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Clara Barton papers, 1805-1963

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2023 Addition, 1835-1963 (continued)
Red Cross file
Incorporation, 1881-1882
International Red Cross Conferences
Geneva, Switzerland, 1884
Vienna, Austria, 1897
St. Petersburg, Russia, 1902
Miscellany, 1888-1898, 1929
"The Red Cross of the Geneva Convention," Barton, 1878
Relief operations
Armenia and Turkey, 1895
Charleston, S.C., 1886
Johnstown, Pa., 1889 See Oversize
Mississippi and Ohio river valleys, 1882-1884
Russia, 1892, 1897
Sea Islands, S.C., 1893-1895
BOX 192 Spanish-American War (Cuba and Puerto Rico), 1898-1900
Resignation, 1904
Sheldon, Joseph, address before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, 1892
World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition, New Orleans, La., 1885
BOX OV 1-OV 18 Oversize, 1866-1919
Certificates, accounts, reports, plans, appointments, passports, printed matter, photographs, diplomas, illustrations, commemorative medals and decorations, memorabilia, a scrapbook, and an illustrated bandage.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX OV 1 Subject File
Civil War
Office of Correspondence with the Friends of the Missing Men of the U.S. Army
Roll of Missing Men, no. 3, 1866 (Container 82; Reel 65)
Franco-Prussian War
Reports and writings, 1871, undated (Container 84; Reel 65)
Women's Reformatory Prison, Sherborn, Mass.
Appointment, 1883 (Container 85; Reel 66)
Red Cross File
International Committee of the Red Cross
Third International Red Cross Conference, Geneva, Switzerland, 1884, Sept.
Miscellany, circa 1884 (Container 87; Reel 67)
Fourth International Red Cross Conference, Karlsruhe, Germany, 1887, Sept.
Appointment and passport, 1887 (Container 87; Reel 67)
Fifth International Red Cross Conference, Rome, Italy, 1892, Apr., 1892 (Container 88; Reel 68)
American National Red Cross
World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition, New Orleans, La., 1884, Dec.-1885, June
Miscellany, undated (Container 94; Reel 73)
Constitution, undated (Container 94; Reel 73)
Miscellany, undated (Container 97; Reel 75)
Relief operations
Spanish-American War
Passports, passes, and letters of introduction, 1898 (Container 143; Reel 102)
Speeches and Writings File
Articles and other writings
Printed copies, 1883-1884 (Container 149; Reel 105)
BOX OV 2 Scrapbooks
1898-1899, Spanish-American War (Container 161; Reel 113)
BOX OV 3 Miscellany
Barton (Clara) Memorial Association
Miscellany, 1912 (Container 165; Reel 116)
Estate of Clara Barton
Miscellany, 1919 (Container 168; Reel 117)
Commemorative medals and decorations (Containers 177 & 178; Reel 123)
BOX OV 10 Gold Masonic emblem, undated
Digital content available
German Official Red Cross Field Badge, 1870-1871
Digital content available
Iron Cross of Germany, 1871
Digital content available
BOX OV 11 Gold Cross of Remembrance, 1871
Digital content available
Gold knot brooch, 1897
Digital content available
Official medal of the International Red Cross, 1882
Digital content available
Serbian decoration, 1883
Digital content available
Gold badge of the Waffengenosen, 1885
Digital content available
Silver medal, 1885
Digital content available
BOX OV 12 Grand Army and Woman’s Relief Corps medal, 1886
Digital content available
Royal jewel of smoky topaz surrounded by pearls, 1887
Digital content available
Royal Jewel of red topaz set in gold brooch, 1887
Digital content available
Silver medal, Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Institution, 1887
Digital content available
Gold locket set with diamonds and sapphire, from the Ladies of Johnstown, Pa., 1889
Digital content available
Gold badge,“Sorosis,” New York, 1890
Digital content available
BOX OV 13 Gold badge, “Clara Barton Lodge of the Sisters of the G.A.R.,” Gloucester, Mass., 1890
Digital content available
Sealing wax set of gold and ivory, 1896
Digital content available
BOX OV 14 Badge, Loyal Legion of Women of Washington, D.C., 1893
Digital content available
Solid silver inkstand, 1896
Digital content available
Gold medal, Vanderbilt Benevolent Association of South Carolina, 1894
Digital content available
Two Red Cross insignias in commemoration of Armenian relief efforts, 1896
Digital content available
BOX OV 15 Armenian decoration, 1896
Digital content available
Gold badge, War Veterans and Sons Association of Brooklyn, N.Y., 1899
Digital content available
Spanish decoration of honor, 1898
Digital content available
Russian decoration, 1892
Digital content available
BOX OV 16 Turkish decoration, 1897
Digital content available
Belgium decoration, 1892
Digital content available
BOX OV 17 American Gold Cross pin, 1898
Digital content available
Decoration, Supreme Assembly of that National Society of the Red Cross of Cuba, 1911
Digital content available
Royal jewel of amethyst with pearl set in gold form of a pansy, 1884
Digital content available
Two Red Cross pins, Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871
Digital content available
BOX OV 18 U. S. Sanitary Commission, Armies of Potomac and James Auxiliary Relief Corps, 1864-1865, 1907
Digital content available
Red Cross pin and button, Spanish-American War, 1898
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