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Business Files, 1917-1960 (continued)
Numerical Files, 1917-1941 (continued)
St. Louis, Mo., trip, correspondence and notes, 1924-1925
Folders 122-123
Field notes re terminal facilities, 1925-1926
BOX 36 Folders 124-125
Field notes re terminal facilities, 1925-1926
Folders 126-127
Brackett, F. J., correspondence re field work, 1926
Folder 128
Canadian railway cartage service, 1921
Folders 129-130
Cincinnati, Ohio, case (#157), contract bidding for hauling less-than-carload freight, 1926, undated
Folder 131
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Co., motor vehicle study, 1926
Folder 132
Columbia Terminals Co., St. Louis, Mo., 1925
Folder 133
New England bus operations, report, 1926
Folder 134
Manhattan, N.Y., bus operations, report, 1925
Field notes from trips to Detroit, Mich.; Boston, Mass.; and Buffalo, N.Y., 1924-1925
Pennsylvania Railroad, motor truck operations, 1925
Folders 135-136
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co., survey of truck and bus use and Illinois Motor Transport Co. contract, 1925-1926
BOX 37 Folders 137-138
Cincinnati, Ohio, case (#157), contract bidding for hauling less-than-carload freight, 1926, undated
Folder 139
Field notes, railroad operations, 1926
Folder 140
Field notes, railroad operations, 1925-1926
Folder 141
Trueblood, Jesse D., daily reports, Jan.-Aug. 1926
Folder 142
Finch, Nathaniel A., daily reports, Jan.-Sept. 1926
Folder 143
Coleman, Charles T., daily reports, Oct. 1925-Aug. 1926
Folder 144
Horner, memorandum re taxicab market, 1929
Commercial car shows, 1927
McChord, C. C., National Automobile Chamber of Commerce, speech on regulation, 1928
Motor vehicle regulation and public welfare, undated
Pistol license application, undated
Folders 145-146
Correspondence with British transportation executives, 1922-1928
Folder 147
General Motors Corp., Railroad Service Department, budget statements, 1925-1931
Folder 148
American Electric Railway Association, report by Motor Vehicle Committee and notes from Nov. 30 meeting, 1927
Bus survey report on service between Philadelphia, Pa., and Atlantic City, N.J., 1927
Commercial car registration, report, 1927
Gondola car blueprints, 1928
Lehigh Valley Railroad Co., notes on container service, 1928
Miscellaneous notes, 1927-1928, undated
Pennsylvania Railroad, notes from meetings re truck and bus transportation, 1928
Survey guidelines for double body service and bus operations, undated
Folder 149
Sloan, Alfred P., “The Principles and Policies Behind General Motors,” speech, Automobile Editors of American Newspapers meeting, Milford, Mich., 1927
Detroit, Mich., Police Department, report re parking problems, 1928
BOX 38 Folder 150
Interstate bus regulation, minutes from joint meetings of Bus Board, American Automotive Association, and National Automobile Chamber of Commerce, 1927-1928
Folder 151
Interstate bus regulation, memoranda, 1929
Folder 152
Bus operations, memoranda and reports, 1928-1929, undated
Folder 153
Mid-York Club, New York, N.Y., 1928
Folder 154
Bus operations and sales, memoranda and reports, 1924-1928
Folder 155
Canadian bus transportation, report on Ontario and Quebec provinces, 1929
Folder 156
Motor Transit Corp., report on bus operations, undated
Long distance bus transportation report, Sept. 1928
Folder 157
Long distance bus transportation report, Nov. 1928
Folder 158
Horner, lecture on transportation, Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa., 1928
Report on British collection and delivery service, 1929
Swayne, Alfred H., “Problems of Highway Transport Regulation,” 1929
Folder 159
Pennsylvania Railroad, container car service and General Motors Corp. truck demonstration, 1929
Hyatt Bearings Division, railroad activities, 1929
Folder 160
General Motors Corp., Export Division, plant rating formula report, 1929
World Engineering Congress, proceedings, Tokyo, Japan, 1929
Folder 161
World Engineering Congress, general correspondence, Tokyo, Japan, 1928-1929
Folders 162-163
World Engineering Congress, Tokyo, Japan, distribution of Horner paper, 1930
BOX 39 Folders 164-165
World Engineering Congress, Tokyo, Japan, distribution of Horner paper, 1930
Folders 166-168
World Engineering Congress, Tokyo, Japan, Horner paper, “Application of Motor Transport to the Movement of Freight and Passengers,” 1929
Folders 169-170
World Engineering Congress, Tokyo, Japan, Horner paper, research material, 1928-1929, undated
Folder 171
Memorandum on truck market, 1927
Folder 172
National parks trip, notes, 1928
Folder 173
Century of Progress International Exposition, Advisory Committee on Automobile Industry Exhibit, Chicago, Ill., 1929-1930, undated
Folder 174
Church, Elihu, container service and refrigeration proposals, 1927-1933, undated
Folders 175-176
Society of Automotive Engineers, Transportation Committee, 1929
Folder 177
Horner, speech on freight and passenger motor transportation, American Hardware Manufacturers Association convention, Atlantic City, N.J., 1929
BOX 40 Folder 178
Long distance bus lines, report re New York, N.Y., 1928, undated
Folder 179
Christmas card lists, 1929-1932
Folder 180
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co., bus service between Jersey City, N.J., and New York, N.Y., 1926
Folder 181
Harvard University, Graduate School of Business Administration, summer session for business executives, Cambridge, Mass., 1928
Folders 182-185
Society of Automotive Engineers, Operation and Maintenance Subcommittee, 1928-1929, undated
Folder 186
Gray Coach Lines, Toronto, Canada, 1929
Folder 187
National Automobile Chamber of Commerce, memoranda re interstate bus regulation and the Parker bill, 1928-1930, undated
Folder 188
Interstate Commerce Commission, hearings re railroad freight stations on Manhattan Island, N.Y., undated
New York Railroad Club, meeting, New York, N.Y., 1932
BOX 41 Folders 189-194
Joint Committee of Railroads and Highway Users, correspondence, 1932-1933 See also Oversize
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