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Business Files, 1917-1960 (continued)
Numerical Files, 1917-1941 (continued)
Folder 84
General Motors Corp., Railroad Service Department, case book, 1924
Folder 85
Horner, “English Cartage Practice,” abstract of paper, Society of Automotive Engineers, Cleveland, Ohio, 1923
Institution of Automobile Engineers, pamphlets, London, England, 1923
BOX 34 Folder 86
Miscellaneous material re buses, 1923-1924
Turner, Daniel L., report on New York rapid transit traffic, 1925
Folder 87
Huntington, W. C., “Analysis of French Railroad Situation,” 1922
Ritchie, John A., biographical information, undated
Speech on relationship between railroads and motor transportation, undated
Swayne, Alfred H., obituary, 1937
Folder 88
Modern Transport, correspondence and incomplete draft of Horner article, 1925
Miscellaneous articles on freight delivery, 1923-1925
Folder 89
Reports re British and French gasoline railcars, undated
Folder 90
Lyford, Will H., Chicago and Eastern Railroad Co., interview and article, 1923-1925
Memorandum re taxicab concessions, New York, N.Y., 1930
Folder 91
Gasoline railcars, France, 1922, undated
Folders 92-96
Cincinnati, Ohio, case (#157), contract bidding for hauling less-than-carload freight, 1926-1927, undated
Folder 97
General Managers' Association of New York, Store Door Delivery Committee, 1925
Folder 98
Correspondence re trap cars and British collection and delivery practices, 1925-1926
Folder 99
Miscellaneous reports on store door delivery and less-than-carload freight handling, 1923-1925
Folder 100
Pennsylvania Railroad, report on store door and less-than-carload delivery, 1933
Folder 101
Horner, critique of paper on motor truck operation, undated
Folders 102-103
General Motors Corp., Railroad Service Department, personnel records, 1924-1931
BOX 35 Folder 104
General Motors Corp., Railroad Service Department, case reports, 1924-1925
Folder 105
Yellow Coach Manufacturing Co., motor coach proposal, Illinois Motor Transport Co., 1925
Maryland, report on passenger vehicles, 1923, undated
National Conference on City Planning, Baltimore, Md., 1923
Folder 106
New England bus operations, background material for discussion with electric railway officials, 1923
Folder 107
Chamber of Commerce (U.S.), National Transportation Conference, Committee IV, Herbert Hoover, 1923
Folder 108
Rozier, Capt. A., London General Omnibus Co., interview, 1923
Folder 109
Wright, Robert C., general traffic manager, Pennsylvania Railroad, interview, 1924
Chicago and North Western Railroad Co., report on motor delivery and transfer of freight, 1921
Folder 110
Swayne, Alfred H., “Traffic Problems,” 1925
Folders 111-112
General Managers' Association of New York, Special Door Store Delivery Committee, 1924-1925
Folder 113
Cabot, Philip, article on New England railroads, undated
American Electric Railway Association, reports on buses, 1923
General Motors Truck Co., memorandum re electric railway service abandonment, 1934
Folder 114
Mead, [?], interview on future of buses, undated
Fiechter, F. C., John Wanamaker (firm), interview, undated
Field notes from trips to Toronto, Canada; Pennyan, N.Y.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Waterbury, Conn.; and New York, N.Y., 1923
Folder 115
Swayne, Alfred H., correspondence re “Co-ordinating Highway and Railroad Transportation,” Commerce and Finance, 1925
Folder 116
Sloan, Alfred P., correspondence re articles in Spur and Modern Transport, 1925
Folder 117
Field notes, trips to Chicago, Ill., and Detroit, Mich., 1926
Folder 118
Miscellaneous notes from meetings, 1923, undated
Folders 119-120
Field notes re terminal facilities, 1925-1926
Folder 121
Railroad cartage practices, memoranda and notes re New York, N.Y., 1925
St. Louis, Mo., trip, correspondence and notes, 1924-1925
Folders 122-123
Field notes re terminal facilities, 1925-1926
BOX 36 Folders 124-125
Field notes re terminal facilities, 1925-1926
Folders 126-127
Brackett, F. J., correspondence re field work, 1926
Folder 128
Canadian railway cartage service, 1921
Folders 129-130
Cincinnati, Ohio, case (#157), contract bidding for hauling less-than-carload freight, 1926, undated
Folder 131
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Co., motor vehicle study, 1926
Folder 132
Columbia Terminals Co., St. Louis, Mo., 1925
Folder 133
New England bus operations, report, 1926
Folder 134
Manhattan, N.Y., bus operations, report, 1925
Field notes from trips to Detroit, Mich.; Boston, Mass.; and Buffalo, N.Y., 1924-1925
Pennsylvania Railroad, motor truck operations, 1925
Folders 135-136
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co., survey of truck and bus use and Illinois Motor Transport Co. contract, 1925-1926
BOX 37 Folders 137-138
Cincinnati, Ohio, case (#157), contract bidding for hauling less-than-carload freight, 1926, undated
Folder 139
Field notes, railroad operations, 1926
Folder 140
Field notes, railroad operations, 1925-1926
Folder 141
Trueblood, Jesse D., daily reports, Jan.-Aug. 1926
Folder 142
Finch, Nathaniel A., daily reports, Jan.-Sept. 1926
Folder 143
Coleman, Charles T., daily reports, Oct. 1925-Aug. 1926
Folder 144
Horner, memorandum re taxicab market, 1929
Commercial car shows, 1927
McChord, C. C., National Automobile Chamber of Commerce, speech on regulation, 1928
Motor vehicle regulation and public welfare, undated
Pistol license application, undated
Folders 145-146
Correspondence with British transportation executives, 1922-1928
Folder 147
General Motors Corp., Railroad Service Department, budget statements, 1925-1931
Folder 148
American Electric Railway Association, report by Motor Vehicle Committee and notes from Nov. 30 meeting, 1927
Bus survey report on service between Philadelphia, Pa., and Atlantic City, N.J., 1927
Commercial car registration, report, 1927
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