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Frederick Cecil Horner papers, 1917-1960

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Personal Files, 1917-1941 (continued)
Szymoniak, Edna
“S-Z” miscellaneous
(5 folders)
Undated and unidentified correspondence
BOX 28-75 Business Files, 1917-1960
BOX 28-49 Numerical Files, 1917-1941
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, speeches, printed matter, photographs, and newspaper clippings.
Numerical files reflect the original arrangement of Horner's working files and are organized sequentially by folder number, which corresponds to a loose chronological arrangement.
BOX 28 Folder 1
Packard Motor Co., 1920-1921, undated
Folder 2
Fenn, F. W., increasing highway and railway efficiency, reports, undated
Horner, speech on English cartage methods, Society of Terminal Engineers, New York, N.Y., 1922
Public motor carriage regulation plan, New York, N.Y., undated
Traffic regulation, Community Forum meeting, New York, N.Y., 1923
Folder 3
Horner, reports on railway cartage, unit containers, and buses, 1923
Folder 4
European trip (1922), notes, 1922
Folder 5
Horner, speech, New Haven, Conn., Chamber of Commerce, 1923
Folder 6
Papers on motor vehicle legislation and New York, N.Y., transit matters, 1922-1923, undated
Folder 7
London General Omnibus and Associated Equipment Co., memoranda and reports re equipment, 1923
Folder 8
Store door delivery, correspondence and reports, 1923-1924
South Eastern and Chatham Railway Co., England, report re collection and delivery rates, undated
Folder 9
General Motors Corp., Railroad Service Department, notes re case assignments, 1927-1929, undated
Scottish railway guide, undated
Folders 10-11
Horner, speeches, 1923-1930, undated
Folders 12-13
Horner, reports on buses, trucks, and gasoline railcars, 1923
BOX 29 Folder 14
Horner, reports on buses, trucks, and gasoline railcars, 1923
Folder 15
German bus operations, 1921-1922
Folder 16
Miscellaneous statistics and notes re self-propelled railcars, buses, and freight delivery, 1917-1924, undated
Folder 17
Price, B. M., Garford Motor Truck Co., proposed study re handling of less-than-carload freight, 1920-1921
Folder 18
Store door delivery, report and speech by James S. Harlan and A. E. Beck, 1918-1920
Folder 19
New York Central Railroad Co., case 21-A, statistics and notes, 1925, undated
Folder 20
General Motors Corp. buses, promotional literature, report, and photographs, 1924, undated
New York Transportation Co. and Fifth Avenue Coach Co., bus price lists, 1921-1922
Folder 21
Standard Oil Co., reports re motor vehicle operations, 1918-1925, undated See also Oversize
Folder 22
Association of Railway Executives, “Report of Express Operations at Philadelphia, Pa.,” 1924
Goodrich, Ernest P., and Harold M. Lewis, “The Highway Traffic Problem in New York and Its Environs,” 1924
Nutt, J. R., “The Railroad Situation,” 1923
Folder 23
Turner, Daniel L., “Transit Conditions in Liverpool, Glasgow, and Edinburgh,” 1923
Miscellaneous reports and memoranda on federal transportation legislation, economic impact of the automobile industry, development of self-propelled cars, trap car service, and collection and delivery practices, 1923-1924, undated
Folder 24
General Motors Corp., Railroad Service Department, memoranda and notes, 1923-1925, undated
Folder 25
General Motors Corp., memoranda to and from Alfred P. Sloan and Alfred H. Swayne re Railroad Service Department, 1924-1926
Folder 26
American Railway Express Co., report on less-than-carload store door delivery, 1924
Folder 27
Memoranda re proposal for trucking company, submitted by Horner and L. W. Childress, Columbia Terminals Co., 1925
BOX 30 Folder 28
Lehigh Valley Railroad Co., installation of motor vehicle transportation between Geneva and Ithaca, N.Y., 1924
Folder 29
Horner, memorandum on bus development, 1924
London General Omnibus Co. and Associated Equipment Co., agreement with General Motors Corp., 1922
Folder 30
New York Central Railroad Co., case 21-A, 1920-1924
Folder 31
New York Transportation Co., investigation into bus manufacturing, 1923
Folders 32-33
British transportation executives, correspondence, 1921-1924, undated
American Chamber of Commerce in Germany, 1922
Folder 34
Chamber of Commerce (U.S.), National Transportation Conference, Committee IV, report on status of work, 1923
Capitol Traction Co., meeting, Washington, D.C., 1923
Horner critique of Society of Automotive Engineers paper on flexible vehicular transportation, 1923
Illinois bus survey report, undated
Folder 35
General Motors Corp., Railroad Service Department, correspondence re Pennsylvania Railroad, 1925-1926
Folders 36-38
Yellow Truck and Coach Manufacturing Co., plans for cooperation with railroads, 1925, undated
Folder 39
Yellow Truck and Coach Manufacturing Co., negotiations with Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co. and General Electric Co., 1925-1926, undated
Folder 40
Sloan, Alfred P., announcement of Horner's appointment as assistant to Alfred H. Swayne, 1925
Report on less-than-carload freight and store door delivery, undated
Analysis of store door delivery and electric carriers' less-than-carload traffic, Michigan, undated
Folder 41
Field notes, terminal facilities, reports, New York, N.Y., 1925
Lehigh Valley Railroad Co., agreement with City Truck Line, 1925
Washington Rapid Transit Co., income report, 1922
Chicago and North Western Railway Co., traffic department report, 1925
Folder 42
General Motors Corp., Railroad Service Department, list of cases, Sept.-Dec., 1924
Reports on freight handling, St. Louis, Mo., and East St. Louis, Ill., 1923-1926
Folder 43
Kettering, Charles Franklin, correspondence re bus and truck surveys, 1923
Old Colony Club, London, England, 1924
BOX 31 Folder 44
Wright, Robert C., Pennsylvania Railroad, “Railroad Situation - 1923,” 1923
Kruttschnitt, Julius, Southern Pacific Co., response to Senator James Couzens, 1923
MacDonald, Thomas H., Bureau of Public Roads, “Motor Truck Utilization by the Railroads,” 1923
Folder 45
New York Railroad Club, 1923-1927
Hatt, W. K., “Moot Questions in Highway Transportation,” 1922
Maybury, Sir Henry, interview, Ministry of Transport, London, England, 1923
Report on truck transportation in New England, undated
Folders 46-52
Chamber of Commerce (U.S.), National Transportation Conference, Committee IV, correspondence, memoranda, and minutes, Jan. 1923-Jan. 1924
BOX 32 Folder 53
Chamber of Commerce (U.S.), National Transportation Conference, Committee IV, correspondence, memoranda, and minutes, Feb.-Apr. 1924, undated
Folder 54
American Railway Association, annual bulletin for 1922, 1923 See Oversize
American Engineering Standards Committee, yearbook, 1923
Folders 55-56
Chamber of Commerce (U.S.), National Transportation Conference, Committee IV, gasoline railcar data, 1923, undated
Folder 57
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