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National Woman's Party records, 1850-2022

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Group V: Scrapbooks, 1887-2004 (continued)
BOX V:403 1925-1928
BOX V:404 1928-1930
BOX V:405 1932-1933
BOX OV 92 REEL II:169 National Woman's Suffrage Association newspaper clippings, 1909
Newspaper clippings
BOX OV 92 REEL II:170 Vol. 1, 1909
BOX OV 93 REEL II:170 Vol. 2, 1909-1910
BOX OV 94 REEL II:170 Vol. 3, 1910-1911
Political Equality Association, publications and miscellaneous pamphlets
BOX R OV 112 Vol. 1 See Container R OV 112, same heading
BOX OV 95 Vol. 2, 1909-1917
BOX OV 90 Progress Equality Association, 1910
BOX V:406 Publicity, 1922-1926, undated
BOX R OV 113 Catt, Carrie Chapman, "Votes for Women Cartoons" See Container R OV 113, same heading
DF Digitized selected scrapbooks and condition reports, undated
Digital ID: mss34355_214_031
Equal Rights Amendment
BOX OV 96 Vol. 1, 1942-1943
BOX OV 97 Vol. 2, 1957-1958
BOX OV 98 Vol. 3, 1974-1975
BOX V:406 Equal Rights International Conference, Geneva, Switzerland, photograph album, circa 1930
"Garden of Gods," National Woman's Party pageant, Colorado
BOX OV 99 Newspaper clippings and photographs, 1923
BOX OV 99 Photographs, 1923
BOX OV 100 Inter-American Conference, newspaper clippings from Mexico and the United States, 1945
BOX V:406 International Woman Suffrage Alliance, Paris, France, 1926
BOX OV 101 Journal of Four Months Travel in Europe, Jane H. Spofford, 1887
BOX OV 102 Magazine and newspaper clippings, circa 1910-circa 1940
BOX OV 103 National Woman's Party Conventions, newspaper clippings and photographs, 1949
National Woman's Party miscellany
BOX OV 100 Vol. 1, 1923-1956
BOX OV 104 Vol. 2, circa 1940-circa 1957
Newspaper clippings
BOX V:407 Vol. 1, 1916-1917
(2 folders)
BOX R OV 114 Vol. 2 See Container R OV 114, same heading
BOX R OV 114 Vol. 3 See Container R OV 114, same heading
BOX OV 100 Vol. 4, 1930-1932
BOX V:407 Vol. 5, 1936
BOX OV 100 Vol. 6, 1940
BOX OV 105 Vol. 7, green cover, 1943-1944
BOX V:407 Vol. 8, 1943-1944
(2 folders)
Ogle, Dora Gelletly, scrapbook collection
BOX OV 106 Biographies and portraits of National Woman's Party leaders, 1938, 1945, undated
BOX OV 107 Covers of The Suffragist, 1914-1919, 1942
BOX OV 108 Photographs, 1910-1944
BOX OV 109 Vol. 1, 1920-1954
BOX OV 106 Vol. 2, 1929-1938
BOX OV 107 Seventy-fifth anniversary, 1995
BOX OV 104 Shriner, Sara, memory book, 1932-1997, 2004
BOX R OV 110-R OV 114 Restricted, 1889-1942
A poster and scrapbooks too fragile to access are restricted pending conservation treatment.
Listed and described according to the group, series, containers, and folders from which the material was separated.
