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Arthur D. Little, Inc., Files, 1886-1973 (continued)
Reports, 1890-1948 (continued)
BOX 213-308 Special Reports, 1896-1948
Bound typed reports, Series A and Series B, each containing technical reports for clients.
Organized as bound and received from Arthur D. Little, Inc. Reports in Series A are generally on one subject, whereas reports in Series B are on various subjects relating to the same client. Indexes are contained in the main indexes for the period 1918-1941 (Containers 45-46) in the Miscellaneous Technical Reports subseries.
BOX 213 Series A
Vol. 1, Carbon Electric Generator Co., 1896
BOX 214 Vol. 2, Technical development of viscose on the continent of Europe and in Great Britain, 1899
BOX 215 Vol. 3, Colonial Trust Co., plant and output of the Eddystone Manufacturing Co., Eddystone, Pa., 1903
Part I
BOX 216 Part II
BOX 217 Vol. 4, Moore Electrolytic Co., manufacture of chlorine and alkali by electrolysis, 1901
BOX 218 Vol. 5, G. P. Fish, preliminary tests of the Parsons Complete Combustion System, 1908
Part I, text
BOX 219 Part II, blueprints
BOX 220 Vol. 6, James L. Richards, use of coal tar in the surface treatment of roads, 1908
BOX 221 Vol. 7, United States Glass Co., combustion tests, 1909
BOX 222 Vol. 8, Stone and Webster Management Association, car painting practices, 1909
BOX 223 Vol. 9, F. P. Royce, sulphur in gas, 1909
BOX 224 Vol. 10, Anthony Tucker and Co., use of blaugas, 1910
BOX 225 Vol. 11, Rockland-Rockport Lime Co., proposed erection of a portland cement mill, 1910
BOX 226 Vol. 12, Texas-Portland Cement Co., performance of the powerhouse of the cement plant at Cement, Texas, 1910
BOX 227 Vol. 13, General Motors Corp., preliminary report on comparative performance of magnetos, 1911
BOX 228 Vol. 14, General Motors Corp., progress reports, 1911
BOX 229 Vol. 15, N. Sumner Myrick, proposal to manufacture balanced fish fertilizer from Newfoundland cod waste, 1911
BOX 230 Vol. 16, Hirsch Syndicate, Ltd, production of ethyl alcohol from wood waste, 1911
BOX 231 Vol. 17, United Fruit Co., Simmons process for sugar manufacture, 1911
BOX 232 Vol. 18, Standard Alcohol Co., 1914
BOX 233 Vol. 19, United Fruit Co., 1911-1913
BOX 234 Vol. 20, Union Bag and Paper Co., inspection of Fenimore Sulphite Mill, Hudson Falls, N.Y., 1912
BOX 235 Vol. 21, Standard Alcohol Co., progress of research on alcohol from wood, 1912
BOX 236 Vol. 22, United Fruit Co., progress of research on the Simmons process re fiber and pith, 1912
BOX 237 Vol. 23, International Paper Co., special fiber reports, 1910
BOX 238 Vol. 24, Diamond State Fibre Co., paper mill at Bridgeport, Pa, 1913
BOX 239 Vol. 25, Standard Alcohol Co., Fullerton, La., plant, 1913
BOX 240 Vol. 26, United Fruit Co., progress of research on Simmons process re fiber and pith, 1913
BOX 241 Vol. 27, United Mineral Co., garnet property at Wilmot, N. H., and garnet and sandpaper businesses, 1913
BOX 242 Vol. 28, Wausau Paper Mills Co., inspection of sulphite mill, Brokaw, Wisc., 1913
BOX 243 Vol. 29, U.S. Smelting, Refining and Mining Exploration Co., values existing in Searles' Lake, San Bernardino County, Calif., and a proposed method for recovering these values, 1913
BOX 244 Vol. 30, George A. Fernald and Co., Bear River Paper Co., Petoskey, Mich., 1914
BOX 245 Vol. 31, Great Southern Lumber Co., wood waste utilization, abstract, 1914
