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Group V: Administrative Files, 1910-2020 (continued)
BOX V:82-V:173 Officer and Staff Files, 1912-2019
Administrative and subject files of various staff and officers including correspondence, digital files, committee and board material, reports, printed matter, and financial material.
Arranged alphabetically by name of individual and alphabetically therein by subject or material type or chronologically arranged.
DF Adkins, Korina, 1998
Digital ID: mss34355_210_146
DF Albright, Ivy, 2019
Digital ID: mss34355_214_014
BOX V:82 Allen, Donna
Files pertain primarily to financial matters.
BOX V:82 1979-1999
(4 folders)
DF 1991-1994
Digital ID: mss34355_210_204
DF 1993-1994
Digital ID: mss34355_210_277
BOX V:82 Arnold, Helen
Educational activities of NWP, Cook Foundation, miscellaneous letters and memos.
BOX V:82 1983-1987
(2 folders)
DF 1993-1994
Digital ID: mss34355_210_197
DF 1995-1996
Digital ID: mss34355_210_150
BOX V:82 Chittick, Elizabeth
BOX V:82 ABC News, 1976-1977
BOX V:82 Abell, Martha, 1979-1987
BOX V:82 Abzug, Bella S., 1973-1976
BOX V:82 Addams-Hull House, Chicago, Ill., 1975-1983
BOX V:82 Advertising, 1974-1982
BOX V:82 Affirmative action, 1979-1981, 1989
BOX V:83 Agency for International Development, 1976-1982
BOX V:83 Aging, 1975-1982
BOX V:83 Airlines, discrimination, 1982-1986
BOX V:83 Alimony, 1972-1979
BOX V:83 Allan, Virginia R., 1972-1977
BOX V:83 American Association of University Women, 1944-1946, 1972-1989
(4 folders)
BOX V:83 American Cancer Society, 1973-1986
BOX V:84 American Federation of Government Employees, 1973-1974
BOX V:84 Americans for Religious Liberty, 1987
BOX V:84 American News Women's Club, 1984-1986
BOX V:84 American Nurses' Association, 1977-1987
BOX V:84 American Women in Radio and Television, 1983-1984
BOX V:84 Anthony, Susan B., 1965-1979
BOX V:84 Armstrong, Anne, 1972-1976, 1985
BOX V:84 Arnold, Helen, 1981-1982
BOX V:84 Arnold, Margaret, 1964, 1976-1988
BOX V:84 Artists, 1973-1974
BOX V:84 Association for Women in Psychology, 1979-1981
BOX V:84 Associations, 1980-1984
BOX V:84 Australia, 1984
BOX V:84 Avery, K. C., 1976-1983
BOX V:84 Avery, Nina Horton, 1964-1965, 1971-1975
BOX V:84 Awards, 1979-1986
BOX V:85 "A" miscellaneous, 1968-1989
BOX V:85 Backes, Alice, 1977-1980
BOX V:85 Banking, 1984
BOX V:85 Baraka-Love, Jeanne, 1986
BOX V:85 Barker, Nancy, 1978-1982
BOX V:85 Baroody, William J., 1975-1976
BOX V:85 Barry, Marion, 1980-1985
BOX V:85 Barry, Vivian, 1982
BOX V:85 Basham, Lou Ann, 1980-1986
BOX V:85 Bayh, Birch, 1968-1980
BOX V:85 Bergen, Polly, 1981-1984
BOX V:85 Berger, Caruthers, 1972-1988
BOX V:85 Bethune, Mary McLeod, 1985
BOX V:85 Bey, Charles, 1982
BOX V:85 Black affairs, 1977-1985
BOX V:85 Black women, 1974-1984
BOX V:86 Black Women's Agenda, 1984-1989
BOX V:86 B'nai B'rith women, 1981-1986
BOX V:86 Bond, Gallagher and Polos, 1975
BOX V:86 Botts, Mercedes, 1982-1986
BOX V:86 Boycott Florida for ERA, 1978-1980
BOX V:86 Boyle, Fay, 1975-1977
BOX V:86 Brandt, Zelma Corning, 1973-1975, 1984-1986
BOX V:86 Brent, Margaret, 1963-1970
BOX V:86 Broadcasting, 1973-1976
(2 folders)
BOX V:86 Budget, 1977, 1983-1987
BOX V:86 Bulletin subscription correspondence, 1983
BOX V:86 Burr Communications Agency, 1972-1973, 1982
BOX V:86 Bush, George, 1974
BOX V:86 Business and Professional Women's Club--USA, 1984-1988
BOX V:87 Business and Professional Women's Club--USA, 1984-1988
(2 folders)
BOX V:87 Butler, Dolly Lee, 1971-1974
BOX V:87 "B" miscellaneous, 1971-1986
(2 folders)
BOX V:87 Callister, Marion, 1981-1982
BOX V:87 Candidates for president and vice president, statements on ERA, 1958-1968, 1979
BOX V:87 Capitalism, 1981
BOX V:87 Capitol Hill Restoration Society, 1977-1987
BOX V:88 Capitol Hill Southeast Citizens Association of Washington, D. C., 1970-1976
BOX V:88 Capitol Police, 1973-1974
BOX V:88 Carpenter, Liz, 1977-1980
BOX V:88 Carter, Jimmy, 1973-1983
(2 folders)
BOX V:88 Carter, Rosalynn, 1977-1980, 1988
BOX V:88 Caserta, Isabel Chaly, 1974-1976, 1985-1986
BOX V:88 Catalyst, 1981-1985
BOX V:88 Catholics, 1945, 1964, 1970-1982
BOX V:88 "Celebrate Women," 1981
BOX V:88 Census, 1975-1983
BOX V:88 Challenge Fund, 1986
BOX V:88 Choices, 1984-1985
BOX V:88 Christian Science Monitor, 1973-1978
BOX V:88 Civil Rights Act, 1990-1991
BOX V:88 Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987, 1985-1988
BOX V:89 Clearinghouse on Women's Issues, 1981-1984
BOX V:89 Coal employment project, 1983-1987
BOX V:89 Colleges and universities, 1946, 1972-1981
BOX V:89 Communiqu'elles, 1981-1984
BOX V:89 Conference for College Women, 1985-1987
BOX V:89 Conferences, 1972-1980
BOX V:89 Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues, 1978-1987
(3 folders)
BOX V:89 Congressional Digest, 1977
BOX V:89 Congressional legislation, 1943, 1956-1974
BOX V:89 Congressional Record, 1972-1974, 1987-1989
BOX V:90 Congressional Union, 1981
BOX V:90 Constitutional convention, 1984
BOX V:90 Consumer affairs, 1975-1977
BOX V:90 Consumer Product Safety Commission, 1972-1975, 1985
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