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Arthur D. Little, Inc., Files, 1886-1973 (continued)
Reports, 1890-1948 (continued)
Special Reports, 1896-1948 (continued)
BOX 290 Vol. 101, Grass Fiber Pulp and Paper Corp., report on properties, 1926
Vol. 102, Hugh Macrae, proposed sulphate pulp and kraft paper mill for Wilmington, N. C., 1923
Vol. 103, Shields and Co., analysis of factors affecting the industrial alcohol industry, 1926
Vol. 104, Silver Lake Co., finishing and sizing materials for cotton fiber, 1926
Vol. 105, Byrne Bros. Construction Co. of Mexico, water power development and cement manufacture at San Sebastian, Mexico, 1926
Vol. 106, Magnolia Petroleum Co., Schulze process for manufacturing lubricating oils, 1926
(2 folders)
BOX 291 Vol. 107, Magnolia Petroleum Co. “cracking process” for the manufacture of gasoline, 1926
(3 folders)
Vol. 108, American Cyanamid Co., valuation of the Florida properties, 1926
Vol. 109, Chicago Mill and Lumber Co., bindersboard industry, 1926
Vol. 110, Robert Gair Co., investigation of the industrial pollution of the Oxoboxo River, 1926
Vol. 111, Container Corp. of America, survey of steam and power conditions at the Cincinnati, Ohio, mill, 1926
Vol. 112, Herbert H. Maass, manufacture of thin plywood and the production of pressed and fabricated articles therefrom, 1926
BOX 292 Vol. 113, Dixon Board Mills, survey of steam and power conditions at the Carthage Mill, 1926
Vol. 114, Grove-Dowling Hardwood Co., manufacture of citrus crates, 1927-1928
(2 folders)
Vol. 115, Bachelder-Worcester Co., special processes for the manufacture of wood flour, 1927
Vol. 116, Grove-Dowling Hardwood Co., papermaking possibilities of miscellaneous hardwood cypress, palmetto, and eucalyptus at Gulf Hammock, Fla., 1927
Vol. 117, American Cyanamid Co., valuation report on the “cyanamid process” for the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen, 1928
Vol. 118, Natickbox and Board Co., improvement of boxboard quality, 1927
Vol. 119, Butler Paper Corp., newsprint paper project for Logtown, Miss., 1926
Vol. 121, Exchange Lemon Products Co., plant and process for the manufacture of citric acid, 1927
Vol. 122, Syndicating Bond and Sharp Corp., alum, water glass, white cement, from feldspar and kaolin, 1927
Vol. 123, Technical Economist Corp., comparison of pulp strengths, 1927
Vol. 124, Exchange Lemon Products Co., manufacture of pectin from culled lemon, 1927
Vol. 125, Chicago Mill and Lumber Co., steam and power survey of mill at Helena, Ark., 1927
Vol. 126, Chicago Mill and Lumber Co., steam and power survey of mill at Greenville, Miss., 1927
Vol. 127, Trent Process Corp., Trent process for producing domestic fuels from Rhode Island and Massachusetts coal and Pennsylvania anthracite screenings, 1927
BOX 293 Vol. 128, George A. Hormel and Co., preliminary survey of processes and problems, 1927
Vol. 129, Technical Economist Corp., comparison of pulp strengths, 1927
Vol. 130, Cooking of hard woods, 1925
Vol. 131, Tobacco By-Products and Chemical Corp., insulating board from tobacco by-products, 1927
Vol. 132, Champion-International Co., proposed changes in steam power equipment, 1928
Vol. 133, W. S. Libby Co., staple fiber manufacture, 1928
Vol. 134, Grove-Dowling Hardwood Co., manufacture of citrus crates, 1928
Vol. 135, New England Public Service Co., possibilities of a linen fiber industry in New England, 1928
Vol. 136, Hardwood Products Corp., progress report no. 1 on the fireproofing of wood, 1928
BOX 294 Vol. 137, South American Gold and Platinum Co., chemical and physical properties of platinum and its alloys and substitutes, 1928
Vol. 138, F. L. Carlisle and Co., annual plants as sources of raw material for papermaking, 1929
Vol. 139, Thomas A. Edison, survey of cement plant at New Village, N. J., 1929
Vol. 141, Edison Storage Battery Co., iron-nickel-alkaline battery, 1929
Vol. 143, American Smelting and Refining Co., production of calcium carbide at Rosita, Coahuila, Mexico, 1929
Vol. 144, Atlas Tack Corp., investigation of Primo crowns, etc., 1929
Vol. 145, Trent Process Corp., miscellaneous reports on Trent amalgam, 1927-1929
Vol. 146, Richardson Co., Baumgartner-Katz molding process, 1930