Group V: Printed Matter
BOX R OV 110 Pankhurst, Emmeline, Hartford, Conn., 1911 (Container OV 48, same heading)
Group V: Scrapbooks
BOX R OV 111 Hartford Equal Franchise League, press clippings, 1889-1913
BOX R OV 112 Political Equality Association, publications and miscellaneous pamphlets, vol. 1, circa 1889-1920
BOX R OV 113 Catt, Carrie Chapman, "Votes for Women Cartoons," 1917-1942
BOX R OV 114 Newspaper clippings, vol. 2, 1926-1928
BOX R OV 114 Newspaper clippings, vol. 3, 1929-1930
BOX OV 1-OV 109 Oversize, Groups I-V, 1913-1916
Oversize for Groups I-IV consists of a photograph, broadsides, posters, and other printed ephemera. Group V oversize is extensive and includes photographs, an album of cartes de visite, posters, printed matter, membership scrolls and card files, and the card catalog for the Florence Bayard Hilles Library. The majority of the scrapbook collection is oversize. For the complete list of scrapbook volumes, including the oversize volumes, See Group V: Scrapbooks. A more complete description of the Congressional voting card files and related correspondence is in the Congressional Voting Cards subseries.
Listed and described according to the group, series, containers, and folders from which the material was separated. The items are physically grouped and housed by size.
Group I: Newspaper clippings
BOX OV 1 Scrapbooks, representative samples, 1914-1919 (Container I:146) (Reel 95)
Group II: Photographs
Group photographs
BOX OV 2 Frame no. 46, 1916 (Container II: 276)
Group IV: Addition III
BOX OV 3 Broadsides, posters, and other items, 1913-1915, undated (Container IV:16)
Group V: Administrative Files
BOX OV 4 Equal Rights Amendment, parade and rally posters, 1976-1978 (Container V:18, same heading)
BOX OV 5 Suffrage, pickets list on parchment scrolls, undated
BOX OV 6-10 Congressional voting cards See full listing in Group V:Administrative files, same heading
Financial records
BOX OV 11 Ledgers and transaction notebooks, 1969-1993 (Container V:51, same heading)
(6 vols.)
BOX OV 12 Ledgers and transaction notebooks, 1972-1984 (Container V:51, same heading)
(2 vols.)
Card files
BOX OV 13 Life members, founders, and officers, circa 1950-1970
BOX OV 14 Mailing list card file 1, 1935-1949
BOX OV 15 Mailing list card file 2, 1949-1969
BOX OV 16 Mailing list card file 3, circa 1980
BOX OV 17 Mailing list card file 4, circa 1980
BOX OV 18 Members card file 1, undated
BOX OV 19 Members card file 2, undated
BOX OV 20 Members card file 3, undated
BOX OV 21 Members card file 4, undated
BOX OV 22 Members card file 5, undated
BOX OV 5 Charter members, life members, founders, on parchment paper, undated
(2 folders, 2 scrolls)
BOX OV 23 Charter membership scrolls for student branches at Howard University, National University School of Law, New York University, and Sweet Briar College, undated
Officer and staff files
Chittick, Elizabeth
BOX OV 4 Equal Rights Amendment poster, circa 1977 (Container V:101, Posters)
Shriner, Sara
BOX OV 24 American Friends Service Committee anti-war posters, circa 1930 (Container 171, Printed matter)
BOX OV 25 National Council for the Prevention of War, "General pact for the renunciation of war" poster, circa 1930 (Container 171, Printed matter)
BOX OV 26 National Council for the Prevention of War, posters, circa 1930-circa 1935 (Container 171, Printed matter)
Programs and events
BOX OV 27 Ochoa, Ellen, event, 1999 (Container V:198, same heading)
Sewall-Belmont House
Construction and renovation
BOX OV 28 Architectural drawings, 1931 (Container V:207, Drawings and blueprints)
BOX OV 29 Blueprints, 1929 (Container V:207, Drawings and blueprints)
BOX OV 27 Drawings, 1942, undated
(2 folders)
Library card catalog
Alphabetical files
BOX OV 30 A-D, undated
BOX OV 31 E-H, undated
BOX OV 32 I-Pa, undated
BOX OV 33 Pe-U.S. Woman's Bureau, undated
BOX OV 34 U.S. Army-Z, undated
Numerical listing
BOX OV 35 000-820, undated
BOX OV 36 823-970, serial record, unfiled cards, undated
Group V: Alphabetical File
BOX OV 4 "L" miscellaneous, drawing of Mrs. Lufkin, undated (Container V:296, "L" miscellaneous)
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