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Group V: Administrative Files, 1910-2020 (continued)
BOX V:43-V:53 Financial Records, 1914-2019
Records documenting the party's financial status, including audits, tax documents, budgets, and material concerning fundraising, loans, grants, and investments. A collection of bank books from the suffrage years is included as are papers documenting the financial relationship with the Woman's Party Corporation.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX V:43 Audit reports and tax filings
BOX V:43 1943-1999
(7 folders)
BOX V:44 2000-2004
(5 folders)
DF 2002
Digital ID: mss34355_210_132
BOX V:45 2005-2009
(6 folders)
BOX V:46 2010-2014
(7 folders)
BOX V:47 2015-2017
(4 folders)
BOX V:47 Bank books, 1914-1921
BOX V:48 Budgets
BOX V:48 1922-2010
(8 folders)
DF 2000
Digital ID: mss34355_210_164
DF 2004
Digital ID: mss34355_210_137
BOX V:49 2011-2019, undated
(7 folders)
BOX V:50 Donations to state coalitions, 1975
BOX V:50 Fundraising
BOX V:50 1967-1975, 1983, 1992-2018
(5 folders)
DF 1996
Digital ID: mss34355_210_211
DF 1999
Digital ID: mss34355_210_168
DF 1999-2000
Digital ID: mss34355_210_167
DF 2000
Digital ID: mss34355_210_169
Digital ID: mss34355_210_181
BOX V:50 Grants
DF 1994-1999
Digital ID: mss34355_210_166
DF 2001
Digital ID: mss34355_210_165
DF 2001, Getty Foundation
Digital ID: mss34355_210_210
DF 2004-2020
Digital ID: mss34355_214_009
Digital ID: mss34355_238_020
BOX V:50 2008-2009, undated
BOX V:50 Insurance documents, 1975-1978, 1996-2005
(3 folders)
BOX V:51 Investment and endowment fund, 1948-1949, 1958-1978
(7 folders)
BOX V:51 Ledgers and transaction notebooks, 1948-1949, 1969-1996 See also Containers OV 11 and OV 12, same heading
(2 folders)
BOX V:51 Loans, 1993-2013
(2 folders)
BOX V:52 Marjorie Cook Foundation, 1993-1994
BOX V:52 Miscellaneous
BOX V:52 1951-1954, 1970, 1987-2015
(2 folders)
DF 1999
Digital ID: mss34355_210_191
Digital ID: mss34355_210_236
DF 2002-2003
Digital ID: mss34355_210_123
DF 2010-2013
Includes files relating to agreement with ProQuest, IMLS grant, and 2010 budget.
Digital ID: mss34355_238_017
DF Payroll memorandum, 1998
Digital ID: mss34355_210_238
DF Salary allocations, 2002
Digital ID: mss34355_242_022
BOX V:52 Tax exempt status, 1959-1979, undated
BOX V:52 Tax material, 1959-2015
(4 folders)
BOX V:53 Treasurer's reports, 1945-1946, 1977-1987
BOX V:53 Woman's Party Corporation, 1990-1998
(3 folders)
DF Woman's Party Corporation, digital files, 1990-1991
Digital ID: mss34355_210_071
BOX V:53-V:65 Legal Files, 1927-2013
Internal legal documents of the organization such as its constitution, incorporation papers, bylaws and the many revisions of the by-laws, as well as papers from court cases involving NWP, especially legal actions regarding the Woman's Party Corporation (WPC) and WPC president Mary Condon Gereau.
Arranged alphabetically by document type or name of court case.
BOX V:53 Avery v. Felt, 1995
BOX V:53 Billing, 2001-2002
BOX V:53 Code of ethics, 2006
BOX V:53 Conflict of interest policy, undated
BOX V:53 Constitutions and bylaws
BOX V:53 1927-1982
(10 folders)
BOX V:54 1985-2005
(10 folders)
BOX V:54 Copyright, 1994
BOX V:54 Correspondence, 1992-1994, 2013
(2 folders)
BOX V:54 Deed, 1979
BOX V:54 Gereau, Mary Condon
BOX V:54 1992-1993
BOX V:55 1993
(3 folders)
BOX V:56 1993-1994
(3 folders)
BOX V:57 1993-1995, undated
(4 folders)
BOX V:57 Incorporation papers, 1918, 1977-1978, 1993-1999
BOX V:57 Membership, termination of, 1993
BOX V:58 Merger of National Woman's Party and Woman's Party Corporation, 1992-1993
BOX V:58 National Park Service, 1976-1988
BOX V:58 National Woman's Party v. Pollitzer, 1947 See also Containers V:241-V:242, same heading
BOX V:58 Organizational structure, 1998
BOX V:58 Sewall-Belmont House, use of, 1991-1994
BOX V:58 Supporting documents to opinion letter, 2009
BOX V:58 Welosky v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1931
BOX V:58 Woman's Party Corporation dissolution, 1996
DF Woman's Party Corporation, digital files, 1993-1996
Digital ID: mss34355_210_153
BOX V:58 Woman's Party Corporation v. National Woman's Party
BOX V:58 Affidavits and witness lists, 1993
BOX V:58 Answers and counterclaims, 1993
BOX V:58 Board meeting, 1993
BOX V:59 Briefing notes, 1993
BOX V:59 Correspondence, 1993-1996, 2006
(2 folders)
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