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General Correspondence, 1933-1967 (continued)
Perlman, Philip B.
Pine, David A.
Powell, Lewis F.
Prettyman, E. Barrett
Price, Byron
“Pa-Pe” miscellaneous
(2 folders)
BOX 13 “Ph-Py” miscellaneous
(2 folders)
“Q” miscellaneous
Rabb, Maxwell M.
Rauh, Joseph L.
Reed, Stanley F.
Reston, James
Rhyne, Charles S.
Rockwell, Alvin J.
Rogers, William P.
Rogge, Oetje John
Romulo, Carlos P.
Roosevelt, Eleanor
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Rosenman, Samuel I.
Rostow, Eugene V.
Royall, Kenneth C.
Rusk, Dean
Russell, Richard B.
Rutledge, Neal P.
“Ra-Ro” miscellaneous
(2 folders)
BOX 14 “Ru-Ry” miscellaneous
Satterthwaite, Joseph C.
Schlesinger, Arthur Meier (1917- )
Shea, Francis M.
Sirica, John J.
Smith, Frank S.
Sobeloff, Simon Ernest
Spaeth, Carl B.
Steelman, John R.
Stephens, Harold M.
Stevenson, Adlai E. (1900-1965)
Stevenson, Adlai E. (1930- )
Stewart, Joseph W.
Stewart, Potter
“Sa-Sc” miscellaneous
(2 folders)
BOX 15 “Se-Sy” miscellaneous
(7 folders)
Tamm, Edward A.
Tangley, Lord Edwin Savory Herbert
Taylor, Telford
Thomas, Elbert D.
Truman, Harry S.
Tully, Grace G.
Tweed, Harrison
Tydings, Joseph D.
“T” miscellaneous
BOX 16 “U” miscellaneous
Valenti, Jack
Vinson, Fred M.
Vorster, Balthazar J.
“V” miscellaneous
Walker, John
War Department
Warren, Earl
Washington, George T.
Wechsler, Herbert
Wheeler, Burton K.
Whitaker, Charles E.
Wiggins, James R.
Winant, John G.
“W” miscellaneous
(3 folders)
Youngdahl, Luther W.
“Y” miscellaneous
“Z” miscellaneous
BOX 17-85 Court of Appeals File, 1949-1976
Case files in which Fahy wrote majority, dissenting, or concurring opinions.
Arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically therein by case title.
BOX 17 1949
Dewey v. Clark
Waller v. United States
Air Line Dispatchers Ass'n v. National Mediation Bd.
Bedrosian v. Peoples Mortgage Corp.
Benton v. United States
Bunker v. Jones
Caine v. Payne
Coates v. United States
Consumer Mail Order Ass'n v. McGrath
David v. District of Columbia
Denver Bldg. & Constr. Trades Council v. National Labor Relations Bd.
District of Columbia v. Smoot Sand & Gravel Co.
Dyker v. United States
Eastern Mach. Co. v. Under Secretary of War
Felder v. D. Loughran Co.
Genesee Valley Gas Co. v. Commissioner
Gibbons v. United States
Gillars v. United States
Jeffers v. United States
Johnston Broadcasting Co. v. Federal Communications Comm'n
Kalis v. Leahy
McDonald v. McDonald
Nash v. MacArthur
Nixon v. Marzall
North Am. Graphite Corp. v. Allan
Parker v. Delaney
Salvoni v. Pilson
Smith v. United States
BOX 18 Societe Internationale v. McGrath
Standard Oil Dev. Co. v. Kingsland
Stewart v. Overholser
Stoner v. Doherty
Thomas v. Doyle
United States v. Morow
Wells v. Grand Union Equip. Co.
Young v. United States
American Casualty Co. v. Heilman
Axelbank v. United States
Bofors v. United States
Briggs & Co. v. District of Columbia
Bundy v. United States
Chambers v. District of Columbia
Christoffel v. United States
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