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Group V: Administrative Files, 1910-2020 (continued)
BOX V:65-V:74 Membership, 1931-2013
Applications, correspondence, card files, Digital files, lists of members, charter members, and officers, mailing and invitation lists, contact lists, and material from membership drives.
Arranged alphabetically.
BOX V:65 Applications
BOX V:65 1953-1958, 1965-1982
(4 folders)
BOX V:66 1973-1989
(9 folders)
BOX V:67 1981-1989
(6 folders)
BOX V:68 1989-2010
(8 folders)
BOX OV 13-OV 22 Card files See Containers OV 13-OV 22, same heading
BOX OV 5 Charter members, life members, and founders, on parchment paper See Container OV 5, same heading
BOX OV 23 Charter membership scrolls for student branches at Howard University, National University School of Law, New York University, and Sweet Briar College See Container OV 23, same heading
DF Congressional contacts, 1991
Digital ID: mss34355_210_087
BOX V:69 Correspondence, 1968, 1975-1995
(4 folders)
BOX V:69 Donations
BOX V:69 2010-2011
(4 folders)
BOX V:70 2012-2013
(3 folders)
BOX V:70 Dues, 1960-1964, 1973-1993, undated
BOX V:70 Lists
BOX V:70 Board members and officers, 1971, 1988-1996
BOX V:70 Former members, 1981-1982, 2003, undated
BOX V:70 General membership lists
BOX V:70 1977-1981, 1989-2003, undated
(3 folders)
BOX V:71 1977-1981, 1989-2003, undated
(3 folders)
DF 1986
Digital ID: mss34355_210_089
DF 1988
Digital ID: mss34355_210_059
Digital ID: mss34355_210_060
Digital ID: mss34355_210_061
Digital ID: mss34355_210_062
Digital ID: mss34355_210_063
Digital ID: mss34355_210_089
Digital ID: mss34355_210_095
DF 1990
Digital ID: mss34355_210_076
DF 1991
Digital ID: mss34355_210_088
DF 1991-1993
Digital ID: mss34355_210_260
DF 1993-1996
Digital ID: mss34355_210_153
DF 1994
Digital ID: mss34355_210_154
DF 1997
Digital ID: mss34355_210_258
DF Membership lists sorted by state, 1991
Digital ID: mss34355_210_077
District of Columbia
Digital ID: mss34355_210_078
Maryland-New Hampshire
Digital ID: mss34355_210_083
New Jersey
Digital ID: mss34355_210_084
New York
Digital ID: mss34355_210_079
North Carolina-Oregon
Digital ID: mss34355_210_080
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont
Digital ID: mss34355_210_081
Digital ID: mss34355_210_082
BOX V:71 New members, 1972-1982
BOX V:71 Potential members, 1979-1982
BOX V:71 State branches, 1981-1991, undated
(3 folders)
BOX V:72 State branches, 1981-1991, undated
(2 folders)
DF Members and family, 2006, undated
Digital ID: mss34355_214_062
BOX V:72 Membership drives, 1979-1992
(5 folders)
BOX V:73 Membership drives, 1979-1992
(2 folders)
BOX V:73 Miscellany, 1931-2010
DF Press contacts, 1991
Digital ID: mss34355_210_086
BOX V:73 Requests for materials, 1974-1988
(2 folders)
BOX V:73 Research, 1943, 1977-2005
(3 folders)
BOX V:74 Research, 1943, 1977-2005
DF Women's organizations, 1987-1991
Digital ID: mss34355_210_085
BOX V:74-V:81 National Council, 1918-1985
The National Council was the governing body preceding the Board of Directors. Documents received in binders and grouped by year were disbound and kept in original order. Following the binders is a chronological file of the council's meeting minutes.
Arranged alphabetically and chronologically therein.
BOX V:74 Document binders
BOX V:74 Finance, 1942-1949
BOX V:74 General
BOX V:74 1918-1945
(4 folders)
BOX V:75 1945-1946
(10 folders)
BOX V:76 1946-1947, July
(8 folders)
BOX V:77 1947, Aug.-1953
(7 folders)
BOX V:78 Minutes, 1927-1944
(4 folders)
BOX V:78 Meetings and minutes
BOX V:78 1920-1930
(4 folders)
BOX V:79 1931-1973
(9 folders)
BOX V:80 1974-1981
(7 folders)
BOX V:81 1982-1985
(7 folders)
BOX V:81 Members, 1972-1985
BOX V:82-V:173 Officer and Staff Files, 1912-2019
Administrative and subject files of various staff and officers including correspondence, digital files, committee and board material, reports, printed matter, and financial material.
Arranged alphabetically by name of individual and alphabetically therein by subject or material type or chronologically arranged.
DF Adkins, Korina, 1998
Digital ID: mss34355_210_146
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