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National Woman's Party records, 1850-2022

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Material appended to the microfilm edition of Group II consisting of correspondence, statements, and minutes of meetings.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX II:285 Correspondence, minutes, and statements, 1912-1972
(6 folders)
BOX III:1-14 Group III: Correspondence, 1912-1971
Letters received and copies of letters sent, telegrams, postcards, memoranda, and miscellaneous enclosures.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX III:1 1912-1915
(6 folders)
BOX III:2 Jan. 1916-Oct. 1917
(6 folders)
BOX III:3 Nov. 1917-Aug. 1920
(8 folders)
BOX III:4 Sept. 1920-Dec. 1923
(6 folders)
BOX III:5 1924-1927
(7 folders)
BOX III:6 1928-1933
(7 folders)
BOX III:7 Jan. 1934-June 1937
(7 folders)
BOX III:8 July 1937-Sept. 1939
(6 folders)
BOX III:9 Oct. 1939-Apr. 1943
(6 folders)
BOX III:10 May 1943-Feb. 1945
(5 folders)
BOX III:11 Mar. 1945-Dec. 1946
(6 folders)
BOX III:12 1947-1950
(6 folders)
BOX III:13 1951-1957
(6 folders)
BOX III:14 1958-1971
(5 folders)
(3 folders)
BOX III:15-21 Group III: Account Books, 1913-1967
Ledgers maintained for a variety of accounts including memberships, donations, subscriptions for the Suffragist and Equal Rights, receipts and disbursements, cash accounts, and investments.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX III:15 Mar. 1913-Mar. 1914
Jan.-Dec. 1916
Apr. 1916-May 1923
Feb. 1918-July 1919
BOX III:16 Feb.-Dec. 1919
Jan.-Oct. 1920
Dec. 1922-July 1926
BOX III:17 July-Sept. 1922
1922-Feb. 1925
Feb. 1923-Oct. 1925
Jan.-May 1924
June 1925-Sept. 1926
Nov. 1925-Dec. 1928
Mar.-July 1926
Sept. 1926-Sept. 1928
BOX III:18 Oct. 1928-Oct. 1931
Jan. 1929-Sept. 1933
Oct. 1931-Aug. 1932
July 1932-Dec. 1938
Sept. 1932-Mar. 1936
Oct. 1932-Dec. 1935
BOX III:19 Mar. 1933-May 1935
July-Nov. 1933
Sept. 1933-Dec. 1934
Oct. 1933-July 1934
Jan. 1934-Dec. 1943
(2 vols.)
Jan. 1934-Dec. 1944
Jan.-Mar. 1936
Jan. 1938-Mar. 1944
BOX III:20 Feb. 1939-Dec. 1942
June-Dec. 1948
Jan.-June 1949
July-Dec. 1950
Jan.-June 1951
BOX III:21 July 1951-June 1952
July 1953-Apr. 1955
Sept. 1964-Jan. 1967
(5 vols.)
BOX III:21-27 Group III: Miscellany, 1912-1965
Listings of contributors and members, lobbyists, and Equal Rights subscribers. Also includes speeches and writings, financial records, minutes of meetings, reports, and index cards recording the support or opposition of state legislators to the passage of the suffrage amendment.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX III:21 Address book
Architectural specifications for the National Woman's Party headquarters, 1933
Contributor and membership lists
BOX III:22 1916-1939
(5 folders)
BOX III:23 1940-1953, undated
Daybook, 19 July-5 Oct. 1939
Equal Rights subscription lists, 1929-1932, 1943
Financial records, 1913-1943, undated
Lobbyist directories, 1937
Mazur, Pauline, 1943-1958
Minutes of meetings and reports, 1916-1965
BOX III:24 Notes, resolutions, and miscellaneous items, 1921-1965, undated
Printed matter
St. Joan Society, 1945-1946, undated
Scrapbook, 1917-1918
Speeches and writings, 1920-1952, undated
(3 folders)
BOX III:25-27 Suffrage vote index cards
BOX IV:1-7 Group IV: Addition I, 1884-1963
Correspondence, administrative files, and printed matter removed from Group I during reprocessing. This material was not microfilmed but contains many duplicates of items which are on the microfilm edition of Group I.
Organized to correspond to the arrangement of similar material in Group I.
BOX IV:1 Correspondence
1912-Oct. 1916
(7 folders)
BOX IV:2 Nov. 1916-1919
(7 folders)
BOX IV:3 1920-1923, 1938, undated
(7 folders)
BOX IV:4 Administrative files
Departmental reports
Demonstration Department, 1917
Executive secretary, 1917
Finance committee, 1917
Headquarters organizer, 1917-1918
Hospitality Department, 1917-1918
Legislative Department, 1917-1918
Literature Department, 1918-1920
Membership Department, 1917-1918
National Advisory Council, 1917-1918
National Executive Committee, minutes of meetings, 1917-1921, undated
National Headquarters Department, 1917-1918
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