BOX 246 Vol. 32, Great Southern Lumber Co., wood waste utilization, 1914
BOX 247 Vol. 33, Houston Oil Co. of Texas, utilization of wood waste from land clearing operations, 1914
BOX 248 Vol. 34, Southern Wood Distillates and Fibre Co., board mill at Bogalusa, La., 1914
BOX 249 Vol. 35, American Writing Paper Co., preliminary report to stockholders' committee on eastern Mills, Holyoke, Mass., 1915
BOX 250 Vol. 36, International Paper Co., Glen Sulphite Mill, Berlin, N.H., 1915
BOX 251 Vol. 37, United Fruit Co., alcohol production from residual sugars in bagasse, 1917
BOX 252 Vol. 38, Seaman Waste Wood Chemical Co., Seaman rotary retort process for hard wood distillation, 1917
BOX 253 Vol. 39, American Writing Paper Co., supplemental report on mills, 1917
BOX 254 Vol. 40, Adams Bag Co., papermaking processes at Chagrin Falls, Ohio, 1918
BOX 255 Vol. 42, Experiment Station, Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association, papermaking qualities of Hawaiian bagasse, 1918
BOX 256 Vol. 43, cellulose butyrate, raw materials necessary for its production and sources of supply, 1918
BOX 257 Vol. 44, Gas Defense Service, the “sucked-on” filter, 1919
BOX 258 Vol. 45, Gordon Battelle, ammonia sulphate process for the recovery of zinc, 1919
BOX 259 Vol. 46, Patel Brothers, papermaking qualities of India Bamboo, 1919
BOX 260 Vol. 47, Charles H. Thompson and others, the Belvedere Mountain, Eden, Vt., asbestos deposit, 1919
BOX 261 Vol. 48, Schmidt Lithograph Co., possible location for a board mill on the Pacific Coast, 1920
BOX 262 Vol. 49, Lester Leland, budget proposals of the Naugatuck Chemical Co., 1920
BOX 263 Vol. 50, Southern Cotton Oil Co., papermaking qualities of cotton linters and hull fiber, 1920
BOX 264 Vol. 51, DuPont Chemical Co., manufacture of book paper from loblolly pine and sweet gum wood, 1920
BOX 265 Vol. 52, Joseph Newberger, trustee, investigation of de-inked newspapers and waste cotton fiber into newsprint paper, 1920
BOX 266 Vol. 53, City of Boston, Boston Consolidated Gas Co., operations, 1920
BOX 267 Vol. 54, Cudahy Packing Co., valuation report on volcanic glass properties, 1921
BOX 268 Vol. 55, Edison Electric Illuminating Co. of Boston, use of processed fuel in central power stations
Part I, 1921
BOX 269 Part II, 1923
BOX 270 Part III, 1924
BOX 271 Vol. 56, Myles Salt Co., valuation of salt property, 1921
BOX 272 Vol. 57, Magnesia Talc Co., valuation of talc mining property, 1921
BOX 273 Vol. 58, Arizona Asbestos Association, valuation of asbestos properties, 1921
BOX 274 Vol. 59, Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co., valuation of phosphate properties, 1922
BOX 275 Vol. 60, Whitehead Brothers Co., valuation of foundry sand properties, 1921
BOX 276 Vol. 61, U. S. Silica Co., valuation of silica sand properties, 1922
[Vols. 62-70, not received]
BOX 277 Vol. 71, American Cyanamid Co., valuation of phosphate properties, 1922
BOX 278 Vol. 73, North American Co., electrochemical and electrothermal industries in relation to sale of electric power in Milwaukee, Wisc., 1922-1923
BOX 279 Vol. 74, Blair and Co., Ramage process for producing motor spirit, 1922
BOX 280 Vol. 75, sodium tungstate manufacture, 1922
BOX 281 Vol. 78, zinc oxide, 1923
BOX 282 Vol. 120, Forbes Varnish Co., formulas and methods for lacquers, varnishes, and finishes with nitrocellulose base, 1924-1927
BOX 283 Vol. 140, Magnolia Petroleum Co., various subjects
Part I, 1926-1927
BOX 284 Part II, 1928-1929
