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David B. Quinn papers, 1109-1994

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BOX 110-167 Writings, circa 1351-1994
Drafts, correspondence, and research material, pertaining to Quinn's writings.
Arranged alphabetically by type of publication. Articles, poetry, and reviews are arranged chronologically therein by date of publication. Books, contributions to encyclopedias and atlases, obituaries, and pamphlets are arranged alphabetically by title. Unpublished and unidentified manuscripts are arranged alphabetically by title or subject.
BOX 110 Articles
1932, “Descriptions of Ards Peninsula by William Montgomery of Rosemount in 1683 and 1701,” Irish Booklover (reprinted in 1972 in Irish Booklore), circa 1600-1694, 1931-1932, 1945-1946, 1970-1972, undated
(6 folders)
“Anglo-Irish Ulster in the Early Sixteenth Century,” Proceedings and Reports of the Belfast Natural History and Philosophical Society, 1933-1934, circa 1351-1550, 1934-1935
BOX 111 “Edward IV and Exploration,” Mariner's Mirror, 1452-1483, 1934, undated
1937, “Ormond Papers, 1480-1535,” in Calendar of Ormond Deeds, edited by E. Curtis, 1480-1671, 1934, undated
(4 folders)
BOX 112 1941
“Bills and Statutes of the Irish Parliaments of Henry VII and Henry VIII,” Analecta Hibernica, 1498-1543, 1934-1941, undated
(4 folders)
“The Early Interpretation of Poyning's Law, 1494-1534,” Irish Historical Studies
“Guide to English Financial Records for Irish History, 1461-1558,” Analecta Hibernica, 1936-1941
(2 folders)
“The Irish Pipe Roll of 14 John, 1211-1212,” with Oliver Davies, Ulster Journal of Archaeology, 1941-1942
“Information about Dublin Printers, 1556-1573, in English Financial Records,” Irish Booklover
BOX 113 “Parliaments and Great Councils in Ireland, 1461-1586,” Irish Historical Studies, 1941-1942
1943, “Government Printing and the Publication of the Irish Statutes in the Sixteenth Century,” Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 1942-1943
“Agenda for Irish History: Ireland from 1461 to 1603,” Irish Historical Studies
“Sir Thomas Smith (1513-1577) and the Beginnings of English Colonial Theory,” Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, 1555-1585, 1940-1945
(4 folders)
1947, “Edward Walshe's ’Conjectures' Concerning the State of Ireland, [1522],” Irish Historical Studies, 1946-1947
1949, “Preparations for the 1585 Virginia Voyage,” William and Mary Quarterly
1951, “Some Spanish Reactions to Elizabethan Colonial Enterprises,” Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 1950
BOX 114 1952, “Christopher Newport in 1590,” North Carolina Historical Review, 1590-1591, 1951-1952
1954, preface to Black Gown and Redskins: Adventures and Travels of the Early Jesuit Missionaries in North America, 1610-1791, by Edna Kenton, 1955-1956
“Exciting Old Records May Come to Light in New Survey,” South Wales Evening Post
“The Library as the Arts Faculty's Laboratory,” Twenty-third Conference of Library Authorities in Wales and Monmouthshire, Newport, 1956
“A Merchant's Long Memory,” Gower
“Ireland and Sixteenth-Century European Expansion,” in Historical Studies I: Papers Read before the Second Irish Conference of Historians, edited by T. Desmond Williams, circa 1558-1630, 1955-1956
(3 folders)
“Local History in Perspective,” Morgannwg
“Die Anfänge des Britischen Weltreiches bis zum Ende der Napoleonischen Kriege,” Historia Mundi: Eine Handbuch der Weltgeschichte, 1938-1939, 1954-1959
(2 folders)
“Notes by a Pious Colonial Investor, 1608-1610,” William and Mary Quarterly, 1958-1959
BOX 115 1960, “Edward Hayes, Liverpool Colonial Pioneer,” Transactions of the Historical Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 1557-1613, 1958-1961, undated
(2 folders)
“The Argument for the English Discovery of America between 1480 and 1494" Geographical Journal, 1480-1536, 1942-1962
(6 folders)
BOX 116 “Henry VIII and Ireland, 1509-1534,” Irish Historical Studies, 1507-1633, 1961-1962
“Simão Fernandes, a Portuguese Pilot in the English Service, circa 1573-1588,” Actas, Congresso Internacional de História Descobrimentos, 1575-1583, 1960, 1969
(2 folders)
1962, “The Voyage of Étienne Bellenger to the Maritimes in 1584: A New Document,” Canadian Historical Review
1963, “John White and the English Naturalists,” History Today
BOX 117 1964, “Sailors and the Sea,” in Shakespeare Survey, edited by Allardyce Nicoll, circa 1569-1607, 1958-1964
(2 folders)
“England and the St. Lawrence, 1577 to 1602,” in Merchants and Scholars, edited by John Parker, 1961-1965
“Exploration and the Expansion of Europe,” Rapports, 1, Comité International des Sciences Historiques, XIIe Congrès International des Sciences Historiques, 1964-1965
“A Map of the Norse World,” New Statesman
“Advice for Investors in Virginia, Bermuda, and Newfoundland, 1611,” William and Mary Quarterly, 1611, 1964-1966
