)
BOX OV 46 REEL II:155 1933-1934
(7 folders)
BOX OV 47 REEL II:157 1935-1936
(8 folders)
BOX OV 37 Maryland Suffrage News and Maryland Women's News, 1919-1921
(9 folders)
BOX OV 37 Miscellaneous, headshots of women and events, undated (Container V:394, Miscellaneous)
BOX OV 38 Posters, circa 1977-1995, undated
(4 folders)
BOX OV 27 Presidential proclamations, 1977-1983, 1991-2000, 2016
BOX OV 52 The Revolution 1869 See also Container V:399, same heading
1910-1916 undated posters
BOX OV 48 Colors, undated
BOX OV 48 Pankhurst, Emmeline, 1910-1911 See also Container R OV 110, same heading
BOX OV 49 "The Suffragette" and votes for women, 1911-1913
BOX OV 50 "Votes for Women,," Hartford, Conn., 1911
BOX OV 48 "Votes for Women," miscellany, 1911-1916
BOX OV 48 "Votes for Women," New Haven, Conn., 1911
BOX OV 51 "We want the vote to stop white slave traffic...," circa 1910
The Suffragist
BOX OV 52 REEL II:151 1913, Nov.-1915, June
(18 folders)
BOX OV 53 REEL II:151 1915, June-1916, July
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