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Correspondence, 1876-1950 (continued)
Secretary of State, 1921-1925 (continued)
Steinbrink, Meier
Stepanek, Bedrich
Stewart, John A.
Stimson, Henry A.
Stinson, J. Whitla
(2 folders)
Stoddard, Lothrop
Stone, Harlan F.
Straus, Philip G.
Strawn, Silas H.
Strong, Benjamin
Sulgrave Institution
Sullivan, Mark
BOX 60 REEL 48-49 "Ta-To" miscellaneous
(8 folders)
BOX 61 REEL 49-50 "Tr-Ty" miscellaneous
(3 folders)
Taft, Henry W.
Taft, William H. (1857-1930)
Ten Eyck, Andrew
Thomas Y. Crowell See Container 22, Crowell
Tilson, John Q.
Tokaji, Bela
Tokugawa, Iyesato
Torrey, George B.
Torriente, Cosem de la
Trotta, Guiseppe
"U" miscellaneous
Underwood, Oscar W.
Underwood & Underwood
Union League Club, New York, N.Y.
University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. See Container 20, Chicago, University of
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. See Container 45, Michigan, University of
Upton, Harriet Taylor
Urueta, Carlos Adolfo
BOX 62 REEL 50-51 "V" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Vanderbilt, Cornelius (1898-1874)
Varela, Jacobo
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Voorhees, Oscar M.
"Wad-War" miscellaneous
(4 folders)
BOX 63 REEL 51-52 "Was-Willi" miscellaneous
(8 folders)
BOX 64 REEL 52 "Willo-Wy" miscellaneous
(5 folders)
Wadhams, Frederick E.
Wadhams, William H.
Wadsworth, Eliot
Wadsworth, James Wolcott (1877-1952)
Wainwright, J. M.
Wait, Wesley
Wakefield, Charles
Walker, Guy M.
Walker, J. Bernard
BOX 65 REEL 53 Wallace, Henry C.
Warfield, S. Davies
Warren, Charles B.
Watson, E. O.
Watson, James E.
Watts, John R.
Weeks, John W.
Weitzel, George T.
Weller, Charles Frederick
Weller, Ovington E.
Wells, Sumner
Welsh, Francis Ralston
West, Andrew F.
West, James E.
White, Henry
Whitehouse, Sheldon
Whitman, Russell R.
Wickersham, George W. (1858-1936)
Wilbur, Curtis D.
Wile, Frederic W.
Wiley, Louis
BOX 66 REEL 53-54 Wilfley, L. R.
Willcox, William R.
Willis, Frank B.
Willson, Augustus E.
Wilson, George G.
Winslow, Samuel E.
Wood, Hervey
Work, Hubert
Wright, J. Butler
Wunder, Clinton
"X-Y" miscellaneous
Yanes, Francisco J.
Young, A. M.
Young, S. Edward
"Z" miscellany
Zeballos, E. S.
BOX 67 REEL 54-55 Miscellaneous correspondence
Invitations and replies, 1921-1925
(5 folders)
Letters commenting on Hughes's speech of 4 Mar. 1939, 1939
(2 folders)
BOX 68 REEL 55-56 Letters re Hughes's retirement
(3 folders)
Requests for appointments, 1924-1925
(2 folders)
Requests for autographs
1921-1924, June
(3 folders)
BOX 69 REEL 56 1924, July-1925
(2 folders)
Requests for contributions, 1924
Requests for copies of speeches, 1921-1924
Requests for photographs, 1921-1925
(4 folders)
Requests for recommendations
BOX 70 REEL 56 Subjects (miscellaneous)
Bok International Award
Campaign of 1924
Clark v. Rock Island
Harding, Warren G., memorial address
Immigration Act of 1924
Monroe Doctrine
Permanent Court of International Justice
Republican Party
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