“État Présent des Études sur la Découverte de l'Amérique au XVe Siècle,” Journal de la Société des Américanistes, 1965-1966
(3 folders)
BOX 118 “The First Pilgrims,” William and Mary Quarterly, circa 1584-1598, 1954-1966
(2 folders)
“The Munster Plantation: Problems and Opportunities,” Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society
“The Road to Jamestown,” in Shakespeare Celebrated, edited by Louis B. Wright, 1964, undated
“Les Toponymes Amérindiens du Canada Chez les Anciens Voyageurs Anglais, 1591-1602,” with Jacques Rousseau, Cahiers de Géographie de Québec, 1962-1966
“Calendar of the Irish Council Book, 1 March 1581 to 1 July 1586,” Analecta Hibernica, 1586, 1964-1969, undated
(2 folders)
“John Cabot's Matthew,” Times Literary Supplement
“John Day and Columbus,” Geographical Journal
“Martin Pring at Provincetown in 1603?” with Warner F. Gookin, New England Quarterly, 1626, 1965-1967
“La Contribution des Anglais à la Découverte de l'Amérique du Nord au XVIe Siècle,” in La Découverte de l'Amérique: Esquisse d'une Synthèse: Conditions Historiques et Conséquences Culturelles, edited by Manuel Ballesteros-Gaibrois, 1966
BOX 119 Foreword to Kinsale: The Spanish Intervention in Ireland at the End of the Elizabethan Wars, by John J. Silke, 1968, undated
“A Contemporary List of Hariot References,” Renaissance Quarterly, circa 1587-1602, 1948-1968, 1975, undated
(3 folders)
“A List of Books Purchased for the Virginia Company,” Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, 1623, 1968-1969, undated
“Thomas Hariot (1560-1621): An Original Practitioner in the Scientific Art,” Times Literary Supplement
“Additional Sidney State Papers, 1566-1570,” Analecta Hibernica, 1566-1570, 1967-1970
“Thomas Hariot and the Virginia Voyages of 1602,” William and Mary Quarterly, 1602, 1963-1970, undated
“’Virginians' on the Thames in 1603,” Terrae Incognitae, 1966-1970
“Raleigh Ashlin Skelton: His Contributions to the History of Discovery,” Imago Mundi, 1961-1972
(2 folders)
BOX 120 “Sixteenth-century Ireland, 1485-1603,” with R. Dudley Edwards, in Irish Historiography, edited by T. W. Moody, 1967-1971
“Voyage of Triall, 1606-1607: An Abortive Virginia Venture,” American Neptune, 1603-1610, 1969-1971
1972, “Richard Hakluyt and His Successors,” Annual Report of the Hakluyt Society, 1972-1973
“James I and the Beginnings of Empire in America,” Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 1973
“Stephen Parmenius of Buda: The First Hungarian in North America,” New Hungarian Quarterly, 1974-1976
“Thomas Harriot and the New World,” in Thomas Harriot, Renaissance Scientist, 1971-1974
“The Vinland Map and the Historian,” Geographical Journal, 1973-1974
“An Anglo-French ’Voyage of Discovery' to North America in 1604-1605, and Its Sequel,” in Miscellanea Offerts à Charles Verlinden, circa 1604-1605, 1973-1975
“The First Approaches to America,” Observer Magazine
“Privateering: The North American Dimension to 1625,” with Selma Barkham, in Course et Piraterie, edited by M. Mollat
BOX 121 1976
“The Attempted Colonization of Florida by the French, 1562-1565,” in The Works of Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues, A Huguenot Artist in France, Florida and England
Correspondence, 1962-1976, undated
(2 folders)
Drafts, undated
Research, circa 1564-circa 1606, 1951-1971, undated
(4 folders)
“Did Bristol Sailors Discover America?” The Times
“Edward Walshe's The Office and Duety in Fightying for Our Country (1545),” Irish Booklore
“Ireland in 1534,” with Kenneth W. Nicholls, in A New History of Ireland, edited by T. W. Moody, F. X. Martin, and F. J. Byrne, 1969-1976
(2 folders)
BOX 122 “Renaissance Influences in English Colonisation,” Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 1975
(2 folders)
1977, “John Denton Desires William Kearney to Print Books for Use in Down, circa 1588: A Sidelight on Printing in Ireland,” Irish Booklore, circa 1588, 1976-1977
“An Archival Approach to Early American History,” Library Journal, 1977-1978
“Documenting Canada's White History,” Archivaria
“The Preliminaries to New France: Site Selection for the Fur Trade by the French, 1604-1608,” in Festschrift für Hermann Kellenbenz, edited by Jürgen Schneider, 1977-1978
“Where Was the Lost Colony Lost?” souvenir program, Paul Green's The Lost Colony pageant, Manteo, N.C.
1979, “England and the Azores, 1581-1583: Three Letters,” Centro de Estuduos de Cartografia Antigo, Seccþo de Lisboa, Série Separatas, 1580-1583, 1978, undated
1980, “Frobisher's Eskimos in England,” Archivaria, 1979
“La Femme et l'Enfant Inuit de Nuremberg, 1566,” Récherches-Amérindiennes de Québec, 1980-1985
“Jean Rotz and the Americas,” in The Boke of Idrography, edited by Helen Willis, circa 1600, 1977-1981, undated See also Oversize
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