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Business Files, 1917-1960 (continued)
Numerical Files, 1917-1941 (continued)
New York Railroad Club, meeting, New York, N.Y., 1932
BOX 41 Folders 189-194
Joint Committee of Railroads and Highway Users, correspondence, 1932-1933 See also Oversize
Folder 195
Joint Committee of Railroads and Highway Users, recommendations, 1933
BOX 42 Folder 196
Joint Committee of Railroads and Highway Users, undated material and printed matter, 1932, undated
Folder 197
Canadian bus operations, reports, 1928-1929
Report on proposed financing of equipment purchases, prepared for Big Three, Inc., Boston, Mass., 1928
Folders 198-200
Truck operations, correspondence and reports, 1931-1933, undated
Folder 201
General Motors Corp., “Cutting Distribution Costs with Motor Trucks,” 1931
Truck operations and regulation, printed matter, 1923-1932 See also Oversize
Folder 202
Great Northern Railway Co., reaction to Alfred H. Swayne's speech, New York Traffic Club, 1931
Schon, Pierre, papers on regulation of motor vehicle transportation, 1932-1933
Transportation survey for R. P. Hazard Co., Boston, Mass., 1931
Folders 203-204
Mooney, James D., “An Outlook on Russia,” speech, American Automotive Club, Paris, France, 1930
Transportation studies and magazine abstracts sent to Soviet Union by James D. Mooney, undated
Folder 205
Jordan Marsh Co., Boston, Mass., transportation survey, 1935
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Chicago, Ill., transportation survey, 1936
BOX 43 Folder 206
Keeshin Transcontinental Freight Lines, Chicago, Ill., 1935
Folder 207
Reading Co., transportation survey, 1929
Folder 208
New York, Chicago, and St. Louis Railroad, transportation survey, Chicago, Ill., 1928
Penn Public Coach Line, proposal, 1928
Folder 209
Interstate Commerce Commission, statistics re coordination of motor transportation, reported by railways, 1930
Folder 210
Chevrolet Motor Co., transportation survey, 1932
Johnson Laundry, transportation survey, East Boston, Mass., 1931
Saginaw, Mich., local bus service proposal, 1931
Stone's Express, proposed retail store delivery manual, Boston, Mass., 1931
Folder 211
Frigidaire Corp., proposals re air conditioning for coaches and diners, 1931-1932
Folder 212
Seaboard Air Line Railway, proposal re highway motor vehicle operations, 1931
Folder 213
Castanea Paper Co., Pa., transportation survey, 1932
Pennsylvania Railroad, New York Division, trucking proposal, 1933
Folder 214
Bus regulation, 1931-1932, undated
Folder 215
General Motors Truck Co., memoranda re buses, 1930-1932
“Motor Bus as a Transit Vehicle,” undated
Folder 216
Broadway Association, proposal for motorizing New York streetcars, 1932
Motor Vehicle Conference Committee, digest of legislative bills, 1931
St. Louis Southwestern Railway lines, bus operation costs, 1932
Society of Automotive Engineers, paper on problems faced by the motor transport executive, 1931
Terminal Associates, memorandum re bus terminal construction, undated
Folder 217
Bus transportation, printed matter, 1931-1932
Folder 218
Foreign transportation systems, miscellaneous, 1931-1932, undated
Folder 219
Regional and municipal planning, 1931-1932, undated
Folder 220
Frigidaire Corp., “New Deal for 1932" and material re railroad car air conditioning installations, 1932-1936, undated
BOX 44 Folders 221-222
National Recovery Administration, material re bus and truck regulation, 1933-1934, undated
Folder 223
Broadsides re National Recovery Administration and American Federation of Labor, 1933-1934
Folder 224
Interstate Commerce Commission, docket #18,300, re motor buses and trucks, 1926
Folder 225
Joint Committee of Railroads and Highway Users, memorandum by William J. Cunningham on motor vehicle regulation and taxation, 1933
Folder 226
Railway Business Association, 1932-1933, undated
Folder 227
Joint Committee of Railroads and Highway Users, newspaper clippings, 1932-1933, undated
Folder 228
National Highway Users Conference, minutes to special meeting and letter to John J. Pelley, 1933
Folder 229
Terminal Cab Corp., New York, N.Y., 1930-1931
Folder 230
Joint Committee of Railroads and Highway Users, replies to questionnaire re truck length regulation, 1933
Folder 231
General Motors Corp., truck pamphlet, undated
Folder 232
Field notes, trips to Florida and St. Louis, Mo., 1933, undated
Folders 233-234
Society of Automotive Engineers, general correspondence, 1928-1936, undated
BOX 45 Folder 235
Survey of railroad executives re equipment modernization and national economic recovery, 1932
Folder 236
Horner, “Modern Bus as a Transit Vehicle,” speech, Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, N.Y., 1932
Folder 237
Society of Automotive Engineers, Military Transport Advisory Committee proceedings, 1931
Folder 238
European trip (1936), correspondence and notes, 1936
Permanent International Association of Road Congresses, Paris, France, 1937
Reports and papers, 1936-1937, undated
Folder 239
Truck and rail freight rate charts, undated
Trucking proposal and statistics, New York, N.Y., 1921-1926, undated
Passenger statistics, undated See Oversize
Passenger motor car statistics, Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad Co., 1930 See Oversize
Folder 240
Freight handling, dairy products, 1929
Folder 241
Deasy, John F., Pennsylvania Railroad, Interstate Commerce Commission testimony, 1931, undated
Horner, memorandum to Alfred P. Sloan re centralized railroad system, 1938
Folder 242
Motor truck business combination, proposal, 1930
Folder 243
Committee on Housing, “Lower Cost Housing Can Be Provided,” New York, N.Y., 1939
Folder 244
European trip (1936), International Chamber of Commerce, Highway Transportation Committee meetings, Paris, France, 1936
Folders 245-246
European trip (1936), general correspondence and notes, 1936
“National Planning in Great Britain,” undated
Folder 247
European trip (1936), printed matter, 1936
Folder 248
Committee of One, Franklin D. Roosevelt campaign kit, 1936
BOX 46 Folder 249
British transportation, miscellaneous material, 1933-1936
Folders 250-251
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