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Correspondence, 1876-1950 (continued)
Secretary of State, 1921-1925 (continued)
Columbia University, New York, N.Y.
Conboy, Martin
Contessa, Vito
Coolidge, Archibald Cary
Coolidge, Calvin
Cooke, Robert Grier
Cooper, William Knowles
Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.
BOX 22 REEL 16-17 Coudert, Frederic R.
Council on Foreign Relations
Crane, Charles R.
Cravath, Paul D.
Crawford, William H.
Crossett, Frederick M.
Crowell (Thomas Y.) Co.
Crozier, Alfred Owen
Culbertson, William S.
Cunliffe-Owen, Frederick
Current History
Curtis, Charles
"Dab-Day" miscellaneous
(3 folders)
BOX 23 REEL 17-18 "Dea-Dy" miscellaneous
(9 folders)
BOX 24 REEL 18-19 Daugherty, Harry M.
Daughters of the American Revolution, National Society of
Davenport, Frederick M.
Davis, James J.
Davis, John W.
Dawes, Charles G.
Dearing, Fred M.
Delano, Frederic A.
Denby, Edwin
Dixon, Frederick
Downing, Augustus S.
Dreier, Katherine S.
Duggan, Stephen P.
Dulles, John Foster
Dyer, George C.
Dykman, William N.
BOX 25 REEL 19-20 "E" miscellaneous
(8 folders)
BOX 26 REEL 20-21 Earle, George H.
Easley, Ralph M.
Edmonds, Richard H.
Einstein, Lewis
Ellis, William T.
"Fab-Fit" miscellaneous
(6 folders)
BOX 27 REEL 21-22 "Fl-Fy" miscellaneous
(6 folders)
BOX 28 REEL 22 Farquhar, A. B.
Faucett, Nathan S.
Faunce, W. H. P.
Finch, Edward R.
Finley, John H.
Fiske, Haley
Fletcher, Austin B.
Fletcher, Henry P.
Folks, Homer
Foreign Policy Association
Forster, Henry A.
Forster, Rudolph
Frelinghuysen, J. S.
Fuller, Robert H.
BOX 29 REEL 22-23 "Gab-Good" miscellaneous
(7 folders)
BOX 30 REEL 23-24 "Gool-Gw" miscellaneous
(6 folders)
Gans, Isaac
Garfield, Harry A.
Garfield, James R.
BOX 31 REEL 24-25 Geddes, Auckland
Gilmore, George W.
Glynn, Martin H.
Gordon, J. Bennett
Green, Theodore Francis
Grew, Joseph C.
Griffiths, William R.
Grosvenor, Gilbert
Guthrie, William D.
Gwynne, Charles T.
"Haa-Harm" miscellaneous
(3 folders)
BOX 32 REEL 25-26 "Harn-Hill" miscellaneous
(6 folders)
BOX 33 REEL 26-27 "Hin-Hum" miscellaneous
(8 folders)
BOX 34 REEL 27 "Hun-Hy" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Hagedorn, Hermann
Hagner, Randall H.
Hahn, Rosina
Haight, Charles D.
Hamilton, J. W.
Hammond, John Hays
Harding, Florence K.
Harding, Warren G.
Harding Memorial Association
Harris & Ewing
Harris, Ray E.
Harrison, Leland
Hartman, Gustave
Harvey, George
Hays, Will H.
BOX 35 REEL 27-28 Heinz, Howard
Helms, Birch
Herrick, Myron T.
Hill, David J.
Hilles, Charles D.
Hiscock, Frank H.
Holt, Winifred See Container 45, Mather, Winifred Holt
Hoover, Herbert
Hoster, William
Hotchkiss, William H.
Houghton, Alanson B.
Houston, Herbert S.
Howard, Clarence H.
Howell, J. Morton
Hubbard, Allen S.
BOX 36 REEL 28-29 "I" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Inman, Samuel G.
"J" miscellaneous
(7 folders)
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