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National Woman's Party records, 1850-2022

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Group V: Photographs, 1863-2016 (continued)
Part B, 1863-2016 (continued)
BOX V:380 Programs and events
BOX V:380 75th anniversary, 1988
BOX V:380 Alice Awards
BOX V:380 1975-1983, 1994, 2003-2016
(11 folders)
DF 2007
Digital ID: mss34355_212_008
DF 2008
Digital ID: mss34355_212_012
DF 2010
Digital ID: mss34355_212_011
DF 2011
Digital ID: mss34355_242_003
DF 2013
Digital ID: mss34355_212_007
DF 2015
Digital ID: mss34355_212_005
BOX V:380 Award ceremonies, 1985-1987, 1999
(2 folders)
BOX V:380 Board meetings, 1996, 2003, undated
BOX V:380 Conventions, 1942, 1953, 1977-1989 See also Container OV 37, Group photograph and Container OV 38, Philadelphia convention
(3 folders)
BOX V:381 Council meeting, 1942
BOX V:381 Domestic and international events, photo collages circa 1930 See also Container OV 38, Same heading
BOX V:381 Educational programs, 1987, 1995-2003
(4 folders)
BOX V:381 ERA events, 1990, 1997
BOX V:381 Holiday parties, 2001-2002
(2 folders)
BOX V:381 International Council of Women, 1988
BOX V:381 Iron-jawed Angels movie premiere, 2004
BOX V:381 Local meetings, 1924, 1942-1945
BOX V:381 Member meetings, 1999, undated
BOX V:381 Miscellaneous
BOX V:381 1960-1977
(2 folders)
BOX V:382 1982-2003, undated See also OV 38, Unidentified parade
(5 folders)
DF 2003, unidentified event with Helen Thomas
Digital ID: mss34355_212_006
DF 2011
Digital ID: mss34355_212_038
Digital ID: mss34355_212_051
Digital ID: mss34355_212_053
DF Norton, Eleanor Holmes, book signing, 2003
Digital ID: mss34355_242_018
BOX V:382 Portrait monument, 1967-1968, 1976, 1997, undated See also OV 37, Portrait monument
DF "Running Start" Congressional breakfast, 2011
Digital ID: mss34355_212_036
BOX V:382 Save America's Treasures, 2002
BOX V:382 Seneca Falls 75th anniversary, 1923
DF Silent Sentinel Award event, 2009
Digital ID: mss34355_210_014
DF Speed networking event at Sewall-Belmont House, 2010
Digital ID: mss34355_212_042
BOX V:382 Statues, 1987, 1995-2000
BOX V:382 Suffrage Day/Women's Equality Day
BOX V:382 1972-1974
BOX V:383 1977, 1984-2000
(3 folders)
DF Symposium "Women in American Democracy," 2011
Digital ID: mss34355_210_040
DF Women's history month program, 2005
Digital ID: mss34355_212_040
BOX V:383 Sewall-Belmont House
BOX V:383 Art objects, 1965, 1980, 1995-1999, undated See also Container OV 4, Susan B. Anthony bust
(2 folders)
BOX V:383 Exterior, 1965, 1985, 1991, 1997-2003, undated
DF Exterior and interior of the house
DF 2001
Digital ID: mss34355_210_058
DF 2011
Digital ID: mss34355_212_026
Digital ID: mss34355_212_027
DF Exterior, digitized images, undated
Digital ID: mss34355_210_019
BOX V:383 General, undated
BOX V:383 Interior, 1965, 1980-1999, undated See also Container OV 4, same heading
(2 folders)
DF Museum, 2012
Digital ID: mss34355_212_006
BOX V:383 Renovations
BOX V:383 1995-2003, undated
DF 2011
Digital ID: mss34355_210_018
BOX OV 40 Suffrage envoys photograph album
DF Suffrage era, digitized photographs, undated
Digital ID: mss34355_212_046
BOX V:383 Suffrage era negatives, c. 1913-1923
BOX V:384 Suffrage era photographs, c. 1913-1923
(2 folders)
BOX V:384 Suffrage era slides, c. 1913-1923
BOX V:384 Wooden photo printing blocks, undated
BOX V:384-V:401 Group V: Printed Matter, 1850-2016
This series includes a wide range of printed matter, primarily items created by the National Woman's Party but also other printed matter concerning women's rights and organizations. The party's serial publications, The Suffragist, Equal Rights, and the National Woman's Party Bulletin are in this series as well as ephemeral items announcing events and marches, posters, and news clippings. There are digital copies of some issues of Equal Rights and The Sewall-Belmont News. Included as well is a collection of United States Department of Labor booklets concerning women's labor issues.
Arranged alphabetically by title or material type.
BOX V:384 Alice Award, 2003-2011
BOX V:384 Anthony, Susan B., 1946-1948, 1965-1970
BOX V:384 The Bibelot, 1914
BOX OV 38 Capitol Hill map See Container OV 38, same heading
BOX V:385 Clippings, 1895-1902, 1912-1989, 1998-2016, undated
(5 folders)
BOX V:385 Congressional publications, 1926-1955, 1996-1999
(2 folders)
BOX V:386 Congressional publications, 1926-1955, 1996-1999
(2 folders)
BOX V:386 Conventions, 1949-1951, 1981, 1991-1995
BOX V:386 Employment discrimination, circa 1923-1965
BOX V:386 Equal Rights See Containers OV 41-OV 47 for Feb. 1923-Dec. 1936 issues
BOX V:386 REEL II:154 1935, Feb. - 1937
(3 folders)
BOX V:387 REEL II:154 1938- 1945
(8 folders)
BOX V:387 REEL II:154 1946, Index and supplements
BOX V:387 REEL II:154 1946-1954
(3 folders)
BOX V:387 1978-1982
BOX V:388 1983-2001
(4 folders)
DF 1998, Aug. 28
Digital ID: mss34355_210_138
DF 1998, Dec.
Digital ID: mss34355_210_208
BOX V:388 Equal Rights Amendment, 1943-1992
(2 folders)
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