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Personal Papers, 1894-1936 (continued)
BOX 1-2 Tributes, 1900-1936
Two volumes of correspondence, condolences, thank-you notes, messages of congratulations, awards, interviews, testimonials, certificates, photographs, newspaper clippings, biographical material, and printed articles and speeches.
Volume one contains testimonials and tributes; volume two includes messages of condolences upon Little's death.
BOX 1 Vol. I, 1900-1936, undated
BOX 2 Vol. II, 1935-1936, undated
BOX 3-6 Speeches and Writings, 1894-1934
Holograph, typed, and printed speeches, lectures and articles by Little.
Arranged chronologically by year and thereunder by name of speech, article, or lecture.
BOX 3 Articles
1894, “Industrial Applications of Cellulose Thiocarbonates and Products Derived Therefrom”
1899, “James Mason Crafts”
1900, “Viscose”
1903, “The Durability of Paper”
1906, “Chemistry and the Generation of Power”
1909, “A Laboratory for Public Service”
“The Basis of Quality in Paper”
“Chemical Fakes”
“Chemistry and Dividends”
“The Chemist's Place in Industry”
“The Paper-maker's Trouble Book”
1915, Report of the Visiting Committee of the Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.
“A Five-year Course in Chemical Engineering,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.
“Industrial Research”
“Industrial Research for Railroads”
Report of industrial researches
“Chemistry and the Special Library”
“Developing the Estate”
Report of Omnibus Committee, American Chemical Society
“The Day of the Chemical Engineer”
“The Petroleum Outlook”
“The Fuel Problem”
“Natural Resources in Their Relation to Military Supplies”
“On the Making of Silk Purses from Sow's Ears”
“Science's Future with Oil”
“Are We Burning Up Our Future?”
Chemical engineering education report of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers
“Let the Chemists Pay Your Bills”
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering report, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.
“Hidden Profits in the Product Itself”
“Report of Committee on Economy of Fuel and Economy of Raw Materials”
“Physics and Civilization”
“The Contributions of Science to Manufacturing”
“The Industrial Chemist-Advertising Partner”
“Chemical Engineering Pervades All Petroleum Technology”
“Chemical Industry”
“Coal Consumption as Affected by Increased Efficiency and Other Factors”
“Migration of Industry”
“Some Radical Speculations about Gas”
“Progress of Chemistry in 1927"
BOX 4 1929
“Chemical Engineering in the U. S.”
“Progress of Chemistry in 1928"
“Appreciation of Ellwood Hendrick”
“The Value of Technological Research”
1931, “Present Developments in Chemistry”
1932, “The Silver Anniversary of Chemical Engineering in America”
“Appreciation of Mr. Everett Morss”
“Baekeland of the ’1000 Uses'”
“A Quarter Century in Industrial Service”
“The Technocracy Bubble”
1934, “Protean Plastics”
“Elements of Chemical Engineering”
“Industrial Research in America”
“The Industrial Research Opportunities of the South”
“Report of the Official Chemist”
“Science in Paper-making”
“Synthesis of Southern Wealth”
Notes and Outlines, 1911-1916, undated
Speeches and Lectures
1900, “New Cellulose Industries”
1903, “New Cellulose Industries in the U. S.”
1906, “Chemist and the Community”
“Official Chemist of the American Paper and Pulp Association”
“The United Field of Chemistry”
1909, “The Cotton Fiber Substance and Its Properties”
1911, “The Earning Power of Chemistry”
Algonquin Club speech for visitors to the Eighth International Congress of Applied Chemistry, New York, N. Y.
American Chemical Society, Maine section
“Industrial Research in America”
Nichols-Hesse Dinner
“Paper-making and the Properties of Paper”
BOX 5 1915
“The Dyestuff Situation and Its Lesson”
Fiftieth anniversary of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Mass.
“The Industrial Resources and Opportunities of the South”
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chemical Society, Cambridge, Mass.
“University and Business”
“The Chemical Engineer As a World Factor”
“Organization, Plan and Scope of the Natural Resources Survey of Canada”
“Utilization of Wood Waste”
“The Chemist”
Laboratory staff on exemption of chemists re World War I military service
“The Relationship of Research to Industrial Development”
Abstract and extension of testimony before the Federal Trade Commission
“Organization of Industrial Research”
“Chemistry and the South”
“Industrial Research”
“The Organization and Conduct of an Industrial Laboratory”
1920, “Natural Resources in Their Relation to Military Supplies”
“The Dependence of the Lime Industry upon Nature and Science”
“Energy: Its Sources and Future Possibilities”
“The History and Manufacture of Book Papers”
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