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Oscar Terry Crosby papers, 1878-1947

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BOX 1 Diaries, 1917-1931
Diary and notes.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 1 [1917], Nov. 7-21
1931, July 21-Aug. 22, "Motives in My Life"
BOX 1-3 General Correspondence, 1889-1946
Letters received and copies of letters sent.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 1 1889-1906
(11 folders)
Letterbook, 1908, May 14-1909, Aug. 12
BOX 2 1909-1919
(9 folders)
BOX 3 1920-1946, undated
(19 folders)
BOX 3-4 Subject File, 1905-1944
Correspondence, memoranda, drafts of proposals and resolutions, and printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by subject and therein chronologically.
BOX 3 Adam and Eve, 1926
American Peace Society, 1932-1935
Army-militia bill, 1916
Brazilian Group, Inter-American High Commission, 1923
Davies, David, and "The New Commonwealth"
(2 folders)
BOX 4 1932-1934
(2 folders)
Deflation suggestions, 1934
Dominican Republic, "History and Its Effect Upon the Population"
"An International Justice of the Peace and His Constable," 1931
International peace tribunal, proposed constitutional amendment, 1916-1917
International tribunal and police force, 1931-1933
League of Nations, 1918-circa 1919
Naval treaty and arms limitation
Navy bill (1916) provision for international tribunal, 1916, 1928
Proposal for world peace by Abbé de Saint Pierre (1728), 1916
Tibet and Turkestan, 1905-1906
Versailles Treaty, open letter to the president, 1926
BOX 5-8 Speeches and Writings File, 1890-1938
Holograph and typewritten drafts and printed copies of speeches, articles, books, plays, and other writings by Crosby.
Arranged by type of material and alphabetically therein by title or subject.
BOX 5 Speeches
[Address delivered 1932, May 4]
[Arms Limitation and an International Peace Tribunal]
"The Dawes Plan and Its Political Relationships"
"Proposal for French and Italians Loans"
"Public Policies and Public Utilities," 1912
[Public Utilities]
“Statement of Mr. Oscar T. Crosby of Warrenton, Va.”
"Uncle Sam, World Banker; His Duties and Obligations," 1920
[War Debts] speech before Harvard branch of Foreign Society
[Washington, D.C., speech]
"Abyssinia Thirty Years Ago," circa 1928
"Africa as a Whole"
"The American War Loans and Justice," 1922
"The American Watch on the Rhine," circa 1923
"An Arithmetical Basis for the New Woman"
"An Armed International Tribunal the Sole Peace-Keeping Mechanism," 1916
"Bushmen and Ovambo in South West Africa," 1931
"The Code of Principles," 1915
"A Comment upon the American Standard of Living"
"A Constitution for the United States of the World"
"The Constitution of an International Court of Decree and Enforcement," 1914
"The Dangers of International Governmental Loans," 1920
"The Dawes Plan a Temporary Basis for Reparation Payments," 1925
"The Enforcement of Prohibition," 1925
[Environment and insanity]
"The European Tangle and Some Suggestions as to Its Unraveling," 1923
"An Experimental Study of Atmospheric Resistances," 1890
[First World War]
"French Policy Since the Armistice," 1924
"From Tiflis to Tibet," 1905
"An International Justice of the Peace and His Constable," 1931
[An international tribunal]
"Journey in Turkestan and Tibet" and related writings
BOX 6 "League Catechism"
[League of Nations]
[League of Nations and postwar Europe]
"Legislative Methods"
"Letter on International Arbitration Addressed to Hon. John Shafroth," 1915
Letters to the editor
"Locarno," 1926
[Mexican petroleum]
Middle East and Far East travel notes, 1914
The Next War
(2 folders)
"Notes on Bushmen, Fractional Herero Groups, and Ovambos in South West Africa"
"Notes on a Journey from Zeila to Khartum," 1901
[Paris debt agreements]
"The Peace Movement," 1910
"Policies and Pistols," 1916
BOX 7 "A Policy in Cuba," circa 1924
[Proposed resolutions]
[Public utilities]
[Race relations]
"Report on Treasury Loans to Allies Prepared for Ambassador Houghton"
" A Résumé of the Electric Street Railway," 1901
Review of Saga of Fridtjof Nansen, 1932
[Russia, 1938]
(3 folders)
[Russia and the debt question]
"Settlement of International Disputes," 1932
"Sex and Socialism"
"Sidelights on Present Conditions in Europe Contrasted with the South's Sufferings from 1861 to 1876," 1919
"South African Problems"
"Suggestions Concerning the Euphrates Region," circa 1914-1915
"Tribunal for International Disputes (Senate Document 535)," 1916
"Turkestan and a Corner of Tibet," 1904
Unidentified note fragment and preface note
"A Visit to an Unknown Dyak Village"
"Voting in the League of Nations Council"
[War debts and revision of the Versailles Treaty], 1931
BOX 8 Notebooks
Abyssinia travel notebook, 1900
"Africa" [1927]
Mandated territories; also 1936-1937 farm accounts
Mayans, notebooks nos. 1-4
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