BOX 295 Vol. 147, Campbell Soup Co., utilization of tomato waste, 1930
Vol. 148, Kellog Birdseye and Titsworth Clifford and Co., investigation of Grindrod process, 1931
Vol. 149, USL Battery Corp., survey and development of electrolytic condensers, 1931
Vol. 150, American Maize-Products Co., undeveloped potential of corn products, 1931
Vol. 151, Diatomite Products Co., examination of diatomite deposits in Lake County, Fla., 1931
Vol. 152, Texas Gulf Sulphur Co., relative advantages of sulphur and pyrites in the Scandinavian sulphite pulp industry, 1931
Vol. 153, Griess-Pfleger Tanning Co., control of tannery operations, 1931
Vol. 154, Lever Brothers Co., analysis of infringement issue in light of tri-party inspection, 1931
BOX 296 Vol. 155, American Maize-Products Co., production and utilization of zein, 1931
Vol. 156, Lever Brothers Co., prior art of spray dying, parts I and II, 1932
(3 folders)
Vol. 157, Oppenheimer Casing Co., artificial sausage-casing industry, 1932
Vol. 159, Lever Brothers Co., factors controlling rate of flow of soap through capillaries, 1934
Vol. 161, Owens-Illinois Glass Co., spark photographs of nozzles blowing glass wool, 1933
Vol. 162, Owens-Illinois Glass Co., comparative transmission of heating effect from solar radiation through standard steel sash and “O.-I.” glass block, 1933
BOX 297 Vol. 163, Fibre Conduit Co., process and product of Wilson Leather Co., 1935
(2 folders)
Vol. 164, Merrimac Chemical Co., comparison of processes for making butyl alcohol, 1935
Vol. 165, Merchants Refrigerating Co., effects of current trends in reduction of quick frozen foods, eggs, and green fruit on warehouse occupancy, parts I-III, 1938
(3 folders)
BOX 298 Vol. 166, Merchants Refrigerating Co., economic aspects of proposed fish freezer for Fulton Market, 1938
Vol. 167, United Gas Improvement Co., investigation of developmental program for manufacture of oil gas and other hydrocarbon products suitable for fuels, chemical intermediates, resin raw material, and solvents, 1938
Vol. 168, General Aniline and Film Corp., trade position, products, research, and patents of Winthrop Chemical Co., 1942
Vol. 169, General Aniline and Film Corp., trade position, products, research and patents of Alab Pharmaceutical Co., 1942
Vol. 171, Puerto Rico Development Co., proposed edible oil plant, 1943
Series B
Vol. 5, Craton and Knight Co., leather problems, 1927
(2 folders)
BOX 299 Vol. 6, Lever Brothers Co., manufacture and distribution of soap products, 1938-1946
Vol. 7, Martin-Dennis Co., manufacture of bichromate and its derivatives, 1928-1942
(3 folders)
Vol. 8, Thermoid Rubber Co., development of brake linings, 1928-1931
pp. 1-460
(3 folders)
BOX 300 pp. 461-591
Vol. 9, Owens-Illinois Glass Co., glass research, 1931-1932
(4 folders)
Vol. 10, E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., litigation over Duco lacquer patents, 1932
pp. 1-188
(2 folders)
BOX 301 pp. 189-383
Vol. 11, Lever Brothers Co., research on shortenings, 1932
(3 folders)
Vol. 12, E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., cellophane patent suit litigation, 1932
pp. 1-329
(3 folders)
BOX 302 pp. 330-410
Vol. 16, Penick and Ford, available iron in foods, 1937-1938
(6 folders)
BOX 303 Vol. 17, Bristol-Myers Co., laxatives, 1937-1945
(3 folders)
Vol. 18, National Feldspar Association, markets for feldspar, 1937-1938
(2 folders)
Vol. 19, F. Eberstadt and Co., technical advice for Chemical Fund, 1938-1941
pp. 1-134
BOX 304 pp. 135-858
(4 folders)
Vol. 20, General Motors Corp., comparison of regular and cold-wall Frigidaires, 1938-1939
pp. 1-250
(2 folders)
BOX 305 pp. 251-501
(2 folders)
Vol. 21, Bristol-Myers Co., investigation of keratin, 1939-1940
(4 folders)
pp. 1-905
BOX 306 pp. 905-1424
(2 folders)
Vol. 22, General Printing Ink, inks and pigments, 1939-1940
(3 folders)
Vol. 23, Bristol-Myers Co., clinical research on keratin and wound healing, 1939-1944
pp. 1-291
(2 folders)
BOX 307 pp. 292-960
(5 folders)
Vol. 24, Dow Chemical Co., glycine, 1939-1940
(2 folders)
BOX 308 Vol. 25, A. B. Dick Co., ink and stencils, 1940-1948
(4 folders)
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