BOX 285 Vol. 142, Baugh and Sons Co., decolorizing chars, 1927
BOX 286 Unbound
Vol. 41, Kingsport Pulp Corp., operating conditions of soda pulp mill, 1918
Vol. 59, Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co., valuation report on phosphate properties, 1922
Vol. 60, Whitehead Brothers Co., valuation report on foundry sand properties, 1921
Vol. 72, Leolith Products Corp., manufacture of a mineralized wallboard, 1922
Vol. 76, Bogalusa Paper Co., natural salt cake properties, 1923
Vol. 77, George Bradden, sodium fluoride from waste fluorine gases, 1921
Vol. 79, American Smelting and Refining Co., caustic process manufacture of calcium arsenate, 1924
BOX 287 Vol. 80, Johnson-Cowdin-Emmerich, Inc., application of scientific control to color problems, 1924
Vol. 81, Central Maine Power Co., resources and industries of Maine, 1924
Vol. 82, Hawaiian Pineapple Co. Ltd., pineapple mulching paper, boxboard and fiberboard from bagasse, 1924
Vol. 83, T. H. Watkins, commercial evaluation of Trent amalgam, 1923
Vol. 84, Plymouth Rubber Co., audit reports
A, 1923
B, 1924
Vol. 85, Harleston Gravel Co., valuation report, 1924
BOX 288 Vol. 86, preliminary report to the Standard Lumber Co. on its opportunity for manufacturing paper products, 1924
Vol. 87, report to Crunden-Martin Manufacturing Co. on the manufacture of vitreous enamelware, 1924
(2 folders)
Vol. 88, valuation report on the “cyanamid process” for the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen to American Cyanamid Co., 1924
Vol. 89, Finkbine Lumber Co., feasibility of engaging in the manufacture of pulp and paper, 1924
Vol. 91, Southern Syndicate, Dan River Power, 1925
Vol. 92, Bautwell, Milne and Varnum Co., valuation of quarry and property holdings, 1925
BOX 289 Vol. 93, Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir), investigation of Trumble Processes at Alhambra, Calif., 1924
Vol. 94, Central Maine Power Co., artificial silk, 1925
Vol. 95, Industrial Lumber Co., report on Calcasieu Manufacturing Co., 1925
Vol. 96, American Rapidase Co., comparison of designing properties of rapidase and distafor, 1925
Vol. 97, Johnson and Johnson, development of an absorbent material from seed flax straw, 1925
Vol. 98, Hawaiian Pineapple Co., final report on evaluation of clarite manufacture, 1925
Vol. 98s, Hawaiian Pineapple Co., supplement to final report on evaluation of clarite manufacture, 1926
Vol. 99, Central Maine Power Co., apple storage, the commercial apple industry and the apple products industry, 1925
Vol.100, Fels and Co., influence of naphtha on lathering properties of soap, 1925
BOX 290 Vol. 101, Grass Fiber Pulp and Paper Corp., report on properties, 1926
Vol. 102, Hugh Macrae, proposed sulphate pulp and kraft paper mill for Wilmington, N. C., 1923
Vol. 103, Shields and Co., analysis of factors affecting the industrial alcohol industry, 1926
Vol. 104, Silver Lake Co., finishing and sizing materials for cotton fiber, 1926
Vol. 105, Byrne Bros. Construction Co. of Mexico, water power development and cement manufacture at San Sebastian, Mexico, 1926
Vol. 106, Magnolia Petroleum Co., Schulze process for manufacturing lubricating oils, 1926
(2 folders)
BOX 291 Vol. 107, Magnolia Petroleum Co. “cracking process” for the manufacture of gasoline, 1926
(3 folders)
Vol. 108, American Cyanamid Co., valuation of the Florida properties, 1926
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